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Stories of a Cleric
A small bound book scuffed and stained from many adventures.
Tuesday, 07 June 2016
Tome of Maps

Remove the book from the press and check it looks in good shape. It's common for the edge to be slightly uneven. I'm going to use a dagger and straight edge to make sure it's as neat as possible. Put the book back in the press with the non-spine end just showing, put a straight edge on top and tightens it back up. I'm just trying to cut a couple of sheets at a time, the dagger needs to be very sharp as well. As you can see, it's now nice, straight and square.

If you remember the front and back covers are a heavier parchment. I will be using these wooden boards to fix the leather cover too, and then fix those to the heavier parchment. There is also a thinner strip of wood to reinforce the spine

Inach on Kilican was the best leather worker I could fine, he did an excellent job on the cover.There are some small marks on the back to ensure that the wooden boards line up with the design on the front. Apply an even coat of glue to the first wooden board and then position it on the back of the leather before pressing down firmly.

I need to leave a gap so that the leather isn't too tight and allows book opens correctly. Take the smaller 'spine size' board and coat it with glue, press the thin strip of wood down and leave a fingers width gap between it and the first board. Take the last piece of board and coats that one in glue, position that one the opposite side of the thin strip leaving the same finger sized gap.

I asked Inach to make the cover larger than the book so that I can fold over the edges, if the measurements are right there shouldn't be any trimming needed. I need to apply some glue to all four excess edges and then carefully fold them over.

Now that's down, it's the final stage, I just need to glue the hard cover to the parchment book. Apply an even coat of glue to the front cover before turning it over and carefully aligning it with the left hand wooden board. It's important to glue the book and not the board. It stops glue going where it shouldn't be. Again, the spine isn't glued, this allows the book to open and close properly.

Leave the glue to dry and you have the finished tome.

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Friday, 27 May 2016
Book Binding – Parchment Block

In front of me, I have a pile of parchments that I'm going to turn into a parchment block. This will form the basis for the cover that I will be binding the next turn.

These parchments from Sal are all close together in size, I need to fold each one in half, that will give the overall page size. I then put four folded sheets together like this, one inside of the other. Into a mini booklet.

These booklets are going to be stitched together, so I need to mark where the holes will go. I now measure a couple of fingers width each side and mark the points all the way to the ends

I need to make sure the holes line up, so I'm going to use the edge and mark along the spine where the holes are going to be on each booklet. It's important to keep the booklets in the order you first arranged them, that way the holes will line up when they are stitched together.

Start on the outside of the booklet, and with a needle and cotton thread through to the inside, and then back out the next hole. Keep going till the last hole, then when you reach then, go back down so it appears to have a continuous line of thread, even though it weaves in and out.

When you get back to the hole you started on, make a loop, thread the needle through and make a knot. Next I lay the second booklet on top, thread from the spine to the inside of that one.

From here it's a little more complicated, I pass the needle from the inside, through the next hole up and back out to the spine. I loop around the first set of thread to hold them together, go back through the same hole to the inside and work up to the next hole.

Each booklet gets joined together, and the one before at the same time. That way the book will remain flat when it's finished. The last booklet is the same as the others, until the last hole.

When you have gone through, make a loop, thread the needle though and pull it into a knot. You can then carefully pull the knot through the hole to the spine so it won't be seen when the book is open

It's very important to line the booklets up at this stage, as I'm about to glue the spine together. The thread is the first part of the books strength, the glue the second. You can use a small wooden press to hold the sheets in place.

While the glue is drying. I have on the table some thicker parchment, two sheets are the same size as the parchment I folded at the start. The third sheet is the same height but about 1/3 the width.

I need to fold the two sheets in half. these will form the front and back inside covers, adding more strength and give me something more substantial to fix the leather cover to.

The final stage is to reinforce the spine. Puts the small er sheet of parchment on the table and lines the spine of the book in the centre. The book on it's edge rising from the table.

I fold the edges up on either side, that way the book will keep its shape. I need to make sure the folds are crisp and straight.

