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Mute's Voice Emilia Rose A basic leather book with dozens of parchments tied between the front and back cover. In front of the book, near the center, the name 'Emilia' is scratched on it. 24 Aug 2015
Channelling Chaos Chan Keeping my head straight, keeping my love safe 01 Aug 2015
Memories and thoughts Bethany A small brown leather book with the letters BS embossed in the spine. 30 Jul 2015
Mephisto musings Mephisto Where I come to think... 29 Jul 2015
The Jester's Tales Loki Jester An olive covered blank journal with a small "Read Me" note placed on it's bland look front. It's mostly full of blank pages, but there are some readable pages. || The wonderful journey's, adventures, and experience of Loki. You're invited to see his open diary. 28 Jun 2015
Andy's Anecdotes Andy Feenix A collection of parchments bound in eelskin, this journal is an eclectic hodgepodge of thoughts, ideas, rants and ramblings from the befuddled mind of Andy Feenix. 26 Jun 2015
Healers Hypotheses pheromin Tomes and Scrolls on Hands on Healing, Cures, Theories, field studies and herbs in no particular order. 24 Jun 2015
Melanie's Musings Melanie Silvermoon A thick sheaf of parchments bound in cured Bo's hide. Lettering appears on the front cover in ornate gilt script "Melanie's Musings....a journal" 08 Jun 2015
Scraps and Thoughts Lara Seeker A blue journal, tied with a black ribbon. 30 May 2015
Chuffin Spiders Flukie- A little book full of random's, covered in a Gibberish Scroll with writing along the spine " If your Offended by any part of this book please go tell someone who gives a toss or Stop Reading it Dummy 30 May 2015
A Cleric's Heart Tara silverspark 1 a small red leather book with a gold dragon charm fixed in the center 29 May 2015
Logs Tarrin A tightly bound stack of parchment with large script on the front stating: Tarrin's Logs 17 May 2015
Hope Rachael Hope A small leather bound book with the initials R.H. in gold emblazoned upon the front. Crisp pages show this book is well tended and kept in a safe spot. 16 May 2015
Vardian's Journal Vardian The book looks brand new and well cared for. The owner obviously takes a great deal of care over it and if you glimpse the writing it is neat and tidy. There is a large bundle of paper attached to it that seem to be covered in writing, some looks quite old. 13 May 2015
My memory tusonee Its a book, like any you have seen before. Plain with a small string holding it closed. 08 May 2015
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