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Rosaline's Writings
A simple book of royal blue dyed leather with silver edging. Kept closed with a silver rose shaped clasp that has the letter "R" in the center. A gull plume sticking out from the midst of its pages.
Friday, 31 August 2018
Slept so long I almost forgot what time of year it was. My mind is so looking forward to the cool crisp air of fall. And the things it brings. A friend gave me a stuffed owl that they got during the Iron Orders Anniversary party games. Sounds like it was a good time for all. I am sad I slept though most of it this year, but sometimes sleep is the thing you need most to recover mind and spirit. The battles ahead with this new being are going to be tough, possibly tougher then anything we've faced in the past. But, I trust my fellow adventurers, and I trust our Iron Order to guide us through the battles ahead.
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Monday, 14 May 2018
Beginning to understand Lavender and others frustration, I got a taste of this new foes cruelty. If it were not for my love holding me I probably would have fallen to tears it hurt so much, not just the multiple deaths. But the cruelty behind it as he killed me over and over being stuck at the life monument with him he found that quite amusing. I showed no fear while facing him...despite the I told him pain is temporary. I still needed Sil to hold me a while, til I fell asleep. He is my rock, he helps me renew my mind so I can go again. I love him so, and am so grateful the gods led me to him.
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Sunday, 13 May 2018
So many things.... New god come and gone... So many chose to follow him as was their right to choose. But I myself still follow and will always follow Miranda. Not just for the fact that she has been the goddess I have followed from my youth, but also it was her temple where my bondmate and I met, trained together a while and fell in love. It was because of her.. in a way... that I found love, joined his guild and they became my family more close then I ever was to my father. I have never dreamed of being as happy as he has made me. Yet I could not even imagine life without him in it now. I got off my there is a being around that I am unsure of... he causes the death of someone just about every time he appears, which annoys my clerical nature of wanting to heal and help. I shall be patient... never a strong suite with me.. and see what will come of this.
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Friday, 03 April 2015
So many things have happened lately I've rarely time to write it all down.... people who choose to do so now dig for items... room... unknown things in an attempt to find a way to recreate the seals that have kept an evil at bay for longer then most of us even know. Only a partial seal remains as it is. I have chosen not to dig, instead I have chosen to help a friend who is determined to gain his remaining levels and having been determined to do that myself in the past I can understand his ambition to do so. Things in Valorn seem to be changing... for the best is my eternal hope, but only time will tell. For now this is all I can say.
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Sunday, 25 January 2015
Most people know.... I don't like heights. But over the years I have overcome them. Most people know that for many years I loathed the cannon for the simple fact that it sent people Life Monuments more often then not. But in the last year....seems everyone in Valorn has been much, that being frightened and or not liking the cannon started to seem very silly to me. My bondmate, loved the cannon and would ride it often until learning that I disapproved of it. My excuse was the fact that as a cleric I do not like seeing any hurt... or blown up. But it was my own fear that colored my judgement on it. Well I am happy to say that after many... many turns of the sunrifter I have finally overcome that fear! As a gift I took my bondmate to Caernivale and we rode the cannon together! It wasn't as bad as I feared especially for my first time ever! I landed in the Verthedge Forest.... sadly I landed ON a Thistle... ouch. But I am no worse for wear from the event and it could have been worse. I can see perhaps doing it again... though I doubt I will go without my love.
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Monday, 22 December 2014
Sparrowflower the Beyond-World Liaison has entered Valorn from Altitan... she is beautiful! Made of stone. Says she will speak to none but the queen. Understandably that is the way of things in most diplomatic missions. I look forward to see what comes of the meeting. Excitement fills the air as news of the Liaison's arrival spreads.
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Sunday, 30 November 2014
The mountain rumbles again today, and I hear Millitant is now missing. I sincerely hope all the missing get found soon! How many more need to go missing before we try to find them all? I am worried that it may all be too late....and I pray that I am wrong.