Now can apply another coat of glue to the spine and the inside of this sheet of parchment. Finally for today. I put the whole thing back into the press and leave it to dry.
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Monday, 16 May 2016

*A list is written with a neat tick after each item*

Glue - Pete
Needle and thread - Heralda
Dagger and straight edge - Cornell

Thin wooden boards and a small press - Grinwohld
Fine sandpaper - Hedwidge

Parchment and ink - Sal

Leather cover - Inach
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Tuesday, 10 May 2016
Level 1 - The Sewers

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Monday, 09 May 2016
Mapping Notes

There are three vital elements to mapping, without all the elements the whole process breaks down. They are first, direction. Secondly distance, and thirdly accurately recording that information. It's often the final part that causes the most problems. Notes made in the field can often become a complicated tangle of lines and notes when you get back to civilization.

Direction is perhaps the easiest, compasses make recording north, south east and west simple, and then we have up and down. Again all very intuitive. Distance is much more tricky. It can be very hard to tell how far you have traveled. I find the easiest method is to count my strides and then compare it to something similar, for example here in this rooms it's quite easy to count how many strides it takes to cross the room, and we have an idea how large the area is before we leave.

If at all possible you should travel in a straight line for the entire length, or width of an area. I would also suggest you start from a corner or edge. This way you can map the boundaries of the area and fill in the details later. If you can take strides the same length time and again, then you have an accurate, ish, way of recording distance. This combined with direction gives you the start of a map.

As I said near the beginning, its the final stage, the recording that's often the biggest challenge. However there a few techniques that help. I will try and explain with some examples. The first is start at a known point, ideally with an obvious feature like a life monument, that way you always have a point of reference you can work back to. That way even if you are forced to take a winding path you can always retrace your steps and have useful information. For example...

If you started from the Milltown life monument, headed into the desert in a random pattern but kept an accurate track of your distance and direction. When you eventually reached another landmark, such as the anthill. You wouldn't have a map but you would have a path mapped that anyone else could follow.

A better technique would be to start at the life monument and head east until you reach the wall, head north and then back west until you reach the mountains having crossed the anthill. That way you would have Milltown, the wall, the mountains and the anthill all mapped in relation to each other. And much more quickly.

The next technique is to stay on the same level for as long as possible. If you try and complicate your mapping by going up and down it can become virtually impossible to keep track of your path. I'm sure everyone here has been to the dark forest, once you get the hang of it it's easy enough to navigate. Now imagine going through the forest, climbing into the canopy, back down again and then up again. I know that would confuse me. It's much easier to map your limits on one level before moving up or down and repeating.

That's a simple example, the desert tombs in N'rolav, or worse yet the anthill this is essential.
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Thursday, 05 May 2016
Valorn in the Golden Age


*The ink on the penmanship seems to be of a higher quality and has a rich lustrous quality*
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Tuesday, 03 May 2016
Thorne Blackrose

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016
The Bronze Tunnels

The mapping for the Exploration Compendium continues. With the planning and preparations for the march reaching a new intensity It's important that the maps are up to date. Thanks to Aryana, Synvasti, Bebhinn, Brisingr and Viviyana for accompanying me.

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Monday, 04 April 2016
Iron Advisor Gunthield

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Thursday, 31 March 2016
A Shadow of Azeraphel

I awoke on the footbridge over the dark river. Unusually I was surrounded by people, they where discussing dark events in hushed voices. A violent maelstrom of lightning had been seen over the fortress and they had gathered to investigate.

I looked around the small group, it consisted of Synvasti, Bebhinn, Argoth and Zane. With me making five, it was proposed we venture into the Dead Zone together. For the first stage we would cross the ravine and gather again and see if we could progress further.

Argoth and Zane hurried ahead as quickly as possible with Bebhinn and Synvasit keeping them safe from horrors, I came behind to ensure no-one was left behind. Once across the ravine we made the mistake of stopping and must have been spotted. We had just enough time to plan our route to the walls before we were came under attack by dark tendrils.

