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Warrior Rambles Cody An unassuming red book, with blue and silver letters spelling out his name on the cover 16 Nov 2017
Pieces of Parchments Akassa A red soften leather book tied shut with a piece of spider silk. The golden edged pages peek out from the cover. One the cover is fancy gold lettering reads A Piece of Me. Below that is a golden ring with streaks of white around it. 27 Sep 2017
A private chronicle Brielle Erawind A simple leather bound pocket book tied closed with a long woven strip of spidersilk. 18 Jul 2017
Lemonade, Ale, and Songs Aryana Moonsong A simple red book, held together by a few strings. 05 Jul 2017
Making Traxx Traxx A small leatherbound book with an intricate mirandine flower stitched onto the cover. 20 Apr 2017
Olivia's Adventures Olivia Pratt Olivia's arrival and adventures in Valorn. 12 Apr 2017
Apple's orchard Apolla Hartfort A well cared for leather bound book with a large lily etched in to the cover. The pages smell of lilies. There are words engraved and filled with gold paint reading Apple. between the pages rests a braid platinum in hue to mark her entries 12 Feb 2017
Shadow Writings Broutac Brunt A book bound in a material not unlike Broutac's cloak. It too changes color from a Brown, to a Bronze, to a Gold and then Black and back again. The top and bottom are hinged by thick metal like material. In the center of the face of the cover sits a strange looking lock. A set of five holes sits there as if fingers should be placed there. being the journal of a rogue it may not be advisable for a stranger to try this mechanism. 05 Jan 2017
Paths of Tranquility SadisticKenj A deep red Tome that seems rather sturdy the books material is steel stripped mahogany written on the bottom in gold damask is. "Follow your heart." A small cherry-black braid of hair is used as a bookmark. The writing inside is made with a neat, skilled, educated caligraphy. 07 Dec 2016
Lore of Laughter Arthur A small brown journal with lavender leaves stuck to its surface. 05 Dec 2016
A Warriors Tale Matt Shadowsong Plain 03 Dec 2016
Violet thoughts Lillya A beautiful old book very well kept 18 Nov 2016
Beginning Again Atreiya Small, newly-made book with a simple bos-hide cover that has been buffed to a soft glow. It's tied around with a braided length of rope made of blue-green spider silk. 09 Oct 2016
DAYS GONE BY zub zeron A pale orange-blue cover, with stars wrapping around the frame. Upon the front is a big white Z with the words "Live each day to its fullest, as though there was no tomorrow" cutting through the center of it. In the background is a fading sunset turning into night, the sun only half visible at the bottom of the page. 08 Oct 2016
Journal Valera A small battered brown book, covered in boshide, with a thong tied around it. 18 Jul 2016
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