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A beautifully bound leather book the ornate and gold-edging decorating this journals outer covering looks to be from another time and place. Several pages are stuffed inside the book as if she will not write on the actual book. Upon opening, the first added page reads... These are the personal accounts and wanderings of Lavender Cecilia Morgan.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016
People are always wondering why I am always moving, always running around, and perhaps I don't even know myself. I have from my first steps in Valorn been on the move... always running around doing something, helping someone... or training "When I did that" or plat farming. And as I think about it.... really think about it perhaps since the day I ran away from home... I wonder if I ever stopped running. And now..with nothing to go back to there, and having a wonderful family here whom I truly adore and lots of friends, I have been running so long in fact that I no longer know what I am running from sadly. This I think is truly the reason I am always on the move, always running around the lands, always farming... not for a need of something to do, or a want of plat... but because I simply can not stop. I don't know how. I hope I can figure it out. I am tired of running... most the time I don't realize I still am, but when I do it hits like a blow to the stomach, I try and stop. Keep myself from doing a lot... then inevitably I feel restless and I start running again.
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Sunday, 22 May 2016
I later woke in the Serendipitous Resurrection guild hall! Someone had found me and brought me home. And I found out that Rosaline had been taking care of me and the wound I had in result of the blow to the head I sub-stained. The one that that tried to taunt my best friend and me was at my side holding my hand while Rosaline and others watched on as I looked around I did not recognize anyone! I woke with amnesia, I remembered nothing... not even my own name! Much to the distress of some... and the glee of another. This other man tried to woo me, and keep me from my best friend completely. But a part of me even with amnesia recognized my best friend when I first saw him, I knew he was important to me. This other man was delighted to have a chance to weasel his way into my heart and gleefully tried to push my best friend out.... In time though my memories did return, and while this man deserved my wrath for what he had done.... I had been through too much to be upset over that for it was very like him to do what he did and I was not surprised in the slightest to find out what had been done. He then to me apologized for what he had done, but had no intentions of apologizing to anyone else. I later found out by letter that he was sick and had decided to leave the lands for good. My friend and I decided to try again on our relationship and very quickly were bonded! It was a joyous time for me! But all happened so quickly both our heads were spinning, perhaps that was our downfall.... we went too fast, for.... it wasn't meant to last. We made it... 10 turns to the day and we decided that things HAD happened too quickly, that we needed to find our selves again. And so I removed my bonding ring, I wear it now on a chain around my neck as a reminder of our friendship, and thankfully we have been able to remain friends... perhaps not as close as we once were... for now.. I still wish for him to find his happiness in his time. But all that I have been through has taken it's toll on me I think. And I sometimes wonder if I am cursed to be alone. I now make my way... not actually alone for I still have my guild family whom I adore... but having to find myself again after all that has come before... which is probably the hardest road I have had to walk yet.
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And so though I swore I would never leave my new home, I had to leave, it was not rational, and ended up leading me into a far worse situation then I had before. But leave I did. I went back to my former home, where I had grown up. And when I got there I found that my parents had recently passed away and they were not tied to any Life Monuments there...And I found that, the man they planned planned for my bondmate had taken over their estate... by force and my sister was no where to be found! I entered my childhood home to find the servants running around like crazy, with their new lord barking orders. I went in to the dinning area where I promptly found him and he went ghost white upon seeing me. He quickly turned from that to giving me the biggest of all grins and welcomed me home as if he was truly delighted for my return. I asked him what was going on only to be in formed that my parents had passed along and my sister had... in his words... abandoned what was left just as he thought I had. And I realize now in the back of his mind he was already plotting something... there was a wicked gleam in his eyes that I was, with all that had happened, to distraught to recognize. He told me everything was still where it should be and that I should walk the house gather my thoughts, in which I did. I went back to tell him to get out to which he said not a word but offered me a drink. I should have known not to drink it. But again my mind was not truly on him, and I suppose since my time away I had hoped maybe he had changed. But alas it was not to be, the next thing I remember is waking in a dungeon, tied at my hands and my feet and gagged, with a nasty headache, I am guessing he put something in my drink that made me promptly pass out, and I was a fool. He laughed at me and informed me I would either be his bondmate, or I would die like my parents and left me there to rot. It took me a couple days but I managed to undo the ropes that bound me, and the idiot had forgotten to take my staff from me... not realizing the powers I now possessed. I stormed the house and confronted him and told him... in a very unladylike manner that he was a demon spawn and that he could keep everything I was going home.... thinking this would make him happy I did not wait for his reply as I turned to storm out to come back to Dundee. I left the room he was in and began to chant to make my portal when suddenly something hit me from behind causing me to mutter incoherently as I finished the portal spell, but instead of to Dundee I made Milltown.. and literally fell through the portal I had created! I landed then unconscious in the sand at the Milltown Life Monument. But at least I was alive... and I was home.
