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Two thin slats of wood hold a collection of paper of various sizes. The writing itself bears scrawls, writeouts and scratchthroughs. Careful looking will reveal most of the poor spelling diction and grammer being marked through and more typical writing being left.
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Thursday, 29 August 2013
I learned another busy word today. The crier called a name. I went to congratulate him. We talked awhile. He had a long name and was a Big One. He said he didn't choose his name. After that he said something else. I thought he might be hungry because he was talking about sandwiches. He wasn't.

It was just another busy word. I relish learning a new meaning.

He said he's been teaching words to people lately. I miss Teacher. I should have asked Lion if he had seen him.
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Friday, 16 August 2013
Sore eyes doesn't always mean you need to go to the healer. Sometimes it means you are glad to see a person.

Words sure do a lot of funny things.
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Thursday, 15 August 2013
I spoke with some. They were asking questions about the pick. I said what I could. Maybe I'll go visit the old machines again. It was good to be awake to talk with people I didn't see often. Lion and I talked the other day. He said he'd tell the others I said hello. That's good.

I met the funny healer near the bridge. He's very patient. I wonder why he painted that on his tent. There were more cloaks like the one Teacher gave me. I like mine best.
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Monday, 01 April 2013
He said hello and called me Star. I had not heard his voice for a long time. It was nice.

A few days before someone else saw me. We talked about some new old machines. I took some things there. I don't think it has tiny machine people like the other machine but I left it food anyway. One gave me things. I went to other places to get more crystals. I fed it again today. The machines are interesting.

I can go there from the plants if I don't want to go on the water. I don't know if I'll go back.

It was good to talk with people again.
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Friday, 28 December 2012
He said he portalpoofed. I asked why he called it that and he said that his teacher told him some called it portaling and some called it poofing. He wanted to use both and he made a new word.

Is that how words get made? Someone wants to say something and they can't. To say what they want to they have to make a new word. I wonder who looked at a creature like Scooter and decided to call it dog. Maybe someone else was looking at the same time and used the word puppy instead. People call Scooter both names. If lots of people were looking at the same thing and everyone came up with words at the same time it would explain why sometimes there's so many ways to say the same thing.

Maybe someone used a word in a different way from how it was meant at first and that's why words can have lots of meanings at once.

I wonder why someone decided to call them demons.
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Tuesday, 11 December 2012
It's quiet now that fall festival is months ago. People aren't in costumes or yelling strange things. I talked to some new people today. It was good helping them find their way around. I remember people helping me.

Some of them were frightening at first. I learned that they really weren't. They just wore armor and carried lots of weapons to be ready in case they had to fight. That was one of the first things I learned here. Peopel didn't wear armor to hurt each other but to protect instead.

It was a good thing to learn.
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Wednesday, 24 October 2012
I've talked with more people lately. Some looked very strange. I remembered that it was time for fall festival so it wasn't so scary anymore. Horrors weren't saying hello. People dressed like them were. I went to get my mask and put it on. I don't know if I want a costume this year. Sometimes they make people get very loud.

I saw the cleaned up inn. He had been very happy about it and said I should go look. I did. I visited the rats and other things after that.

There are many to talk to. I don't know how many I haven't met before and how many are just wearing costumes. I remember thinking someone was old but they weren't. He was in a costume instead.
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Saturday, 09 June 2012
It was very quiet. I went and visited the machine people and Stalky. It was good to see them. I left food for both. I didn't ask the machine people for anything. Sometimes I just like visiting them. I think they like being visited. They always take the food. There was some new food I brought them.

She's not a big un anymoe. Do you get to choose that? I never thought of that before.

I went back to be with the plants for a while. Then I went back to the quiet dark.
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Wednesday, 06 June 2012
There were horrors where there shouldn't have been. Some people went to kill then and I helped. He said that I should go look in Dundee. I did and found beautiful plants. I like it there. It's almost as nice as the quiet dark.

Someone left me things. I don't need them so I sold them.

I wonder what made the plants so pretty. Maybe it's because they eat people. I found some have very sharp thorns. I wonder when they decided to start eating people. They couldn't have at first or else the place never would have been made. They must like the taste. I wonder if things not raised to harvest taste different. Either the plants learned to write or one of the harvests did.

