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Lemonade, Ale, and Songs
Lemonade, Ale, and Songs
A simple red book, held together by a few strings.
Wednesday, 05 July 2017
So much dust my old friend. I hope you can forgive me for not writing in you for so long. But now the time has come for me to pull you out of your musty storage in my vault and start writing in you once again for so much has happened but it shall not be the past that I dwell one, at least not the far past, though for me the future I have longed for began anew just a little over a day ago, with the return of Him.

My lord, my god, Drakon, has made his trimuphant return to all of us, to his Seekers, though as was to be expected not everyone was pleased by this. After all was said and done, even some of those that purported to be His Seekers, seem to no longer be certain of following the path of Knowledge that He has opened before us. This past day though has truly shown me the way people see me, already a death threat from one of my closest friends, as thinly veiled as it was, and then the accusations from perhaps the one person I thought of as my best friend in all of Valorn, none of them understand what I am doing, none of them understand what I do, what I know. They will soon see the error of their ways once Drakon has ascended and His followers has risen with Him, when we stand besides Him and watch the fall of the goddess and god that want nothing more than to control us mere mortals. They will soon learn, all of them, for Our time will come...

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Sunday, 11 September 2016
Gods, I can't remember the last time I wrote in here. *blows dust off the pages* So much has happened, some good, some bad. This turn was a truly special one as I did something I never thought I would do. I renounced the rogue's path in favor of the clerical path. I feel that this is the right path for me to follow currently. My dear friend, Isoyami, was the one to take me to the temple and has promised to help me through this transition, as he has been through it before, though in the opposite way.

Balthazar is dead....turned to ash, yet still the lands seem to be cautious, which I cannot blame them for. I was the first to stand up to help Drakon, defying the Queen's orders but I would do it again. I am happy with how things have worked out and now I am a cleric of Drakon, his first and only one at the moment. And it is with his blessing that I pursue this path, full of new knowledge and wisdom for me to gain.

I will end this here as I am weary from such a long turn.
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Friday, 04 December 2015
Ultimate Weapon of the Gods two turns ago and now Radiance of the Gods this very turn. Why the sudden interest in my little Rocky? He loves all the attention and I love that he loves it, but I do hope it is not a harbinger of something more to come.
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Thursday, 16 April 2015
Finally, finally I got my Master Lockpick! No more buying them for this rogue!
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Thursday, 09 April 2015
Un-nerving. Shaken. That is how I feel. Waking up to see what I think is the face of a dear friend only to have it attack me and realize it is not? Not the most pleasant of ways to wake up at all. Hopefully, a good sleep will clear my head.
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Tuesday, 07 April 2015
Well, its been a rather long time since I wrote in you my little friend. So much has happened to me that it seems pointless to look back on the past other than to say that I remember all the times fondly, even the hard times. Without them, I would not have grown into the person I am today. So, the past shall remain there and I will look to the future and enjoy the gift of the present.

The lands are in turmoil, though my own life is full of nothing but love and laughter. I have finally found the home I have always longed for. I started off so many Fall Fests ago in the Amazons, moving to other guilds other time and though they all were special and hold deep memories and happiness for me, I have found my forever home with the Bunnies. It really is sort of funny since the Bunnies have been around for as long as I can remember, predating even my own wandering into these lands, but never did I ever see myself finding myself as one of them. I would not change anything though. I love each and everyone of my dear Bunnies and feel so special to be able to name myself among such amazing adventurers.

Marron is such a kindred spirit to me. She loves the shinies as much as I do, perhaps even a bit more, if that is possible. We are all so unique, crazy and wonderful. Bebhinn, who has been around as long as myself, though until I joined the Bunnies, never really got to know her. I have found in her such a wonderful confidante and friend, who has taught me much as well. Dear Sofia and Skils, who welcomed me with open arms and have made me laugh until my sides hurt. Shim, who I got to know a little bit and still think of fondly. Zheq, who I love to tease and have fun with. Dear Loki, who is such a treasure to me. He helps to keep me balanced and reminds me to always be bouncy and light-hearted.

But I must also say that I have found the Ultimate Shiny!! I have my dear, dear, Rocky!! There is no shiny that can ever surpass him no matter what I find. He is better than any treasure that I could ever dig up or find in a treasure box and he is all mine. Everyone loves Rocky and he enjoys that so much. He is absolutely lovely with his melded bronze streaks and his glow. With him, I am never lonely, even when I am down deep in the tombs farming.

Another thing I must mention!! I have reached level 62!!! Me, the lazy rogue who always found an excuse not to train! I have found so many things I want to talk about but I would then have a book before me. Lastly, I want to say that I wear a promise ring from my special warrior, my dear warrior. Though he may be away often, my heart is with him always and forever.

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Wednesday, 02 April 2008
*smiles* Well, all is once again right in my little world. I still have the love of my rogue, my bondmate. I truly was afraid i had lost him but we sat by the lake, where we had first met, and talked for quite a while. I so love my rogue, and would do anything for him.

As for myself, nothing much has changed about me. Im going to work on getting back into writing some new songs, or at least one new song. I also want to learn to dance. I know it sounds strange, but i never learned and always feel embarrassed when i try, cause that is something i really and truly am terrible at. I know just the person to ask too...
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Monday, 03 December 2007
*smiles* well, ive been away off and on for a bit, and all i can say is that i missed everyone. But no one did i miss more than my Alloran. I cant wait to just sit down and spend time with him next time i see him. To have im hold me again for it has been much too long since i have felt the safety of his arms. Plus we have much to talk about *chuckle*
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Wednesday, 24 October 2007
*grins roguishly* I like my new shiny! Im a very happy little rogue!!
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Tuesday, 16 October 2007
Well, Fall Fest is in full swing and ive had a really good time so far. *chuckles* Running around Dundee and into Cerbies as a zombie, great fun. Everyone has been a good sport...even though i have had a few people drawing axes on me *grins* And then of course just spending time with him. I couldnt wish for any more happier times, which i think ive certainly earned as of late. I never thought after all that happened, i would be able to feel this way again about anyone....but he changed all that and im really, really happy things worked out the way they have. Now i just have to finish that song...
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Friday, 12 October 2007
Life is good....*grins roguishly*
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