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Saturday, 21 May 2016
From the portal I found myself standing in the welcoming area but soon met Jolan who welcomed me to this new, strange and wonderful place Called Trinald, more specifically Dundee of Valorn. I will admit, the smells... the people... the lands were all foreign to me. But I decided to take up the call and try to do my best to make a life here in these lands and make this my home. I knew pretty early on that I wanted to be an enchanter though I digress that my desire to do so was so that I wouldn't find myself unwillingly finding the portal that brought me here and have it send me back. I enjoyed the challenge of learning to be an enchanter, I was told when I first started that enchanters lives were hard and that it was impossible to find all the spells that they had access to. I admit the thought that I could possibly find them all thrilled me and was for a long time my own personal challenge. It is amazing what one can do when one has the will to do it! Though perseverance I DID achieve what most thought nearly impossible! I did not leave the places blues are found until I had found them all! It was during this time though that I made friends and found a new family, a delightful guild that has been my refuge. The leader Cody even teased me giving me the nickname of the Purple Poofer. Though.... through all these times I looked for someone I could share my life with and be happy. I met my best friend during all this was a guild brother. I could tell him anything and he could talk to me as well... we grew close, but at the time it was not meant to be... yet even I fell for him. Others came into my life, friends with parties... guys that flirted. Yet I still had feelings for one... my best friend... who made my heart flutter when he was near. Perhaps it was just because we were both lonely, but due to circumstances beyond our control we could not be together. So I tried to just be his friend and not want more which sent me into the lives of others I liked them but it wasn't the same.... one promised me I could be queen of his guild, but though I liked him I did not truly love him and could not be his bondmate... especially when I found out he was flirting with other women while trying to talk me into being his bondmate. I did not hate him for it... which showed me even more that I did not love him so I told him goodbye. And felt better for doing so! I still continued my search for blues, the search taking up quite a bit of my time... and probably did make me a little crazy. I tried to deny my feelings for my friend, but every time I did seemed like something worse happened to me. It did not help that at this time another man, set to undermine anything my best friend and I had together, trying to keep us apart at all times or if we were together to hang around so that we could not truly talk again, which stressed me to the point that I ran away thinking that was the only way to find peace.
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Times being as they are, perhaps it is time I recount some of what I know and have seen. I did not grow up around Valorn my sister Leah and I grew up in another place and found our way to Valorn via a portal to the forest where we grew up. I was brought up to be a lady. Very proper always polite though that seems to disliked by some of my fellow adventures, it is so ingrained into me now that I see no reason to change it.

I was raised by maids and teachers more then my parents, they were avid socialites always too busy with parties and other frivolity's then paying any attention to my sister and myself. We were given every book to read, and taught to be polite ladies in the society that was our home, it was our parents desire to find bondmates for us that would inflate their own plat purses and cater to the life style they enjoyed. I can honestly say my favorite thing to do as a child was hide from my teachers "lady" lessons are so tedious to a child. The only lesson I enjoyed always was how to dance, which is still to this day one of my favorite things to do. Life went along this way for several years, until the day my parents told me I was to be bonded. I was given every toy and luxury one born to wealth could ever receive, but had no friends to talk to or play with growing up. It remained this way for 18 years then my parents finally came to tell me that I finally got to attend a ball! I was so excited thinking about the gowns I could choose from... then they said it was to be thrown at my home for me and my fiancee! I had never met the man I was to bonded, but though I was quiet as a mouse I was not shy about sneaking about my home and during one of these outings I overheard the staff talking about the manner of man I was to be bonded to, and found out he was a cruel man, one who liked to flaunt his money and fine things but cared little for his staff and the women that tried to catch his eye, even more then that he delighted in being cruel to them. I knew that while my situation was pitiful it was about to become MUCH worse if I were bound to the man my parents planed. So over the course of the next weeks I pleaded with my parents to not go through with this though knowing my peas fell on deaf ears I planned my escape from my prison. On the eve of the party in honor of the bonding I managed to escape into the woods a couple miles away before they found I was gone and sent the hounds and men after me! Hearing the sounds of the coming posse I ran faster, blindly into a cave trying to hide but feeling it was inevitable that I would be found, in desperation I prayed as I backed farther into the darkness not seeing where I was going then.... somehow I stumbled through a portal and found myself standing in Valorn! More on my tale another time.
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