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Muen's musings
Muen's musings
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Thursday, 01 December 2011
It has indeed been way too long since I opened this book, why? I don't know. Perhaps there had not been anything worth writing in it or perhaps I have been spending too much time with the ale tree again (That happens way too much) but whatever the case may be, I found it today and it is about time that I bring ink to the page again

It has been just as long a time since I walked through Valorn, the reason for that I cannot give a specific answer either is good to be back. Although I have received news of what had been happening in my time away, it will be good seeing all these new things for myself and I cannot wait to see all my friends again. And the hutch, I should be going there but I may get lost again. It is...unsafe Though the Bunnies have been patient with me, it will be great to give them the attention they deserve again and get matters back in order.

And then there is my bond mate, the man who had stolen my heart and it has been so very long since I had last seen him and I pray to the gods that all is still well with him and that he had stayed strong in his beliefs.

But until I get to all these things, I should probably train, although that may be hard once I get to Dundee Inn
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Monday, 20 December 2010
If I didn't know better I would think that someone was toying with me. These last few days when I woke I was called away before I could make my way down to the Inner Garden and get my booster for the day...the morning, who am I kidding? The moment! Don't get me wrong, I love to assist people but I am not a morning person Come to think of it, it all started about a week ago when I woke to Drake yelling for me. Of course, I thought there was something hugely wrong but instead he needed me to perform him and Sabrina's bonding.

I am glad that they finally put there differences in the past and tied that knot, they go well together, sort of They compliment each others short comings and that is important, I think. The fact that they are both crazy does not help, but two wrongs make a right, right? I wonder if they ever made all the coins back they had to spend on hankies for Lowy as he cried his eyes out at the bonding!

I have not given much time to training lately, no surprise there, I have been farming on the beach. I prefer that over running around airless underneath in the tombs. I should really go and look around for better hunting grounds but have been way too lazy and way too busy. The guild has been doing great, they are such a wonderfull bunch, I thank the gods everyday that I am blessed with such a amazing family.
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Wednesday, 20 October 2010
I have been looking at the world around me, and I must say, it has been wonderfull to visit places I have not been since for many moons. I took a walk on the Snowly plat and realised just how much I hated it when I was younger, especially since I always got lost up there, just as I do in the Plains till this day I did find my way to the big tree in the plains though and that brought back some nice memories, that was where I found my spoon in the first place, after all.

I took quite a bit of time looking at the places I have nearly forgot about and it was good, it reminded me a lot of what I love about Valorn. And of course the cherry on the cake was finishing the day off with a ale! The best part of it all though, was running into people I have not seen for so long, some has changed but mostly they are still the same as I knew them before they left the lands to go and explore outside.

On a lower note though, a lot has happened the last few weeks and some of my dear friends were hurt through it all. It makes me sad, as one would think after all this time, people will get along better especially when we are all fighting the same war. I have not seen Dobroc in awhile, which I think is because of everything but there is also only so much I can do, for all of them.

But as they say...time heals.

Aurento did a wonderfull job at keeping the bunnies in order while I was away and I am so proud of all of them. They have continued to be the great bunnies I know, and older bunnies have come out of hibernation which is wonderfull to see! We are now in the process of planning a event for the coming Fall Festival, I love this time of the year!
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Tuesday, 29 June 2010
It really has been a long time since I took the time to sit down with and write down my thoughts and adventures, although my adventures had been little lately. A lot has happened since I last opened this book and I don't even know where to begin. I guess I should begin with the day Dobroc and myself eloped. We were sitting at Cerbies and we just decided that it was the right moment, we quickly got together who we could and then Lorella bonded us, it ended with us both running to raids that hit, but it was one of the best days in my life. We have not seen each other much since that day, mostly because of our strange sleeping patterns but when we do see each other it is wonderfull.

Damask had a done a wonderful job on the hutch, making sure the builders fix it up nice and I heard he even pitched in. I guess I would have to give him a ale or something...wait, not a ale...a lemonade, yes a lemonade. I have premoted Sparky to officer, now that one visits the trainer so many times I am too afraid to ask him how his training is going.

I recieved a message from Spyne, which surprised me very much. It had been so long and it is good to know there are no hard feelings about me moving on. I have been missing my old friends a lot lately and perhaps that is why I feel the need to sleep my days away. But there is a land to protect and so my eyes would always open.

I honestly hope Syrus remember to fill my keg, if not I would have to go hunt him down and the thought of having to get up to go look for him is troublesome. We will see. I have a lot to do now that I find myself waking up more again, a lot.

That is all dear journal, you will hear from me more.

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Thursday, 22 April 2010
What can I say? Some might see it as lazy...okies maybe a bit of lazy...BUT what I really have been doing is working on the hutch. The workers are there and someone has to keep an eye on them. This had caused me to be a bit disconnected from the world outside the hutch and I hear there were some very troubling events in my abscence. I wanted to pay Nyril a visit, but what does one say? So instead I went straight to the temple and prayed to Ben to protect the healers.

Last night, I made a trip to Dundee inn. Not been there for quite sometime but it was good to run into two very naughty friends...although they would never admit it. We had a few ales and then I had to rest again. There are quite a few people who I have not seen since I made my way out of the hutch but I hope to see them soon as I miss them terribly.

That is all for now, journal..
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Friday, 05 March 2010
I thought I deserve a few days rest aafter spending time in the tombs, and it did me well I recall getting birds and some I waved away witout looking at them, I hope they made there way back from where they came. And so, journal, there is not much to write about as I sit here in the hutch. The repais on our new room was completed, and it looks great. I found my last blue too! That was a very happy day, it had been so many summers since I started looking for my crystels and now I have them all safely tucked away..the gods has been good to me. I have missed Dobroc, he has been sleeping quite a bit too but that will soon change, I always get butterflies when I wake up to one of his lovely poems and the bonding will be soon.

