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Shrouded In Shadows Finnick Greystone Upon the cover, light and darkness, collide to form a elongated shadow that resembles the distorted shadow of a dagger, or what could be a tendril. At each corner, a dark outline of a hand extends out towards the center, as though to retrieve the shadowy figure at the center, the words "Shadows are that which has been forgotten" cutting across the front at a slant. 01 Mar 2016
Facets Topaz A book of medium size, bound in plain light leather. Inside it are the words, written in a clear hand, "This book belongs to Topaz." 25 Feb 2016
An old clerics ramblings Rea Lignas Before you is an old worn scroll that has seen better days. If you gently untie the string and carefully unroll the papyrus you just might be able to make out the barely-legible writing. A mark has been made through 'clerics.' Below it 'warrior' has been written. 19 Jan 2016
Ana's secrets Analise Cristen a small black book with beige parchment paper that smells heavily of honeysuckle. A black silk ribbon marks her pages. All thoughts from the overly happy Analise Cristen. 07 Nov 2015
The Slumbering Rogue Christy Matius It is a book bound in leather with etch marks on it with the words " The Slumbering Rogue" across the top of the book and a very beautiful intricate design of roses with vines around it 02 Nov 2015
A Rogue Thought Lycidius Harrowblade A plain black book with a bos-hide cover. The pages are crisp and white. This book is clearly well looked after, except for the odd fruitflower tea stain. 20 Oct 2015
Wandering Roguess Istela A red leather book that is well tended with a new lock with crisp pages 15 Oct 2015
The Pen of Shadows Korrel Lightwing A fairly new, rarely used scroll tied with a roughly cut strip of bos hide. 09 Oct 2015
Pen of Night Angel Night A fairly new leather bound book. 09 Oct 2015
Lords and Ladies Lorige Wake'robin An elegant book, the leather rose tanned--the rose otto leaving a powerful fragrance even though the journal appears far from new. On the cover's center is a delicate etching, a whorl of three leaves and a three-petaled flower. 28 Sep 2015
journal Elle Qualstaites Elle Qualstaites's journal 14 Sep 2015
Mute's Voice Emilia Rose A basic leather book with dozens of parchments tied between the front and back cover. In front of the book, near the center, the name 'Emilia' is scratched on it. 24 Aug 2015
Channelling Chaos Chan Keeping my head straight, keeping my love safe 01 Aug 2015
Memories and thoughts Bethany A small brown leather book with the letters BS embossed in the spine. 30 Jul 2015
Mephisto musings Mephisto Where I come to think... 29 Jul 2015
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