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Stories of a Cleric | Korba the Faithful
Stories of a Cleric
A small bound book scuffed and stained from many adventures.
Monday, 17 August 2009
Holy Hammers

I awoke with the intention of going to hear Kellen Cryptbane’s tale about his holy battle hammer Godfist Warhammer. As an extra incentive the event was being held in the Shieldwall guildhall so there was a good chance I would be able to say hello to Sorynn and no doubt the fable teller would be there as well.

Kellen told a good story about his origins and the extraordinary circumstances that led to his eventual visit to the temple and induction into cleric-hood. The hammer he now carries a fine reminder of how aiding the Gods can lead to tangible as well as the mental rewards.

That sent my mind wandering back into now distant memories. The Holy Battle Hammer always seemed the proudest weapon of the Clerics arsenal, something very different to the array of daggers and swords available to the other professions. Sylent One upgraded my own hammer for me so it was both faster than usual although the golden age machine that would have allowed a scroll to reduce its considerable weight had not yet been discovered.

Despite my wandering memory it annoys me I cannot remember what Sylent One named it or who I passed it too when I upgraded to Radiant Slayer which is still in my bank.
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Monday, 10 August 2009
The Merchant

It’s not often I venture into the Dundee Inn now but from resting nearby it seemed a good opportunity to put my head through the door. It was an unusual size crowd and the reason was soon apparent. In the centre surrounded by the crowd was the travelling merchant I have been hearing about. It seems he was trading items of rarity for other items of rarity. The excitement of the blessed ring he was carrying caused an energy that has been sadly lacking for some time.

I spoke to him briefly but his offer of a violet crystal wasn’t sufficient for what I was offering, it does seem he has access to craftsmen inaccessible to us so I may have another look through my bank ready for when we next meet.
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