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Healers Hypotheses
Healers Hypotheses
Tomes and Scrolls on Hands on Healing, Cures, Theories, field studies and herbs in no particular order.
Wednesday, 24 June 2015
A journey begins with a chicken bite

I've been on an extraordinary journey. I asked one of these impressive Iron Protectors advice on combat. She did not only give this but showed me a realm for which I have no words yet. I need to ponder on things. She then gifted me my shining new armour that will protect me against chickens and other foul fowl and proceeded to tell me stories and introduce me to people that can help me on my journey.

We talked a while with much seriousness but also with laughter. Iron Protector Viv taught me a lot. I mentioned I've met a rogue who likes wagers. I will make him one.

My family is good, Andy is grand! and the girls now know not to be messy and strew their silkies everywhere and I have finally a home. A beautiful place and a small space of my own. Good for experiments and for a nice cup of tea. I've yet to meet this Brou and many others.

There's some splotches of ink depicting chicken feet, a grave and a torch and what looks like red blobs. A few stains of something lighter than ink adorns this masterpiece at the corner of the scroll
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