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Lore of Laughter
Lore of Laughter
A small brown journal with lavender leaves stuck to its surface.
Monday, 05 December 2016

By gaietyís grace I am loathe to pen these words, perhaps a testimony to my avarice and folly of my pride.

A very long time ago I walked away and kept a secret, this was my sacrifice for Queen and for my people. It was my will to enact retribution on the demon scourge that had plague my people with horrors too numerous to count. The tenets of joys were not to be written in my stars, and if they were, the price would be to tear out the pages and let them float away into torrents of rushing water. To steel was my course, to steel to wield, to steel to defend, and to steel my heart.

To this end forthwith, all thoughts of privilege were pledged in the service of duty. Thus aloft and proud was the stigma I presented to the world, and closed the door to all but a remnant few who knew me in my younger days. Dormant became my demeanor of frivolity and instead emerged the man focused only on his craft and with this distance was my shield. Here I sit now listening to the heraldís shout of victory, there will be much singing and gatherings to celebrate the victory over the demonic hordes.

Many heroes marched on his fortress I have been told, and lead by the high queen herself battered down his gates to splinters. Arduous battles ensued, for an eternity I was told until weary and exhausted beyond all hope of a final outcome; it was our queen herself that broke the barriers that allowed our brethren to strike the final blow on the demon lord.

I stand thus here amazed beyond all measure of gratitude to those that bleed in that final moment and stood strong to strike, through weary blood stained agony. I can only imagine in that cold dark tower where failure would mean death and torment the courage it took to stay and fight.

Now I am rue to understand where I fit, my ambition never fully felt that he would be defeated in my lifetime, and now I remembered my sacrifice. I am at long last confessed; my secret is shared and within itís telling a new purpose has begun.

A task I must undertake, one more daunting than any I have faced before, I must atone for a misdeed in knowing that in its keeping I have allowed someone elseís path to stray and the steel, I have long cherished I must now challenge.

I truly wonder if I can breach the barrier I have let be constructed, it will not be done in a day or a year, it took almost four to forge and even if it takes the rest of my life I will strive to see it broken. Here I will end my note for this day as I am burdened now to hide my smile, and not walk in the morning light and sing a tune or sit in the inn and share a drink or a meal.

The land is reborn and so with it am I and now all that is left is to break the final barrier and be claimed.

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