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A beautifully bound leather book the ornate and gold-edging decorating this journals outer covering looks to be from another time and place. Several pages are stuffed inside the book as if she will not write on the actual book. Upon opening, the first added page reads... These are the personal accounts and wanderings of Lavender Cecilia Morgan.

Thursday, 12 November 2020
To be a part of a guild, to know I have kin, and a place to officially call home again, to actually feel wanted feels amazing! I joined the Clan of the Shrouded Bunnies today. But I do not have my bunny ears or fuzzy tail yet like the rest, because apparently there is a ceremony they do for that. So I shall be patient and wait. But at least I am home.
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Tuesday, 10 November 2020
The sea has seen my joy,
the sea has seen my sorrows.
The waves have washed away my guilt,
and the breeze blows away memories.

The sky is my shelter,
the sea listens to my heart,
and eases the pain for a time.

The stars have glistened in my tears,
the pebbles have echoed my laughter
while the wind caresses my cheek.
The sea is my solitude and strength.
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Wednesday, 04 November 2020
I am full of sorrow this turn, thinking of times, people, and family now lost to me. I know the time can not go back and that I must look to the future, and while that brings with it fear and excitement. For now the silence is nearly deafening. Why is it I can see the good and the right path for others, and usually help in ways that make them happy. But for myself, I end up taking every wrong path. Will I ever find the happiness I sought when ran away? Or was even that truly in vain? No.. it wasn't in vain, I know that. There are so many people I have loved, and that do love here in this world that I never would have had the chance to know there. I help so many others find their way, find their path... but, when will I find my own and no longer feel so lost?
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