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Beyond Reach
Beyond Reach
A tattered brown journal with a piece of lace tied around to keep it together.
Saturday, 18 November 2017
Along with my sponsor, I have made the trip to the temple to gain my profession. Though, just days before I was still uncertain whether I was heading down the right path but after some talk with someone whom I have come to call a friend, I had my answer. And so, to the temple I went where I took my oath as a cleric. I am glad that my mum wasn't around, would have probably bawled her eyes out. Small blessings!

After that, I have spent many a marc down in the tombs. Not only looking for those evasive guardians that carry the crystals, but to become stronger. Though, no matter how much strong I think I have become, I seem to have constant run ins with Ural telling me that I am not strong enough to advance in my training yet. But, that said, I think we understand each other now.

Down in the tombs, I met an enchanter. Her name was Mina. I am not exactly sure as to what she was doing down there as the feel she gave off was that she was far in her training, but it was pleasant to talk with her. That was up until she offered to send me on a trip that she explained would be a nice place for me to see, and so she opened a portal for me. Not telling me where it went and the idiot that I am jumped right into it. Big mistake! Well, so I thought at that time and called on Lavender to help me out of there. But after Lavender showed me how to get to the actual town from there - it was not as bad and from what I have seen, there are quite a few nice things to see in Ryndall.

I have since been training hard in the tombs and down at the lighthouse but I get bored easily and have now heard a place called Kilican beach. Perhaps I will have a good time there.

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Friday, 10 November 2017
On second thought, I have word home that my family should not put foot here at all - not because of everything there is to see, which my swallow them and their finances up, but because I have come to see things that no one should have to see; in my opinion, anyways.

Not too long ago I decided to follow the trail of Althea as I needed to see her, but it turned out it was a bad call on my part. One moment I was in the Dark Forest and the next I was in the same forest but everything had been cursed. I panicked and hurried towards Miltown, ran into the gate just to stop and take in my surrounding - this was not the Miltown I know. I turned back towards the forest in hopes that Dundee were still there, that it hadn't been destroyed in an instant like Miltown had been - but I couldn't even get there. Cursed wolves and bears.

But then my hopes was perked at the sound of the world crier's voice. There was still life! Someone had made it out alive. But there was just one thing wrong with him and that was that he said that all was well...

I wanted to pull my hair out of my head. How could he say all was well when the forest was now cursed and Miltown was destroyed!

Luckily, Althea received my call for help and she came to me. As it turns out nothing in the present was destroyed as I have feared, but instead by following her trail I have walked into what she calls...n'Rolav. I am not certain what that place was or how it works but I have no desire to put foot there again. The happiest moment in my time here was the moment I returned to the Miltown I knew.

I have explored the Miltown Mills as much as I can for now, and I have ventured into the desert which was quite the experience after running into some guardian that shouldn't have been there, well; at least I don't think it should have been. But Althea assured me that it had left. But apart from that all is well.

I have a sponsor now and soon I will turn into the path of my profession.

One step closer to the mountain.
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Wednesday, 08 November 2017
My mum use to say that although I cannot see it now, in the far distance there is a mountain that we all have to climb and reach our peak. It is just a matter of getting to there. Sad to say, I haven't seen even the smallest of pathways towards the mountain but if I did, at my age, I guess I would be worried - nearing my peak so soon! So every day I take steps towards that mountain that is nothing but a phantom right now. That is what I base my life on. And that is what brought me to Valorn.

It is the first time that I saw a town bigger than a couple of houses and open land, a town with merchants whom don't just stroll through town every fortnight but actually stays. And to be honest, it has all been thrilling to see! If I had to show half of what I have seen already to my mum and younger sister, they would probably pack up their life and move here without delay.

I rather not tell them....

It has been a few days since I have arrived at Dundee, but on my first day here I have met quite a few people. The people in this town seem pleasant enough from what I can tell, I am grateful for that. Two ladies I have met which really stood out was Althea and Luna. They have really helped me tremendously and I am grateful that we still keep in touch.

I have heard of quite a few things since I arrived that peaked my interest. About gaining a profession and such - I never really thought of being anything more than a farm boy but being here gives me the opportunity to gain more knowledge and find yet another piece of what would lead me to that mountain peak.
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