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The Dundee Watch
The Dundee Watch
This small tome is bound in reddish-brown leather.
Monday, 22 April 2019
There are lots of places around Dundee that I like - Though, Dundee has been my home for nigh on twenty years and I know all of it's corners well. It is even pleasanter, I think, now that spring is sprunging up.

There are flowers out in the Plains and meadows, and the bos are heavy with their calves. I've got a turn off from the watch in three turns time, and I've resolved to get a bucket and fill it with fruit from the orchard, and I'm going to feed them bos over the fence. They likely won't give me any thanks for it; but not every act of kindness comes back to you like that.

I said I liked the memorial garden before, and I'll say that I like it again. I'm going to get some bread, and tear off little hunks, and I'll drop it into the pool for the fish to nibble. Better to feed them first before I cool my toes; else they might take to nibbling me!

This summer, I'm going to drink the water straight from the fountain spring. I'm going to wet my hair with it and cleanse my face; let it take the muck from my hands.

I'm going to plait the grasses in the Plains and try and train my thick fingers to chain flowers on the Worldbuilder Lawn. I'm going to camp out in the Swamp Tree - all by myself - and look out at the night. Mayhaps one night, I'll sit in the Inn and let myself get a little bit drunk.
Mayhaps I'll be bold enough to invite another to a picnic.

I hope a find a shell, a feather, a blossom worthy of pressing between these pages.

I hope I never have reason to go home.
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I started my turn quite pleasantly; I went to that new garden (the one that's just been put up to the south) and I sat on the benches and ate my breakfast. It's a nice spot (even if the statues do give off the impression that they're watching you). I like the fish pond. I hope none of them cats wander over from the Plains and bother them. I think I'll have my breakfast there again in the morrow.

I met a few folks today; though I didn't catch some of their names. I warned one fellow about the Necromancer that's been about. He hadn't heard of the troubles at all, so I was glad to have crossed his path.

Another I met said I should ask around about getting a better sword. One that glowed or something or other. I'm not rightly sure what he meant. Gave me some advice on coin and the likes too. Seemed like an upstanding enough citizen to me.

Anyway, as for my duties; I'm still culling the rats that infest our town's sewers. I anticipate I'll be here a turn or two longer, getting their numbers down. But then, I didn't join the Watch under the illusion of glamour or nothing.

But for now my turns work is up; I'm gonna head to the Inn for a scrub and an ale.
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