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Drink and Poof: a potion
Drink and Poof: a potion
A black background dominates the front cover, as a smoky white skull and crossbones extends outward to engulf the black page.
Sunday, 10 April 2016
Lesson Two

Not again, did those bloody bells of Balthy's boots come in here again. They even took my Lemon Tart holder!!! What an atrocity, and all I tried to do is be an honest salesman. They couldn't have taken my meat liquidizer or my nose borrower or... even my ant leg pointer... oh no, they had to take my Lemon Tart Holder! Hope they are tied to a life monument somewhere, because when i get my potions on them...*2 hours later*
Sorry for the late continuation, I... *a tear runs down the page smearing some of the writing* I fainted from the shock of my Lemon tart holder vanishing with my 10 pounds worth of tarts. Not much of a cryer... but I think i may have drunk the wrong potion, mistaking the waterfall Potion for my head relieving one. My friend tells me that a knife is better than a potion for a head-ache remover rather than a potion... but I disagree... but back on track. So rule number two? Always label your potions! Oh and... if you ever get a Lemon Tart holder, be kind enough and bring me one, thank you, be here from the 12th marc to... oh never mind, just drop it off at the front desk. You may just get a free potion that would make you go wild, totally worth it if you ask me!
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Wednesday, 30 March 2016
The Key

What to write... what to write. Oh you newbs are quite a messy bunch. All you all do, s glance at a bottle, and drink it. Then i have to get out of bed and mop up the goop you have turned into. As though that weren't enough, I even have to get my thinking cap on, and yes, a thinking cap, don't judge. Then i have to spend time in the factory figuring out a potion to turn you back to normal. Such a drag! Only if you all followed directions, things would be much easier. Well, there is your first lesson, follow directions! From there, if you wish not to turn into my lively, or more like unliving friends here, follow the key to survival! *scribbles angerly* Which is, if you all have not yet read, carry a stash of potions with you! *finishes with a rush and slams the journal shut with a sigh, before going back to bed* ps... Please do not disturb, or else next time i will not second think, and leave the next swamp puddle alone.
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