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Thank Raffe


If you have a chance, please say thank you to Raffe for fixing DGPN!

by Henchperson, Wednesday, 31 December 1969 19:00 Comments(1), Read all
Update Time

Update time.

So we have the new hosting service, but unfortunately they do not allow the transfer of .co.uk domain names. Which is really unfortunate because I love everything else about them. Dedicated Wordpress support team, daily MySQL and file backup service, very nice options with new hosting.

The current hosting service does not allow for domain registration without hosting being purchased. So, no leaving the domain and pointing nameservers.

We could use another service to register the dgplayers.co.uk domain and have the hosting separate...but given the history of DGPN, I'm uncomfortable having it split between two different services, just in the event that either Elly or myself are unavailable or something happens.

We purchased dgplayers.org and it is our hopeful intent to move to that domain.
Whats that mean for you?
Guild forum subdomains would be switched to dgplayers.org instead of dgplayers.co.uk.

This isn't an immediate process nor something done arbitrarily. The good news is since the domains are entirely separate, we can test moving subdomains without affecting the current ones. As always, will try to keep everyone updated as we go. It may be a bit slow for a time as 60 hour work weeks leave me with little free time but progress continues.

If anyone has concerns or questions please feel free to reach out to Elly or myself directly. You may not see my around, but I'm always lurking :wink:

UPDATED 9/23/2015: This change will happen in time but is postponed for now. (Elly)

by Skyelark, Saturday, 16 May 2015 09:50 Comments(0), Read all
Hosting Change Proposed

Elly and myself have discussed some more changes about DGPN and one of the things that we would like to consider is switching hosting providers. Current hosting offers very...limited....services.

In researching though, it appears that there are two entirely separate domains that are paid for by other parties but hosted with DGPN. Those would be:

If the owners of these domains could get in contact with either Elly or myself through forum PM to discuss this, it would be appreciated. We want to ensure that if hosting is switched that all sites will remain functional and available during any transition period. Rest assured this would not be any immediate transfer and would of course be tested and validated.

If anyone else has questions or concerns about this as always feel free to reach out to us.

by Skyelark, Wednesday, 06 May 2015 08:39 Comments(0), Read all
404 Redirect Errors

There were some recent issues due to some changes I made on hosting service. These should all be resolved now, but if you find any DGPN Hosted site getting redirected to something else, or with broken image links etc, please let us know so we can look into it.

Thank you for your patience.

by Skyelark, Monday, 27 April 2015 12:46 Comments(0), Read all
DGPN Will Be Updating

We have been working on an updated site for DGPN over the last couple months. At some point DGPN should be updating to WordPress. Your character journals and accounts will carry over with all previous years of data, journal posts and content (this part is taking time) but with some new options such as author pages and galleries, etc. to be customized by the user.

We appreciate your patience with our efforts and also your loyalty to something that was started by King Deek so long ago.

All hosted forms and websites will still be hosted on DGPN.

Rules Reminder: http://www.dgplayers.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=1605

by Ellyana Lilli, Sunday, 19 April 2015 14:25 Comments(0), Read all
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