I couldn't get out the same way I got in. I got told not to poke someone's eyes out. I don't know why I would. I took her to see things. Even though she's a big un I don't think she likes the harvest when I showed her they did some.

I had some letters left with Jeffrey. I'm glad he holds them for me.
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Friday, 25 May 2012
He was. The Crier said so. He said he wasn't. Then he swore. I don't know why he did that or how he didn't when the Crier said he did. It was very confusing. I asked him. He said I got him there. But there meant where I was. He wasn't there. I don't think his words do what I think they do. I think his words do very different things. Maybe I'll figure out what those things are. I'm not sure why he was swearing either. Teacher didn't like it when the Crier yelled things about him. Maybe he's the same way.

I spoke with her. I didn't ask what she meant by proto. I asked many questions and could only balance a few of them. She said it was good. I don't know. I'll remember there are some questions that need to be balanced. She said that the machine people were happy too. Maybe that could count since I brought them food. That might not be why they were happy. It might not count.

I need to think about that.
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Wednesday, 23 May 2012
When I was looking I got to speak with many people. It was nice. Bluejay asked if I wanted to come to the inn. I said no because I wanted to visit the machine people. I went to look for crystals for them. They were kind of nice but not really happy. Maybe I need to visit them more. I left them some food and drink.

Nightingale wished me peace and explained that you don't have to be dead for it. I didn't know that. She says she's praying a lot. I guess that's good. Does praying bring peace? When I asked someone else, he said no. He said action did. Praying brings some things. Maybe it can bring peace too.

I got tired after that and went to the quiet dark to rest some more.
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Sunday, 20 May 2012
I went to open locks and the crier called about big demons. There was one right in front of me. I killed it and others. One had some boots. I don't think I will wear them. Other people came and helped. It was good to see them.

Cross doesn't just mean angry. Paths cross too and they're not angry . Jaltz told me that and I learned a new meaning for it. It's a very busy word. We talked after the demons were killed. He said the demons have a shield too.

There were people in the Dundee Inn when I went to see the rats. It was very nice but one left right away. I thought he was upset at me but he tried bad things. I told him he shouldn't talk about good 'uns that way or do bad things when people say no. He said he wouldn't any more. Everyone else was talking about professions. At first I thought there was a new profession. He said it wasn't true. I'm not sure what a proto something means. I'll have to ask her another time.

Then I went to harvest rats.

It was a good day.
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Friday, 11 May 2012
I woke and there were horrors looking right at me. I killed them and started to leave the forge but there was another. I guess I woke up in the middle of the crier yelling. There were others there. They didn't mind that I was there too. That's good. I went to do my job and in a marc I did it again. It's good to have something to do.

One asked me if we had met before. I said yes. He didn't say anything more. I guess it's good to know what you want to say too.

I harvested for a while and took what I got to the machine people. I left them some food and drink and said I was sorry for not visiting with them lately. They must not have minded. They gave me some nice things in return.

The crier was busy. I could only help the one time when I woke. I wrote for a bit more and found another place to sleep. The last one wasn't the best choice.
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Monday, 19 March 2012
I woke and it was quiet. Then I saw tracks and that there was a fight. I went to look. It was a big rat. I don't know why. I asked and he said it was something he'd been fighting a while. He called me sir too. I told him I was Starling but he didn't say anything. Maybe he wasn't used to someone saying something different from that he thought. I killed it though. Why was a rat there? I don't understand.

Frohste say hi but she was going to sleep. I opened things and thought she had a good idea. I went to rest too.

I heard Tyral saying something. I will ask about it next time I wake. Sometimes he has big things to talk about. Where does he get the different sizes of things? Does he keep them somewhere until he needs them? Maybe he has a collection.
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Tuesday, 28 February 2012
He said Bear had been in the inn in Dundee. I didn't see him though. It was then he told me that Quiet Dark creatures were at the royal castle. I went to help.

Some I couldn't hit and I asked others. They took care of them. One was from a guild I hadn't heard about before.

