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Stories of a Cleric | Korba the Faithful
Stories of a Cleric
A small bound book scuffed and stained from many adventures.
Thursday, 11 September 2008
A New Visor

The Cleric awoke in an unusual place and with a sense of vertigo most unlike him. The reason soon became apparent when he opened his eyes and looked down over the vastness of the Eastern Mountains with only a few flimsy wooden poles between him and an eye watering drop. The second abnormality was the strange smell, a vague dampness and acrid tang of the sea emanating from his pack and robes. Rubbing his back and pulling himself carefully upright the cleric smiled wryly to Hagrinus and apologized both for falling asleep on his floor and the funny smell.

The day had started well, the cleric awoke in his usual place and in a much more comfortable and clean state. A note arrived from Jessa suggesting a meeting and a few marcs later they where watching the sea and crunching mollusks beneath the Lighthouse. Azure then sent a note, she had asked for n escort through the Fartown sea Dweller caves for some reason, the Cleric hoped he would be able to keep up, although her UW would ensure she couldn’t be trapped if they did get separated.

Saying his farewells to Jessa he headed overland and met at the top of the blow hole, digging through his pack he even put on his skull helm and beast visor, two items he rarely wore because he found them uncomfortable and of how much they restricted his vision, something vital as he walked the land.

Azure said she wanted to look for the alter on the first level of the caverns, with here leading with the occasional directional pointer they made there way down. As usual she was excellent company and kept making notes of some kind as they headed to the alter. There we each left an offering to the Gods. After a strange discussion Azure seemed excited for some reason, halfway back to the surface the crier announced a demon raid, in a flash of light she was gone without explaining herself fully leaving the Cleric to trudge back slowly.

It was travelling through the gorge from the grasslands to Branishor the Cleric decided to visit the Altitan ledge and rest there. However when he awoke there was something new in his pack, something he had seen younger adventures wearing but not something he could get himself. A shining golden brown carapace visor with a slight difference and explained by the attached note, carved and improved by the Goddess Miranda herself.

With a smile the cleric had a thought, now that he was training less he could go and buy again his favorite helm, often worn by his old friend Legion and very few others. The visor would fit perfectly on the front, and after that defiantly a wash, and no more sleeping on the hard floor of huts.
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