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Loa Dreamin
Loa Dreamin
A small handcrafted book made from traditional skin coverings and bone bindings. Runes and tribal abstract drawings are etched deeply into the skin covering.
Wednesday, 06 April 2016
Da Oders are busy people, runnin always, tis way an taht. Dem teach Mi basic ways o fightin and tell Mi bout dem holy healin mahn. After, dem tell Mi guh town. Plenty fightin mahn dar and healin mahn. After chatti chatti im tell me dat dem need elp wit raht infestahshon in da sewers.

Dem some big rahts! Mi tink dark spirits ide inside dem.

Many times Mi guh to dem healin mahn, bloody and weak, but da Loa guidin Mi and dough dem rahts be ard killin Mi use dem lessons dem fightin mahn teach Mi. Mi fight enup for da trainin mahn to teach Mi some arder moves.

Da oders chatti chatti verry fahst, tis ard sometime to understand. But dem seem nice people.

Dar be no waters not lik da swamp. Mi hot and smellin bahd, stiky wit blood and sewer water. Rifter will rise soon enup and Mi will guh to dem sewers once more. Tis time Mi no need Healin Mahn so much and later Mi chatti chatti wit da Trainin Mahn and im tell Mi were Mi can wass.
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Monday, 04 April 2016
For years uncounted mi people ave lived in da swamp. Da waters giving life to all. Nyaam plenty, shelter plenty, life good for mi people. Mi happy to live dar always but when Mi did become a ooman, Da Loa choose a different paht for Mi.

As a pickeney Mi Muddah teach Mi da ways of plants and animals, Shi teach me da small ways of da Spirits, teach me to onor da Loa above all. Mi tink mi life simple. To live lik mi Muddah

Dem Loa send me dreams and messages in da wind. Darkness is cumin. Mi scairt scairt; of Loa, of dream. Mi run, Mi ide. Loa always find Mi, sleepin, waking, always whisperin. Da Loa show Mi dreams of Darkness and Blight, da Land torn and bleeding. Dem tell Mi must guh and live wit da Oders. Mi must learn da ways of dem Oders, become like dem if Mi is to save mi people.

I run no more.

Always wi watch da Oders from our idden places, safe in dem swamps, but da Loa show mi Oders ave stirred Ancient Dark Loa. Wi tink us save but mi saw da signs. First da Dark ouse returned to da Swamps and later dem returned da Dark Ship to da Light, releasing dem tortured, bound spirits once more. Dis as made da Ancient Loa stronger.

No longer can mi people ide safe in da swamps. Dem ave sent me to join da battle. Mi must become strong both in fighting and in da way of da Spirits.
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