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Stories of a Cleric | Korba the Faithful
Stories of a Cleric
A small bound book scuffed and stained from many adventures.
Monday, 28 January 2008
The Iron Knights

The Cleric read through his last entry and sighed, so much for writing more regularly but recent events deserved to be recorded...

The Cleric was lucky enough to be in Valorn around the time of the Iron Knights re-emergence, he had seen honored friends join this ancient group and more recently the Iron Knights had hosted a series of talks taken from parchments discovered (or sometimes wrestled) from the Iron Knight librarian in Srifegorge castle.

The stories had provided a fascinating insight into the Golden Age. Details only hinted at by the map Shadow Ryder discovered previously where filled out. It turns out the Alornium Southern Kingdom where master Mariners, surely they must have had contact with the kingdom of Ethucan, perhaps clues would be found at near the southern docks where the ancient fortress of Caer Soral was supposed to be located.

The eastern continent of Verthor had a city called Ryn, how did this relate to the Enchanters city now in the desert and the fortress of Balthazar. Little now seemed to remain of the Northern kingdom of Norwind, perhaps the desert ruins where all that remained of the kingdoms cities.

So much fascinating information, so far the Cleric hadn't been even able to see where the library was in Strifegorge Castle and the Iron Knights there didn't respond to his questions. Not wanting to cause trouble the cleric limited himself to frequent but frustrating visits.

Finally a most amazing occurrence, the Cleric was sitting in the Dundee inn with Thorin when a large clunk caused his pack to fall over, inside was a large glowing crown. The cleric was amazed, it had been many marcs since he had even seen said crown. One had earlier been seen perched on the head of Iron Knight Azure Greenhills and the other was now on his own!
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