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Monday, 03 November 2014
Fall Festival has come and gone once again. Such a joyous time with friends and family. Think the most memorable will be the Haunted House that another guild did... it was frighteningly spectacular! There where many parties, and costumes. Many exciting things where found as drops in the haunted house including but not limited to many people got colored silk bracelets, others I think found very nice clothing... along with fall festival candy balls, candy skulls, bone candy and gooey eyeball candy! Think I ate way too much! There where also some Mushrooms that where sold that caused quite a stir as strange Mushroom Parasitoid would sometimes explode out of it's victims and you never knew when or where you would be when it would send you LM for eating it was quite a gamble for some who ate the mushrooms because some where quite harmless...others... not so much. Over all a very memorable Festival celebrating the season!
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Monday, 01 September 2014
We all gathered, time to find the portal that a rogue used to gain access into the nexus, the Archmage with the help of Shaerih took us into the rogue tunnels. . Shaerih the crafty roguess that she is, did not merely open the tunnels… she destroyed the lock to the entrance in Branishor, so for now the tunnels are open for all. In the tunnels the Archmage found a portal was hidden from view, once he revealed it to everyone we traveled through. The way twist and turned so many directions and yet only the Archmage knew which way to turn… with every movement in every room the onslaught of demons, tendrils, and darkness tried to overwhelm us trying to keep us from our goal. The Archmage was continually being assaulted by forces the rest of our group could not see, as we saw gashes appear we tried to help, continually other clerics along with myself kept healing him and our efforts being continually rejuvenated by those enchanters who could do so. Eventually through many twist and turns we came upon the portal that was used to head to the nexus, the Archmage opened a book ..a dark book and did a spell from within, the words made the hairs on my neck and arms stand on end I think it was…"Drakon, I bind thee." the portal shivered…. Then shattered like glass. Now the nexus should be safe, the way there now closed. The Archmage suffered greatly, and by means of his own magic left us there as he sought healing, we all pray for his quick recovery. Along the passages that we found down there, there are webs through the walls… they look like they are made of bronze or some other such metal… they seem to lead to one spot, I wonder if since we are under Valorn if it leads where I think it might, but where that is I shall not say… for now.
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Friday, 01 August 2014
The summer time came in, the sweet smell of summer hangs in the air. A sister of mine left home for a while and yet Lavender found her way home though I feared for her, she was bruised and battered when I laid eyes on her. My guild brother, the man she loves was frantic with worry. And another, a friend of myself and Lavender, never left her side he was so worried and even threaten me a little while I tended her wounds. It is interesting to see how one person has such an impact on others in our lives. I cleaned her hair of dirt and debris, it looked as if she had run through the forest with no care for where she was heading, I wondered if her bruises might have been caused from that until I found one that resembled fingers...
Lavender eventually woke, a group of people at her side happy to see that she had returned to us, only to be stunned to learn she had taken a nasty hit to the back of the head and she could not remember who she was.. or who we where! I was SO worried... not only for her but my brother. I thought the grief might very well be his undoing. Seeing my family in such turmoil was painful, but I knew that someone needed to be strong, for them all. I watched marc by marc as Lavender gained her strength again, her bruises started looking worse though they usually look worse before they get better. But her attention was being held by another then the man who loves her so. I tried to steer her in the right direction, only to have my efforts undermined by the one determined to steal her from the man she loves, the one she left the lands for. I prayed daily for her memories of her life to resurface. And in time thankfully as all wounds do she was fully healed... body and spirit. Thanking the gods Lavender was fully returned to us, I have not seen such joy in my brothers face for a long time and I was glad to see it there! The other man was cantankerous and looking for ways to lessen his own grief, he had so hoped to attain Lavenders affections said tried to get under peoples skin. Deciding to intervene I got to see a side of my guild leader I will never forget, it was very sweet. Lavender rarely leaves her loves side now, and I am glad they found happiness again. I later learned Lavender's condition was caused when she was confronted by someone her parents had arranged for her to be bonded to, and when he realized she would not be his he grew vicious and hit her on the back of the head as she was heading home to us, causing her to cast a portal home, and leaving her without her memories.
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