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Age: approximately 30
Place of Birth:Dundee
Zodiac Sign:Rogue
Reading: Alliance of Valornian Explorers
Thorin likes:
Dundee Inn
Thorin hates:
Being slain by demons
prejudice against rogues
Weird trends in Valorn
This Journal:
This pile of parchments contains the writings of Thorin the Dainty.
Wise words:
It is true we can serve Valorn better when we're alive. But some things are worth dying for.
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The journeys of Thorin
More note fragments have been found lately, and it seems we have a near-complete message now. It speaks of demonic orders to wear us down, for if we would manage to harneess the power of Sunrifter, they would lose everything they had gained. The only question remaining is how we should interpret "harnessing the power of Sunrifter". To that purpose, or to generally discuss the recent events, the Queen held a meeting, with one representative from each guild. I attended on behalf of AVE. There was not enough time for an in-depth discussion, however. There simply were too many people with an opinion to discuss them all. A missed chance, I think, for had we been able to discuss everything we might have gained something - Now, I am not too sure we have. Several ideas were voiced, and they will be looked into, but I am not too sure about most of them. I don't think I liked any suggestion I heard, even. We'll see wat we run into in the near future, though.
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More fighting yesterday, and although my hope lies elsewhere, I think it is safe to say we can expect more demons today. Last night, Balthazar seemed to be..... well, teasing us, I guess. After the first wave of demons, it remained calm. We all expected it to just be the calm before the storm, but it remained calm. I've always found that to be the frustrating part. The endless waiting... it wears you out. You have to stay focused and concentrated, lose it for one moment and you might be dead. Not knowing when you're able to let your guard down... horrible. Fortunately, Azure had been coordinating things, and after waiting for a marc or two she told us it was safe to stand down. Still tense, I went into N'rolav again, into the tomb, to relieve some of the stress. It was tiresome, but it worked.

Meanwhile, I received a note from Bebhinn, asking me to come to Branishor for some sort of experiment. I was tired of training anyway, and back in Dundee Inn a portal had just been opened, so I decided to go have a look. Near the gates, where the tower used to stand, I saw a congregation of adventurers, clerics and enchanters where busy casting enhancements. When they were done I saw what they had been doing - each and everyone present was covered in blinding light, apparently in an attempt do drive the darkness back. We soon found out it was a futile attempt, as I more or less expected. Demonic darkness isn't driven back by just waving around a few torches.

They persisted, however, and began to pray. All of them, at once. Kneeling and holding hands, while waiting for someone to say something. As I stepped back to watch them, I was joined by Azure, who had earlier argued with Kracky about tactics - Kracky insisted that offense was the best defense, while Azure conformed to the Queen's strategy of defense. As we stood there, watching them, I seriously began to wonder what they hoped to achieve there. A sudden miracle? Hoping forr something good is one thing, but there comes a moment when one has to be realistic and realize that an effort will not accomplish anything.

As they finished their mass-prayer, people seemed to be happy with the result. I failed to see any, but if it works for them......
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The fighting has continued over the past few days. Not long after Kilican's port fell, Branishor was besieged. The demons were kept away from the temple, but Branishor did not survive completely unscathed. The lookout tower near the northern gates was destroyed, a tower which served as a useful place to watch over the surroundings - as far as that was possible, of course, with all those mountains. A note was left nailed to the temple door, and it seemed to imply that there was some way to counter the darkness.

THe next day, we were hit again. As the waves of demons continued to build up, they were joined by packs of rats - the huge, demonic rats, that is. At least 15 of them in Dundee, and it took us quite some time to repel them. Meanwhile the demons kept coming, making our task more difficult than it already was.

Eventually, we were able to kill them all, and all seemed clear and well - no buildings destroyed either. Until enchanters reported that the nexus was still filled with demons, and it was too late to save it. Balthazar appeared once more, and destroyed the arcane library. As a result, enchanters are no longer able to teleport anywhere...... They are still able to open portals though, which should still be an advantage, but for now, it seems they'll have to walk.

On a brighter note, the Remnants' Valornian Guild Challenge started, and we managed to get through to the semi finals after winning our first round versus New Era. Some tough questions were asked, and I'm forward to the next round.
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To the list of losses suffered over the years, we can make one new addition.

It started earlier today, when a meteor flew through the sky, and landed on Kilican. Apparently something had already happened there yesterday, and by the time I arrived, people were just discussing some note they had found. Only moments later, I had to draw my rapier, for horrors stormed the place. it was full of adventurers and horrors alike, making it difficult to maneuver, especially when more horrors arrived. And they just kept on coming. I slew many....... 30, at least. But they jsut kept coming, but the support given to me was not as endless as their numbers were. Eventually, I was slain too, and ended up in Dundee.

I made my way to the castle, which had been under attack earlier, to see whether everything was alright. It was - Many adventurers had been keeping an eye on the castle. Hojo remained behind with a small group, and I left with some others for Caernivale, to take the ferry to Kilican again. We were too late - standing at the dock, we could see large clouds hovering over Kilican. Port Perfadis had fallen. A marc later we arrived, only to find half the town destroyed. We had been unable to save it. The western part was still intact, mostly, including the portal to Dundee. And while some even considered it to be a victory, most people recognised the loss, with little choice but to accept it.
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**below, some lines have been jotted down hastily**

Bos grease, melt rat fat. Lemons.
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