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Making Traxx Traxx A small leatherbound book with an intricate mirandine flower stitched onto the cover. 20 Apr 2017
Olivia's Adventures Olivia Pratt Olivia's arrival and adventures in Valorn. 12 Apr 2017
Paths of Tranquility SadisticKenj A deep red Tome that seems rather sturdy the books material is steel stripped mahogany written on the bottom in gold damask is. "Follow your heart." A small cherry-black braid of hair is used as a bookmark. The writing inside is made with a neat, skilled, educated caligraphy. 07 Dec 2016
Lore of Laughter Arthur A small brown journal with lavender leaves stuck to its surface. 05 Dec 2016
A Warriors Tale Matt Shadowsong Plain 03 Dec 2016
Violet thoughts Lillya A beautiful old book very well kept 18 Nov 2016
Beginning Again Atreiya Small, newly-made book with a simple bos-hide cover that has been buffed to a soft glow. It's tied around with a braided length of rope made of blue-green spider silk. 09 Oct 2016
DAYS GONE BY zub zeron A pale orange-blue cover, with stars wrapping around the frame. Upon the front is a big white Z with the words "Live each day to its fullest, as though there was no tomorrow" cutting through the center of it. In the background is a fading sunset turning into night, the sun only half visible at the bottom of the page. 08 Oct 2016
Journal Valera A small battered brown book, covered in boshide, with a thong tied around it. 18 Jul 2016
Stories of a Cleric Korba A small bound book scuffed and stained from many adventures. 07 Jun 2016
Drink and Poof: a potion The Potion Master A black background dominates the front cover, as a smoky white skull and crossbones extends outward to engulf the black page. 10 Apr 2016
Loa Dreamin Belladonna Aconite A small handcrafted book made from traditional skin coverings and bone bindings. Runes and tribal abstract drawings are etched deeply into the skin covering. 06 Apr 2016
The Heart of Shadows Seragil Shadowsong A gleaming white tome etched with gold scroll work and shimmering holy symbols. Its once locked clasp lays busted and broken, and pages seem to have been carefully cut out with what might be a dagger guessing by the slight stains and faint scent of poison on the few strips of vellum left behind, though pages also seem to have just been carelessly ripped out as well. 20 Mar 2016
Shrouded In Shadows Finnick Greystone Upon the cover, light and darkness, collide to form a elongated shadow that resembles the distorted shadow of a dagger, or what could be a tendril. At each corner, a dark outline of a hand extends out towards the center, as though to retrieve the shadowy figure at the center, the words "Shadows are that which has been forgotten" cutting across the front at a slant. 01 Mar 2016
Facets Topaz A book of medium size, bound in plain light leather. Inside it are the words, written in a clear hand, "This book belongs to Topaz." 25 Feb 2016
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