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The Trickster's Tales
The Trickster's Tales
An olive colored journal It's mostly full of blank pages, but there are some readable pages. || the wonderful journey's, adventures, and experience of Loki J. you're invited to see his open diary.
Sunday, 29 March 2020
A new tale.....

Jeeze where to begin... it's been awhile since I've even written in this and I barely even know where to start.

"Oh I like this... It scares you, doesn't it? To see me walk in here... To know you're powerless to stop me..."

It almost feels like this guy is driving everyone through either annoyance or worrisome, I'm somewhere in the middle... I just know it. I've never ever seen anyone so fascinated by death like this guy is, all he wants is power and he strives heavily for it. Seeing a person confine to death like Abayde does isn't scary or anything, it's almost sad, I kinda wonder what drove him into being this way? But I fear we will never get the answer to that, for this guy doesn't even wanna talk. I'm not gonna lie though, I was low-key angry at the fact that he dare threaten our Queen like he did.

The Iron Order seems to be working really hard on this like they always do- oh! It's funny because I never got a chance to mention here of how exciting it is to have Cody a Commander! and Bebh apart of the order at all!

Sometimes it feels like it's on repeat these words; We've been through this before, we can do it again.. or; This isn't the first time... and I know, I'm like "Guys, I hear you.. but".... "But", there's always a but.. why does there have to be a but?

Lavvy told me something that struck me though, she said "Don't get discouraged if things are not immediately considered... one thing at a time.. you know?" --- Something that I really have to consider..

During Banditry, it was either do what the leader says or don't... but if you don't, then you better be prepared for the consequence. This isn't the same, but the last thing I want is for us to be so heavy distracted and in conflict that another innocent dies...

Granted.. if it wasn't for Dimitri giving me that little push, I would've never took a chance... I'm grateful to have friends who can give me the necessary push when needed.

"Don't try to fit in, it's too much work, I like to live my life by going with the flow and continuing with what makes me happy"
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