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The Heart of Shadows
Sunday, 20 March 2016
So…I didn’t die. Obviously.

I told Seh that she was to have my goggle and cloak if I didn’t return. She now has the tendency to stroke and tug at them whenever I see her and hiss “Mine” at me. I may just have to stab her a little.

The Enchantress showed up the eve before the big battle. Naturally she made a scene, was demanding and naggy as usual…expected everyone to entertain her…as usual. I left her standing in the middle of the street…alone…as usual. I had missed her though and it was good to see her. She needs to make an appearance more often.

Which brings me to the other Enchantress…hmmm…I am detecting a theme.
Still…what to do and where will this road take me? Do I want to go down it…even a little? I sense a lot of emotional neediness, if so I also predict stormy times ahead.

I miss Red. I dreamed about the Cleric last night.

Damn…I think I am weighted down with a little too much baggage.

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