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Stories of a Cleric | Korba the Faithful
Stories of a Cleric
A small bound book scuffed and stained from many adventures.
Tuesday, 18 October 2005
Quiet Times

The Cleric sat in the Swashbuckler, a strange melancholy had gripped him for quite some time. He sat in the rarely used Inn with only Arnlaug the Innkeeper for company, a large mug of pirate ale rested on the bar in front of him while his newly acquired Ultimate Weapon rested by his feet. Staring into space, lulled by the quite the Cleric attempted to collect his thoughts….

A yellow flower occupied his thoughts, a bright and beautiful image that bought nothing but sadness to the Clerics heart. His sponsor had departed Valorn for some time; the Cleric missed her endless kindness, patience, support and advice. He wished she would return but knew that a more important task now held her time...

The Cleric awakened in the nearby dormitory of the RoK Guild Hall. The pirate ale had caused a terrible headache that added to his downcast mood. Heavy rain beat against a high tower window, the drumming made his head feel even more tender but the Cleric was pleased it was raining, eager for any excuse to avoid training the Cleric returned to the Swashbuckler, not to drink however, today was a day for recollecting not forgetting.
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