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Rosaline's Writings
A simple leather bound book kept together with a simple clasp. A gull plume sticking out from midst it's pages. On the first page inside the text reads "Rosaline Emily Gill".
Saturday, 06 August 2022
Thank goodness I have been farming a lot lately, I got a crystal, and from the crystal I got a helm mod from the machine... well the mod ruined my helm! So, as I said thank goodness, I've been farming I was able to buy a new helm to replace the one I ruined with the mod.
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Wednesday, 16 February 2022
I can't believe I've done it! The highest level of training one can currently obtain is now mine! I worked so hard, even though I was told to slow down... and I did, for a bit. But alas I was too excited to meet my goal! Near the end of last turn, I was able to see the trainer. Now I only need to farm to replenish the plat I spent on my new armor. It is an amazing day, and I cannot stop smiling!
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Monday, 31 January 2022
Sitting here, reading through my own writings it amazes me what life puts in your paths. I am grateful for every path I've been down. They have made me who I am. Am I perfect? No, far from it. I'm stubborn, I can be annoyingly hyper, and I can tend to push myself too hard when training... Thankfully Cody my leader and friend, my bondmate Daven, and my Papa Low know how stubborn I am and remind me to rest and take care of myself. I am so blessed. My only regret right now is that I realize I've, kinda closed myself off to people outside my own guild lately, well besides Papa. And Cody called me out on it, he is right I need to slow down and make friends again. Hopefully I remember how. I also lately find myself thinking about my mentor Tarryn. I hope to see her again one day.
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Saturday, 29 January 2022
I was asked today why I wanted to be so strong, why I was in a rush to make it as high as I could. Was it just to be the first cleric to do so? I could say that, and I did. But in all honesty, it is far deeper than that. The person who asked the question knows how it feels to be weak, to feel like life is beyond your control at one time, to have people over them make them feel worthless just because they could. I guess since I never knew my mother and the man who sired me didn't want me around without my mother. I can never remember him being kind to me, always abusing me when he was around, blaming me for her death. Always calling me worthless, saying he wished I had died instead of her. I hid from him so often I think there are turns he forgot he had a daughter, to which those turns I was glad. But being so weak then, I guess pushes me to be strong now. Even though I know I AM strong, it's like a part of my mind always says it's not enough. Will it ever be? Even if I reach as high as I can go? Probably not. But I don't know what else to do.
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Thursday, 30 December 2021
It's been amazing! I was given the opportunity to lead a gathering to clean the Dundee Life Monuments! I ended up being a little late.. but thank goodness for friends who got it started! We scrubbed, gently picked, and washed the monuments until they shined bright once again! Even cleaned up the bloody dirt around them. Wish Daven could have been with me, would have been wonderful to have my bondmate at my side during that. But life seldom gives you what you want. Regardless, the Monuments of Dundee are as they should be, and I am honored to have been a part in making it happen.
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Monday, 10 August 2020
Papa came to me and Daven's cabin last turn, it was amazing having both the men I love in the same place, and Daven spoils me like crazy. Papa even got onto us for being mushy! If someone had told me a year ago I would meet a man and be this happy again, I would have called them crazy! I can't imagine my life being better then it is now. From the darkest point in my life... to the brightest, it's been one crazy year, and every turn I thank the gods for bringing him into my life.
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Tuesday, 18 February 2020
In my haste to write this before I slept I was remiss in mentioning that Papa, Lowrenzo performed our ceremony. His words were so sweet and amazingly done, it shall sound in my heart forever to have had his blessing on our union.
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This turn, Daven Blackmourn and I were bonded. During Winters Warming, in our guild chapel. I wore my snowy white robes of Miranda, an ice cloak both shimmered in the light. As we as the new boots I crafted just the turn before and a spider lace scarf as a veil. Daven was dressed in a black suit, black dress cape, with his champions pin glimmering on his shoulder, and a black tricorn hat, he looked so handsome I could hardly take my eyes from him once I found him after I entered the chapel. I am quite certain I didn't notice who else was there until after we said our vows.. during which I think we both got teary eyed. We were heaped with congratulations and presents! The best of which was and amazing cake that was delivered for us all, by a very sweet watchful friend. Then later we were surprised yet again when... Cody kicked us out of my cabin for a few marcs, and when he allowed us back in it was trasformed into the prefect home for the two of us to start our life together in. It was, the most perfect day. I've been so blessed to start life anew.
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Tuesday, 11 February 2020
Daven took me on a picnic, didn't tell me where we were going but he took me to the garden of the gods, there he laid out a sumptuous feast, more then the two of us could eat by far. It was lovely, he cut the food, made my plate for me. Then when we were done, he stood, pulled me into his arms and then got down on one knee.. his words I will never forget. "I ask you to take a journey with me
To share our lives, build our family tree. To live together in harmony. I pray you say yes... as I get down on one knee. My love, my life, my Angel in disguise, I'm very proud of how far we've come on our journey together. And I'm asking if you'd be willing to take the next step with me." It was so romantic and he offered me a stunning diamond ring, I never cared for jewels, but it was beautiful, more so since it was picked with his love. The gods have blessed my life again putting him in my path when I needed him most, I am the luckiest woman to have such a man who is solicitous of what I need and makes me feel loved and cherished. Oh.. and I said yes!
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Friday, 07 February 2020
Lost in darkness, struggling to see, until the day I set MYSELF free.
Free from darkness I may have been, but now lost and struggling to live again.
The help offered I couldn't understand, at the end of my rope I did stand.
Struggling to stay out of the darkness again, almost succumbed so weak was I then.
Until your hand you offered to me, and from the darkness set me free.
You brought light into my life, lifted me from the strife.
If I have forever to gratefully say, thank you to you each and every day.
Forever is not long enough, but it wouldn't be so tough.

-Written for Daven Blackmourn.
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