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Stories of a Cleric | Korba the Faithful
Stories of a Cleric
A small bound book scuffed and stained from many adventures.
Tuesday, 06 March 2007
More Time

Once again the cleric found himself sitting in quiet contemplation. It had been some time since his last entry and a nagging sense of guilt had led him to make time to record a few recent events.

Time was against him so he scribbled down a few meaningful notes.

The Remnants of Kimald Hunter’s Guide was nearly complete but the scruffy maps pinned up in the guild hall were untidy and different designs, the cleric resolved to sit down soon and tidy them all up.

The cleric recently performed his first and likely only bonding. Wyf and Topaz, great friends from the guild had asked and as Vardian was unable to perform the ceremony he had the honor. With much help from Vardian and a great new friend he was quite pleased with the results, may the gods watch over you both.

Finally the weapons lectures given by Doyle, Xanthias and Iso had been a huge success. The Holy Order of Light had not been so busy since Sylent One and Maji were busy laying the organizations foundations.

The cleric looked at the inadequate and brief words he has written and made a metal note to come back and fill in these stories as soon as he had more time.
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