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Lancer's Journal Trip Lancer A group of papers, thrown together and tied with a simple piece of string. On the front paper, there's an excellent sketch of a dashing young man.. asleep. Above it, the name "Trip Lancer". 07 Apr 2015
Wide Open Skye Skyelark A dark emerald green notebook, much scuffed and with a worn cover. The pages however are crisp and clean, the writing small and neat.... 06 Apr 2015
Surrealism Celestia A small, tan coloured book, completely unadorned. The binding is worn and aged, the pages slightly tattered and curling towards the edges. Several small notes peek out here and there from between the sheaves of parchment and pieces of torn blue silk mark places within. 06 Apr 2015
The Silver Road Eilynn A Leather Tome, bound with Silver plaques and green semi-precious stones decorating it. Its pages look neat and clean, well kept and new... A book still mostly to be written. 02 Apr 2015
primal instincts Rhileigh a leather bound book clasped closed with a silver clasp. There are some obvious pits and blood mark the cover 26 Mar 2015
Billy's Bones William Doherty Bound in reddish-brown leather, this journal is one of the run of the mill sort that can be easily purchased anywhere. It's body has become buckled; it's edges curled over, as if it is often stuffed into a trouser pocket. 20 Mar 2015
Waif Wisdoms Sehdae Ly A battered leather book-- small child like hand prints in red and brown cover the scarred surface, and the edges are coated in a dark /possibly/ poisonous substance. 18 Mar 2015
The Book of Reflection aylap A handsome leather-bound book with a water gem embedded in the cover and a cobalt blue ribbon holding a page... 16 Mar 2015
break free Lotus Melanthe A plain leather book a shade of night with silver spider silk sew in to the cover looking like a dark lotus bloom 07 Mar 2015
Silk and Lace Ravi Gaesoul This tome is lovingly bound in luxurious silk, its edges are embossed with the most delicate tattered lace. The platinum clasp is shaped like a flower - A Dancing Lady.

05 Mar 2015
CAMP Campion Inscribed on the cover of this otherwise plain book are two lines of distinct handwriting, one neatly curving and the other shakily blockish. Both lines say the same thing, as though the second copied the first: "Campion. Do not feed." 04 Mar 2015
Musings and Memories naridith A basic, functional, nondescript book bound in leather. 03 Mar 2015
Notebook Strev Jonlee A leather bound notebook, looking well used with a plume stuck between the folds. Written on the first page is a few lines of golden ink.

"A copy of Strev Jonlee's notebook. Containing personal thoughts only. Researched information can be found in the actual notebook."
27 Feb 2015
My travels Giogioni This is the story of me, Giogioni Xiloscent in my path to rogueship 18 Feb 2015
Questions Harkyne A stack of loosely gathered parchments with what appears to be chicken-scratch covering most of them. The foremost page bears a discernible drawing of a slice of cake. 16 Feb 2015
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