By this stage we had an efficient fighting system and worked steadily towards the tower, pushing through groups of tendrils. Pausing at the base we heard a human cry of success and then shortly afterwards of anguish. We hurriedly climbed up, Bebhinn and Synvasti fought fiercely but fell under the onslaught of two darkness clouds. They quickly returned bolstered by a godly blessing. At the top of the tower we headed out onto the wall unsure of what we would find.

Nothing... we looked around but no sign could be seen, but perhaps, under the ledge dust and smoke started to coalesce into a vague shape. After a few moments if became firmer, a shadow in the form of Azeraphel, under fierce attack but able to communicate.

Here are his words recorded for accuracy:

"I... hold for... now... You must... listen... there is not much... time...

I can... weaken... defences. From within. He cannot... fight all fronts... at once.

Speak with... the queen... the Order... someone... there must be an... assault... and soon... I cannot hold out... much longer... before...

The door. Smash... your way in... I will... use all available... resource... DO NOT... DELAY MUCH...LON...”

Further arcs of power smashed down dislodging rocks that fell dangerously among us. A fire started and quickly raged around us, Bebhinn or Synvasti, I'm not sure who managed to open a portal that we dived though, burnt but back to safety.

The word of the Archmage had a desperate urgency, the vision showed him fighting for his life. Bebhinn has since cautioned that this may be a trick but if we were shown truly Azeraphel's was fighting desperately and needs our help.

I hurried to Dundee to leave a note for the Iron Order asking them to contact one of the group as soon as possible.
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Monday, 25 January 2016

The rogue walked into the empty guild lot, he looked around at the flat empty space and smiled. There had been many discussions, plans and even maps drawn to decide what might be contained within its boundaries one day. Nothing grand or ostentatious, but contained, beautiful and safe. A sanctuary within a sanctuary.

But for now he needed somewhere quiet and out in the open air so the paint would dry. Carefully removing his Ring of Levity from his finger, he rummaged in his pockets for a long silver chain with a clasp. Fixing the ring on the chain he paused a moment to carefully examine its intricate design before releasing it to hang around his neck, the bright light shining in front of him.

Looking around he found two small branches and used his dagger to shave off any stems and twigs, heading back near his pack he pushed them firmly in ground about four feet apart. Returning to his pack he removed a length of string and fastened it between the two wooden uprights, testing the string with his finger to check it was secure. Working methodically he setup his art supplies and then began to carefully colour in each little wooden object before hanging them on the makeshift line to dry.
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Thursday, 21 January 2016
Paths of Light

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Thursday, 20 August 2015
Gaelen Sildstrom

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015
Guardians of the Grimoire

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015
The Scrimshaw Hunt

The rogue sat at a table inside the Rolling Inn comfortably near to the small cosy fire. His trollbark cloak nearly folded on top of his usual bulging pack. Taking a deep breath he leaned forward and closely examined the odd collection of scrimshaw items arranged in front of him.

Seemingly unrelated and in a few case slightly disgusting the rogue turned each one over in his hard, and peered intently, comparing them to a list written on a piece of parchment pinned down by an empty glass of ale. Looking closely at each one he tried to find some them, some importance to relate them to the full dull violet crystal he had exchanged each one for.

The scale of the task reminded him of that other hunt so many years ago. The creatures he faced this time much more deadly, despite his increased age and experience. So much time and toil in that revolting and tortured place, picking through the mutilated remains of what, if the rumours are true were once proud knights.

Shaking his head to try and forget the stumbling horrors of the dead zone he once again arranged them according to the order on the scroll. Sighing deeply and leaning back in his chair the rogue looked around and gave Roland a wry smile. It was no good, there was still only seven items and the list contained eight.