I have once again caught some silly people in the Hare-Salon and after some thinking it was decided Syrus would pay me with ale to use it what better could I ask for! Oh and let me not forget how happy I was to see Sils! I immidiatly threw a pair of ears her way, it had been quite sometime, and always wonderfull to see old friends return. Also saw Warthan even if just for a moment.

I have now rest fully and will be getting back into training, once I had some ale cake of course
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Wednesday, 03 February 2010
It was only a couple of days ago when Dobroc and myself sat at Cerbies, deciding to have our bonding in the HoL. Now all I see is rubble.I was asleep when Balthy came and tore down the halls of HoL, and all the history with it. I woke up with a number of birds sitting next to me, all brining the sad news. But it is just a building, the knowldge and memories from in there he can never take away. After setting off all the birds, I read the most important one that came to me, and that was from Dobroc. He has made me the happiest woman few days past when he asked me to be his bonded. I must admit, it has been many winters since I last thought about ever getting bonded again, but with just feels right

Today once again I woke up with the loveliest poem from him, we took a walk to a few guild halls to look at some rooms that was offered to us to use for the bonding and we found the perfect one people have been really good to us. Afterwards we went down the pier and had a picnic, I will need to do a lot of running around after all that food I slept for a bit and then met Drake at the Inn and in no time at all the inn was full! We sat for hours just having fun, it was really very nice.

Daem assured me the repairs on the room will be done soon, I will have to make him a big pot of paste to thank him. He has been working so hard on it and Damask I made a officer. He had always been there for me, not only in the bunnies but since my days in KoV. There is a lot to think about and a lot to do still...but for now I will lay my head down and dream.
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Sunday, 24 January 2010
The last couple has days, has been the best days in a very long time. There comes a time when one has to tuck away the past, and the hopes and move on. And that time has come for me. I do not regret any moment myself and Spyne had together, it was some of th happiest days I had in this land. A few nights ago was Miranda's birthday party, it was fun to dress up again and go all out! With the help of Jane, the bunnies was able to give Miranda a pair of Gem Encrusted Bunny Ears, she wore them so I think she liked it A bunch of bunnies and friends met up at the hutch and we all left together from there. Sashtan was also there for it, so it was great! Everyone had fun, and I am positive that the Sunrifter ale is much more potent than normal ale But before the party, Dobroc cooked me a wonderfull meal, and ale baked a ale cake!! I really enjoy spending time with him, and I really like him. The next morning we spent some time under the gremlin tree, I feel I can be myself around him...wait...I am always myself but journal ye know what I mean He is someone I can have a proper conversation with and still enjoy the time we have together.

My training has been slow, like always I should work on that! But for now I need to get the builders in for our new room in the hutch. Untill next time, journal.
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Saturday, 16 January 2010
It has been awhile since I found myself with enough time to sit down and write in this book. I thought I have lost it for awhile but was relieved to find it safely tucked away under the ale tree where I last left it. To be able to recall everything that had happened since, I would need a new journal and so I sit here thinking back on the highlights. Fall fest was great! Like every year. The popped corn burgers was also great, I think I still have some popped corn I tucked away in the hutch somewhere. I saw some old faces over Fall fest which was wonderfull, even if it is just for a short time, it is always a blessing to spend some time with old friends.

The guild is doing great, as always Zal, because of personal reasons, handed leadership over to me. I did not plan of ever being a leader again, but being leader of such a great bunch of bunnies is a great honour. Flick did end up joining our family which made me very happy. And Daem, I call him that since his name is really just too difficult to pronounce joined us too. He is great, we think a like, which makes things nice!

I have gave up on my last blue, it will come to me if it is meant to be in the future. There is many places in the land I want to explore and staying in the den did not help my restlesness. I did however level again, which I thought would never come The latest news is that the body of King Deek was found. I was not there when it was announced, and so do not know all the details. But his heart was missing! Something is about to happen, that is what I feel.

The last few days, I spent some time running a round the tombs. And sitting at the inn yes I know dear journal, not very productive at all. Although sitting there gave me time to talk to a few friends, and some are going through some hard times and so it is good to know I am helping in some way, even just with advice. I do hope that their troubles get sorted and that friendships is not lost because of it. For now, I will cross my ears and hop for the best.
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Friday, 30 October 2009
Last year I stood in a GCG costume in the tomb to give those searching for them false hope. It may sound mean but it was fun This year not only hoping for a bunnie costume, I would have been happy settling for a RCG costume to tease Damask as he searches for his last red...BUT it did not go quite that way, as he got the costume!! he was not too impressed, the gods must be teasing him instead. I eventually found a Bandito which I could kill in what seems to be my home these days and changed it for a Town Crier costume. It has been fun going from Inn to inn trying the different snacks and popped corn. But can't sit and eat forever so I got off my behind and went after the Troll King. Sashtan went with me but the king was not home. Later the day Zal came with me and I finally got the cloak

Flick is back! And he applied to the hutch, soon her will be pasted. Will be great to have a old friend amongst the bunnies. I also saw Spyne for a bit a few days ago...he is well and was good to see him. Maybe one day we will have more then just a few minutes together before one of us has to leave. Oh I almost forgot but I found out a way to have a Dundee burger without it tasing so horrible... popped corn and ant legs! Add a bit of both and the burger tastes sooo much better. Myself and Drake found that out while experimenting a few days ago.

Other than that things have been fun. Happy Fall Fest!!
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