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Olivia's Adventures
Olivia's Adventures
Olivia's arrival and adventures in Valorn.
Wednesday, 12 April 2017
I have been thinking back on all that has happened since my arrival in Dundee. My memories are all jumbled up. Everything was such a blur. I was so new to the world, never having been outside.

Everything I've ever learned has been through reading or scrolls. I know many things about plants. Like which herbs go well together, which ones are edible and which ones heal. I know how to make a sticky paste using swamp grass and how to make tiny scented pillows to keep packs smelling fresh. I know how to make a soap using certain herbs and flowers. But I never DID any of these things until I was free.

One of my favorite things to do is exploring. I often stop in the middle of training to explore. I found a cave in the Dark Forest when I was training there. It has a couple of pictures carved into the wall and no magic can be used inside. I explored the ranch house to the west of Milltown. It is old and sad. It makes me wonder what happened there. How did the farm get abandoned? When I grew strong enough, I explored the beach and the sea caves south of Dundee. The sea dwellers have amazing skills. The walls of the caves were beautifully carved. The floors appeared to be made of some shimmering material that looked like scales. Glowing orbs of light lined the corridors. I was fascinated! Of course, I was eventually caught sneaking around the caves and attacked.

I tried to get away, but there were too many. I was brought the sea King there. When he tried to eat me, I managed to squirm away from the guards. I knocked him and his guards out by banging my clunky sword against their helms as hard as I could whenever they bent down to try and grab me. The scepter fell out of the giant sea King's hand. I grabbed it and managed to drag it away. The thing was taller than me! I imagine I was quite the sight. A tiny girl with torn clothing, dragging this big, heavy stick along the beach, then up through the plains, past Dundee and on into Milltown. There I showed it to the Master Trainer. He seemed to be proud of me and gave me a parchment.

When I first arrived in Dundee, I wasn't sure what would be the best profession for me. I was told that there was a Library at the Caer Castle. I was so excited! A whole Library of tomes which I could read whenever I pleased! I read everything. I was given other recommended reading. It stunned me that I was allowed to read so freely. No longer did I have to read in clandestine shadows, snatching a few quick paragraphs here and there. Now I could sit for hours, just reading. It was so liberating!

Eventually, I decided to become a Cleric. I love helping people and I know so much about healing items that becoming a Cleric just seemed like a natural thing for me. A woman named, Kutie, agreed to become my sponsor. I remember being so excited and nervous about getting my profession. We traveled across the Endless Desert to a secret temple. When I stepped inside, I could feel the very energy of the gods. I felt small and terrified. Would the gods grant me the power to become a Cleric? As I began to chant, light seemed to surround me. Eventually, I fell to the floor, weakened as the light shot up through the hole in the ceiling. But I knew, the gods had granted my wish. I was a Cleric!

Of course, I've made many mistakes as a Cleric, but I'm still learning, always learning. It was Doyle who taught me most of what I know about being a Cleric. If ever I could choose a father, I would choose him. He is a wonderful man, stern, but also kind. He even gave me his hammer. I love that hammer so much! Now I am strong enough to use a holy sword and I will be returning the hammer to him. I only pray that someturn, I will again have a hammer that I can call my own. Now, I grow tired. I'll write more later dear journal.
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Friday, 10 February 2017
I was raised as a slave girl by the Master. I never knew who my parents were. I was told only that they sold me when I was very young. I often wonder what they were like and hope to myself that they only sold me because they had no choice. Perhaps they were very poor and worried that they wouldn't be able to take care of me.

As far back as I can remember, the Master was always shouting at me. Sometimes there were beatings. Once, he got very drunk and threw bottles at me. By the turn I was nine summers, I had learned to cook and clean. By the turn I was twelve summers, I had become skilled at sewing and painting. The Master always wanted me to make his clothing and then paint him while he wore the new outfits. Those were the only turns I knew any peace.

Confined to the house, I rarely got a glimpse of the outside world except through the windows. Someturns, the Master's brother would visit. He was as kind as the Master was cruel. Often, he would give me small gifts, a smooth stone, a flower or a blade of grass. These were small enough that I could hide them beneath my pillow. When the Master slept, I would take them out and gaze at them while dreaming of a wider world.

Over the years, I had learned to read. Someturns, I would sneak into the Master's den and read some of his writings. I was fascinated by any news of the outside world. The summer that I turned thirty, it was late at night when I crept into his den while he slept. I discovered that the Master was plotting to kill his brother! Horrified, I decided to warn him the first chance I got. I turned to go back to bed and there was the Master, blocking the doorway!

It was clear from his terrifying glare, that he knew what I had discovered. There was nowhere to run! He started coming for me, uttering bloodcurdling oaths, telling me how I would die. Fortunately, I remembered that he had some teleport scrolls lying on the nearby shelf. I don't know why I never thought to use them before, but now I grabbed one and opened it with trembling hands.

The Master shouted something and surged forward, hands out, ready to grab me! I read the scroll aloud and the next thing I knew, I was standing on the outskirts of Dundee, the Master's angry shouting, still echoing in my ears. I don't know why he hasn't come after me. All I know is that I am finally free!

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