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Extent, Extant Existence
Extent, Extant Existence
It would seem at first glance that several pieces of dirty parchment have been bound together in a tattered hard leather cover. The colour of which was likely ochre, at one time. This volume, a collection of bound sheets, seems to be quite worn and weathered.
Thursday, 12 March 2020
So many of you have likely seen me around. Others of you seek me out, whilst I'd prefer to remain hiding. Although this was an instigation on my part. The intent of which worked wonders and nearly perfect. Still I remain an object of oblivion to most of you. Another attempt is in short order.
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Sunday, 16 February 2020
Having been in the realm of Valorn for quite some time, it is getting increasingly difficult to remember all the names of people and places, flora and fauna, creatures and demons. Not to mention quests, which I enjoy immensely. So...keeping a journal may relieve some of the clutter within my mind. I can store some of it here and have space for the new places, people, etcetera. As well as share with you some of my many adventures, explorations and typically hazardous experiences.
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