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a small black book with beige parchment paper that smells heavily of honeysuckle. A black silk ribbon marks her pages. All thoughts from the overly happy Analise Cristen.
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Saturday, 07 November 2015
Hope I see him today, I really miss my love....
Analise Cristen posted @ 09:59 - Link - comments
Sunday, 01 November 2015
I finally made it to level 18, I told Andy I would make him proud and be level 18 before the end of fall fest. Though I nearly felt it was impossible. The bos were trampling and the canopy was a hard climb, but im stubborn and I made it through. Andy will be so proud of me, because i leveled 5 levels while he rested up and he will see me as a strong enchantress soon!

Oh i cannot wait for him to take me to the temple. I have had others offer to take me but only my darling bondmate will do. I even got him and my bondsisters a gift. I hope I see them tonight as well as my love. Maybe get them to come while andy sponsors me...It would mean alot to me.
Analise Cristen posted @ 11:42 - Link - comments
Tuesday, 20 October 2015
Bonding the man i love,

Andy Feenix, even though he fell asleep the bonding happened several turns later, I couldnt be happier with how much this man has changed my life. I love him very much and would be lost without his smile, the way he pushes me to become stronger and wiser. I truly am a lucky soon to be enchantress.

It was a lovely ceremony, me in white of all things, followed by a swimming match in our bonding clothes. Id never forget it. we had so many laughs and chuckles at our vows, but we needed that, it was our thing....
Analise Cristen posted @ 14:32 - Link - comments
Monday, 29 June 2015
So much has happened and I have yet to figure if i want to write it within these pages. Such a happy girl I am, with wild eyes and an even more happy nature these turns. I have advanced to level ten and I await word of my next victory.

For now I will save my story of the Zipline leading to a very handsome fellow.
Perhaps next time!
Analise Cristen posted @ 11:55 - Link - comments