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Taven's tales
Taven's tales
red and blue leather bound with silver paint representing stars, sturdily bound showing great age
Friday, 08 November 2019
I've found myself well and truly alone, the feeling of darkness of oppressive and virulent, it feels it threatens to rip the very light from my soul. the feeling of worthlessness. of never being good enough. the voice of my sister rings loudly in my head in times such as these. saying, "you can't win every battle, but you can't forget the fight because that makes you who you are. everyone stands for something. I feel suffocated. and now i'm not sure what path to take. but thinking back, i can't help but wonder if this is what i deserve. I miss the companions i started my journy with almost above all, they guided me in my time of need. now I'm not sure who to turn to. but i'll have to keep living the best i can for those that i no longer see. i'll keep doing my best to make you all proud..
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Tuesday, 30 July 2019
[COLOR=blue] This is the first time writing in this journal, and what a first event to recount, I of course, was hunting centaurs in the mountains, and gathering glowies. Then to my surprise, a wonderous sight awaited him! One of the centaurs had dropped a treasure box! What luck I exclaimed, thinking my luck had finally turned around. i had everything going for me, a great girlfriend, the best anyone could ever want even. a fair amount of coin, and my profession making great advancements toward total blessing count. then I realized, I couldn't carry this box. So i rushed and started tossing things haphazardly from my pack, trying as quickly as i could to make room. Right when he has enough space, Looking around, i realized the box is just gone. roaring in rage and defiance, i tried killing every centaur around, hoping they had walked off with it and it was retrievable. but much to my dismay I lost my first ever treasure box.
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