I went and did my job and went to the Dundee inn. Someone was there but he was hard to see. After a while I left. I think I would have liked to talk but I didn't.

When you don't talk do those words get saved up or do they vanish like spilled water on dry ground? I never thought about that before.
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Tuesday, 21 February 2012
I woke and was doing my job when a big'un yelled that there was trouble in Dundee. I went to see. There were horrors from the Dead Zone.

Some others were fighting them too. One I hadn't seen in a while. The horrors were killed.

The big'un said some nice words and bowed. That wasn't right. Big'uns don't do that unless they're planning something. Then she said to have her thanks instead. Maybe she meant the other.

People are nice here. He's looking for crystals. I hope he finds the ones he wants.

I went back to harvesting.
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Sunday, 05 February 2012
She left me some questions and I tried to answer them. I asked her some more too. Her ink always makes me laugh. It's just like her. I wonder what kind of feather she uses for her quill. Maybe it's a jay too.

He was standing there by the door. I hadn't opened it yet. He didn't yell or look mad. I did what I said I would and went looking in the Quiet Dark. Some didn't bother me anymore but others still fought when I came near. I went down deep and looked around some more. I'm glad he wasn't angry.

Everything locked and I opened them again. I went to other places. Then I visited the machine people again. They must have liked seeing me because they were very nice. I left them something to eat and drink. I wonder if anyone else brings them food. Do they get lonely? They have each other but do they wait for others to come and talk to them? Do they get angry if they don't? I wonder what answers they would give.

If nobody talks to you do you forget how to hear?
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Friday, 03 February 2012
I was harvesting rats when the crier called. I only heard that once before. I went to see and there were creatures from the Quiet Dark. I was able to help fight them. It was good to be able to help.

After I went to see if I could find where they came from. I couldn't. I saw others like them but not the way they got there. Joyfire said that is because only demons can see those portals. I don't think they were demons. I don't know though. They were from the quiet dark. Maybe someone else will find how they get there and stop them from doing it again.

She talked about the obelisk and other things. She said I should talk to Bluejay to learn more. I left her a note. Maybe we can talk. It's been a long time.

Why would someone get their heart burned seeing someone else? I don't think their words meant what they wanted them to say but I don't know.

I got to talk to another too. She said she wasn't deposed but she's not in charge right now. It was confusing. She changed how people call her though. I guess that's good. I just have to remember now. She's on vacation. She says that's when you take care of yourself. You don't take care of yourself any other time? That's confusing.

I went elsewhere to harvest for a while. It was quiet but there were people to talk to. I liked that. The machine people were glad to see me.
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Wednesday, 02 November 2011
There were bad things at the big castle. Pallas came to help too. He fought things I couldn't. There were other bad things at the shiny building near Dundee. Then I went to harvest.

All the festival things are away now. I will keep my mask for another time. I will wear my cloak.

She said that she told Egret I said hello. He told her he'd say hello to Nightingale. That's good.

She told me about the problem and how she felt. Out of sorts. Sorts of what? I didn't ask because she didn't sound happy. Maybe that's what it means. Sort is to put in places. Maybe she wasn't in the right places? Can you be in sorts if you can be out of sorts? Maybe I'll ask someone.

Big Uns do things. I don't know if that made sense when I told her. Sometimes they do because you did. Sometimes they do because they can. Big Uns can be like that. If the only time you talk is to brag and you don't brag. Is it unusual for you not to talk? I don't know. She says she doesn't think anyone knows.

Maybe we will find out.
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Thursday, 27 October 2011
I don't understand. He said he promised her and that means he won't do it anymore. He promised that to me two times. Why is one more? He came to talk but it was time to do my job. Do words to one person mean less and two isn't as big as it should be?

Before that Jaltz and I talked. He liked my mask. He has a pretty things too. The seamstress told him I talked about him. I wonder what else she said. Maybe I shouldn't have talked to her so much. He says words get stuck. I wondered if someone uses glue on them but he told me what that really meant.

I spoke with another too. Her mask looks very soft. She says her apprentice and Blue Jay helped her make it. She did a good job with it. I asked her to say hello to Egret and Nightingale.
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