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A beautifully bound leather book the ornate and gold-edging decorating this journals outer covering looks to be from another time and place. Several pages are stuffed inside the book as if she will not write on the actual book. Upon opening, the first added page reads... These are the personal accounts and wanderings of Lavender Cecilia Morgan.

Thursday, 06 April 2017
For now I finally feel a bit of peace. My problem has always been a desire to be of help to everyone. And that has been at the expense of my own time and life. I am now taking back my life, having more time to myself, putting myself first. Resting more often, finally I feel peace and feel like I have reclaimed a piece of myself I had lost a long time ago. I have been working for a very long time to change parts of myself back to where I wanted to be, not sure how or when I lost myself... but I did. Perhaps the future I will find more things that will enhance my life and make it better instead of making it fall apart again... so tired of that.
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Saturday, 01 April 2017
Loneliness grips my heart makes me feel as if I am trapped in a box, yelling yet no one hears me, it holds me in it's grasp yet again. Will I ever be free? Or has it seared my soul so deeply it will never heal?
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