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Stories of a Cleric
A small bound book scuffed and stained from many adventures.
Monday, 27 April 2009
Good Advice

"Perhaps try with a dagger without any poison first"

Excellent advice from a master Rogue. We were in the Dundee Inn as usual although I have been avoiding the place of late. Skyls was also there and for a time thoughts of finding that elusive violet crystal left me. It wasn't until the next day I went to seek out Pete in Caernivale but despite my new profession he doesn't seem any more trustworthy.

It was then the shortcut through the wall up the ladder that must be doing my waistline the world of good and into the Dead Zone. Still a horrible place but now the suffering weighs less heavy on my mind. Here in the safer area I can practice my new skills and learn to hack, stab, slice and swish rather than knocking the horrors in the face as hard as I can with my shield.
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Friday, 17 April 2009
Bee Hunt

Even more excitement in the land. It seems there is a new godess. Devora Janes voice echoed over the land, she had misplace some of her bees and wanted people to look for them. I was in the sea caves at the time trying to sketch a sea titan that wasn't overly keen on holding still while I drew it. Once I was done I looked around Fartown, headed to Branishor and then through the Wall and onto Milltown. The godesses voice called out again suggesting we look where bees would most likely be found. My first thought was the green prairie but as I passed the rotting duck pond her voice called again, the first bees had already been found in the prairie.

I headed to the orchard next where it seemed Sorynn was thinking the same as I but no bees where found, the second set where found then found in the southern plains. From my mapping days there was only one likely area left on the worldbuilders lawn near the building of glass. I had just entered the area to find the same adventurer who found the first set already standing guard. As Devora Jane called his name I spoke my congratulations to him but he had already gone, I hope he is rewarded for such speedy seeking.

It was while I stayed there to look at the bees a bit closer some thing most strange happened. Devora Jane appeared before me and said something most strange, so strange that I was a moment recovering but by then she had already gone twirling her hammer.

But despite the befudled state that alwas seems to strike me in front of a godess I could have a guess who it was refered to as "[COLOR=red]her[/COLOR]".
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Monday, 13 April 2009

¸ .•'´¯)¸,ø¤°``°¤ø,¸Let there be Light¸,ø¤°``°¤ø,¸(¯`'•.¸


I realise the last words where written with the flush of excitement upon me and I didn't actually recount any of the details of what happened. First though I want to record the words Maji passed to me and let anyone know that despite what has happened and whatever will happen I have not forgotten them, i will never will forget them.

I was by the tomb in N'Rolav looking for high level rogue armor in preparation to visit the temple when i had found a sponsor when Miranda descended and deigned to speak to me. I don't believe that the words that passed between us need to be shared but she gave her blessing for me to change profession without shame which is more than I could have hoped to receive.

While I knelt a red glow enveloped me and rather than a twisted and screaming face I appeared in the sky with a peaceful expression. At first I didn't realise what had happened but when I examined myself it was clear that once again i was a rogue without ever visiting the temple.

When I had calmed down one of my dearest friends of Ayla was clamoring to hear what had happened so we met in Ryndall where I purchased a set of armor stranger to me than anything I have worn since arriving in Dundee. There Ayla, Sorynn and Shannara laughed at my first clumsy attempts to open a treasure box. I am truly thankful that I can still use my Ultimate Weapon and Shield of Kings, perhaps I can convince someone to give me some lessons. Picks, doors, daggers and trapdoors, I have much to learn but in the mean time my robes, broadswords boots and Holy War Armor wait in my vault safe and not forgotten.

Truly the Gods are powerful to work such wonder in such a desolate place.
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Thursday, 09 April 2009
Purged of Light

I have been stripped of light but rather than the pain and loss i felt before i feel renewed. Yes the light on the outside has gone but it remains now even stronger on the inside inside. No longer do i wear the robes to show my faith or carry my holy broadsword but the Goddess has given her blessing and with her power in the most unlikely place i walk renewed, the same yet profoundly changed.

I stand in awe of her grace, power and thoughtfulness.
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