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Lords and Ladies
Lords and Ladies
An elegant book, the leather rose tanned--the rose otto leaving a powerful fragrance even though the journal appears far from new. On the cover's center is a delicate etching, a whorl of three leaves and a three-petaled flower.
Monday, 28 September 2015
I bought a map today. I am making plans and Dundee shall be my point of beginning. I suddenly, impulsively, want to travel the land as far as I'm able, translate the contours on the parchment and add my own observations. Strange that there are no warnings of what lies in wait, no pictures of dragons or asps or frozen seas, no wild beasts, no monsters.
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Sunday, 27 September 2015
The cute yet fearsome bunnies no longer see me as food~~good omen or bad, i don't know. If the fear-caller is ignoring me, what will be next? Goodness, I'm going to be second guessing myself all day. No more what ifs! No more negative thoughts about the future! I will get stuck in these old patterns of mine and know too well that just focusing on fears too greatly can help create them. STOP IT NOW!
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Saturday, 26 September 2015
I blame those poor undead souls (and the Mayor) for here I sit having shut myself away, far easier to bear the snoring next door and the nighttime settling of an inn than to be outside with night sounds and smells. I have a room with a sturdy enough door. There's a fire. The window bolts. But that is not enough, not ever enough to feel safe, so I have taken out Krea's gift, the precious cord she gave me before I left, to draw my circle with. Cast the circle thrice about, to keep the evil spirits out. I've remembered the water and salt, the piece of glass (another gift) and the matches. And the cord is tied, there is no doorway. She might be proud that I've remembered, she'd most likely laugh. All this because you've bad dreams? The candles flicker when I think of her. Perhaps she is in her own circle and thinking of me...
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Friday, 25 September 2015
Every end is a new beginning.
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