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Mute's Voice
Mute's Voice
A basic leather book with dozens of parchments tied between the front and back cover. In front of the book, near the center, the name 'Emilia' is scratched on it.
Monday, 24 August 2015
It seems that I have made bad choices in the turns since I have been attacked. Like my brother took my voice, it is wished upon that what did attack me could of taken my hands. When you try too hard to fix things, you have a big chance making it worse.

Sometimes, it's better to sit alone in forever silence, than to try and make things better.

I was told, in order to make sure I heal right, to see a cleric. Though what I've said to my guild mates, fear has struck down another fear, it isn't entirely gone. My mind seems to be so unstable; as to no matter how many times I've been told I'm not truly alone, I cannot help but to think I am.

It's always important to stay positive and be willing enough to gain strength to overcome weaknesses. With my legs, it is hard to walk. With each time I walk through the guild hall, I can feel them burning from the inside as if something was still there. In hope, I am sure they will heal and get strong again. Dimitri has helped me most of all and I cannot deny that, I wish I would of done as he said and just kept resting. Knowing that you have a feeling for someone and to know you have tried too hard can drive them away, is the worst feeling of them all.
For now, rest awaits me.

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