Pursing his lips he scooped the odd collection of items into his pack, picked it up and wrapped his cloak around his shoulders before heading back towards the gates of Fartown, destined to resume his scrimshaw hunt.
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Monday, 27 April 2015
Urotho Tayher

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Monday, 20 April 2015
A Contest

The ex-cleric walked swiftly through the center of Dundee, he paused to look at a short notice written in his own hard "win a character portrait", seeing the growing list of names underneath he smiled and then turned back to the Dead Zone.
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Monday, 09 March 2015
The Known World of Trinald

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Friday, 06 March 2015
The Ethucan Empire

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Monday, 02 March 2015
The Kingdom of Valorn

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Friday, 27 February 2015
Kilican Island

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014
Darkness in Ethucan

As usual, it started in such an innocent fashion, a demon raid in the Eastern Mountains, and then Verthedge forest. Soon after came attacks in Caernivale, Milltown and Dundee, something big was happening. More raids in Dundee were quickly cleared but then the darkness began to thicken.

The tendrils were driven from Dundee but then a massive raid smashed into the AVE guild hall. Doyle led the attack but word came from Jobe that Iscax was being attacked by dark tendrils. Alanna and I were dispatched by Doyle to fight.

I have never fought in Ethucan before and was worried the guards would intervene in some way, all they did was get in the way and stop me drinking any potions despite my pleading. This complication slowed us down but Alanna fought exceptionally and the path to the doorway was safe again.

However on a further scout, another tendril had appeared, we made quick work of that one but we both agreed that no good would come of the darkness attacks spreading to Ethucan.
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Sunday, 08 June 2014
High Queen Cordelia

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Thursday, 05 June 2014
K orba the Faithful! Many know that name
O f great renown and well-deserving fame;
R ogue now, but once a cleric's robes he wore,
B right Bearer of the Light in days of yore.

A s Julia's minion found he strength and joy;
T he Radiant Slayer's might he did employ.
H e spoke, and Xia answered laughingly,
E arning for him the Ring of Levity.

F rom end to end of Valorn's boundaries,
A cross the deserts, mountains, rivers, seas,
I n maps and scrolls his skillful hands provide
T he Paths of Light and every hero's Guide.

H ere may I write these lines to him, and raise
F or him a song of high and worthy praise.
U pon this hero's life, in war and peace,
L et blessings fall like rain and never cease.

By Topaz the Poet
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Tuesday, 20 May 2014
The Queen

High Queen Cordelia returned late last night. It was an occasion I have been waiting for but it wasn't announced by glorious heralds trumpets, instead the crier called with increasing desperation as wave after wave of demons attacked, Dundee, Milltown and finally Caer Laleldan.

I and many others rushed to defend the castle, the Queen and Hojo where in the throne room which was quickly cleared. However the demons regrouped. A cloud of darkness blocked the entrance while a demon horde advanced down the Royal Road.

I returned from the fighting in time to see Cordelia and others struck down by the dark sickness before being dispatched to check on Branishor. On my return a dark voice was speaking to those in the throne room, attempting to force her to unlock the seals, preying on her only weakness, a concern for others.

It seems a combination of light and faith was enough to drive the shadowy figure away for now. Hojo remained inside with the Queen, but I worry for her.
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Friday, 16 May 2014

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Scooter has been taken, it seems he could sense the darkness before the rest of us, or perhaps it was the dark tendrils that has surrounded the Dundee Inn that he could hear. Soon enough the voice was heard by the rest of us, Scooter was taken and Ayla broken to return to the life monument. Raffe, Jaltz and I had to battle hard for many marcs to return Dundee to safety but there is still no sign of Tryal's puppy.
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Thursday, 24 April 2014
Kenji Muramota

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Monday, 31 March 2014
New Robes

These days things often come as a surprise when I'm exploring, so when I arrived and found Haggie selling some new robes I had to send some messages to find out where they had come from. I had joined the group camping on the mountain ledge but it seems since I had last visited a new merchant has set up camp.

As I slid them over my blue waistcoat they seemed to eat the surrounding light and heavy enough to provide a slight amount of protection. I'm sure the darkness with put some rogues off wearing them but with my ring and old habit of fighting with an UW of light they wouldn't be a problem in all but the darkest corners of Valorn.
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Friday, 14 March 2014
Synvasti Shymere

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