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Stories of a Cleric
A small bound book scuffed and stained from many adventures.
Monday, 31 July 2006

The Cleric thought about the up and coming cleansing ceremony. He had checked with the scribe in the Milltown temple each day and watched all the roles gradually filled. Entering the temple today, nodded to Shamson and entered the HoL. Pausing outside the magical barriers he has briefly passed through with Elijah he entered the library and checked with the scribe again. The Cleric sighed, the part for Julia had yet to be filled, he wondered what he could do, it had been a long time since the goddess had been seen in the land, many may not have even heard of her!

A fairly recent memory entered the Clerics mind, sitting in the Caer Laleldan castle guarding the throne room he remembered a young bard had entered and sung a wonderful tune, perhaps he could be commissioned to write short piece to honor Julia.

They met in the quiet of the Swashbuckler and the Cleric told him a tale from his distant past relating to the Goddess Julia. Over a couple of ales they chatted late into the evening. The Cleric left the bard in the Swashbuckler with a promise to send him a note when he had completed something. After a very short time the Cleric received a note and this is what was written.

A prayer for Julia:
With radiant warmth and blinding brilliance
Julia caresses the land like Sunrifter's rays
Scattering the shadows at dawn

Unseen by idlers who a-bed laze and waste
Feared by churls who stare boldly and burn
Bright Julia beams inspiration sublime
To those who act true from their heart

By Ehlo Stringfinger.
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Sunday, 09 July 2006
Flowing Lava

The Cleric sweating heavily watched Helga work, the lava forge was fascinating to watch but it was distracting the Cleric from the purpose of his visit to Kilican Isle. Stowing Radient Slayer, his holy ring and his amulet carefully in his pack the Cleric walked away from the forge. Immediately it was not only unbearably hot but pitch black. However the cleric wasn’t worried, It had not been long since he had sketched the twisting lava tunnels and memorised the path through the maze.

North once, then east twice and then south. So far so good, heading south a blast of warm air on his right marked the first corridor, One more step and there would be another path this time to the left, his plated boots scraped on the lava rock as he slowed, it wasn’t there. Confused the cleric ran through his mental map, no it should be here. The cleric retraced his steps to Helga and began counting again. It was not to be that simple though, further south than he had last marked it the cleric found the eastern path, stepping back again the cleric examined the smooth walls for any sign of the old path. Continuing south the Cleric mentally ticked off the eastern passageways, one, two and three and four. The cleric scratched his untidy hair absent mindedly, four paths, there certainly shouldn’t be four paths! As he stood there the cleric realised his foot was both extremely warm and slowly sinking into the floor, hastily pulling it back it occurred to the Cleric that the lava must be active below the volcano, paths were shifting about in the enormous heat.

Sighing loudly the cleric realised he would have to return to Port Perfadis for supplies, a simple job had become a huge task, he removed Radiant Slayer to better light his way and casting nervous glances over his shoulder headed back to the surface. Hopefully this sign of activity didn’t mean the volcano was about to erupt violently, covering the small town in flowing lava.
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