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Memories and thoughts
Memories and thoughts
A small brown leather book with the letters BS embossed in the spine.
Thursday, 30 July 2015
I had to leave the lands suddenly. The mountain village where I grew up was suffering. A place I thought would always survive even the harshest of conditions was crumbling ...a wave of roving bandits had swept through on their way to raid the valley towns and the villagers we're unprepared to defend, having never suffered attack befire, being so out if reach high in the mountains. My brother sent word of this while I was training on the creatures that took the lighthouse along valorn shoreline...he thinks the bandits must have figured out to use the mountains as cover to bypass the desert region and run out if foid, for they took all of Clifftowns stores as well as harming so.excited I habitants. Now they are starving, scrambling to scrape up what little they can from the barren earth but there is little left now for it is the coldest season...I had to go, try to bring what I could to help..and to heal the weak and Injured...
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