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Rise of the Phoenix

Rise of the Phoenix
ABout Me

Age: 21
Location: Shieldwall Forge
Zodiac Sign: Rogue

This book is large, bound in black leather, with gold lettering. On the cover is an image of a Phoenix rising from a burning village.

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Tuesday, 03 July 2018
It is hard to believe that last I wrote, i was a mere eighteen summers. In the pasding turns I have wondered the world and honed my skill as a metal worker. I recently discussed with Topaz the idea of building my own shop where I could sell what I have made.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015
Nih has refused to teach me how to make armor. SO I have asked Wyf to aide me, together using my talent, and his knowledge of effective armor designs, we have made a suit of highly articulated armor. Still have to work on the integrity of the breastplate.

Within a few fortnights I will have finished the first suit of armor, within two the second will be done. I have finished the blades cycles ago, along with the jeweled rose. I will present these gifts to the Queen and Hojo at there bonding. I still hope to make a statue of them to commemerate the day, but will ask near the end of the celebrations.

*There is a rough sketch of Wyf, with various measurements written around him. Beside him is a simple but articulated suit of armor.*

*A rough sketch of Queen Cordellia lies here, beside her a sketch of a suit of articulated armor, decorated with Dragons in various poses. Under her is a rough sketch of Iron Commander Hojo, with a similar suit of armor beside him. there is also a shield decorated with the royal sigil of an ornate crown over three plain crowns*

Tuesday, 28 October 2014
*Here is drawn a crude image of a tall, man, his face hidden in shadows from the cowl he wears, he faces right, he is handing a scroll and lockpick to a hooded woman facing the reader, she is handing the same items to a tall boy, a cowl covers his eyes*

Monday, 27 October 2014
In celebration of my first Fall Fest I have created something special... Pheonix Fire. It is a strong brew that is rich and bold, and has a kick like an angry giant.

Monday, 06 October 2014
Of all the siblings I had, only Arlana cared. We had countless siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. Even the guards despised me. In those dark times i had learned to steal to live, I became very good at it. Other times I would sneak into the library, my sister taught me to read. Other times I would carve things out of wood, had to steal a knife to doeven that.

Wednesday, 01 October 2014
Gloriuos news this turn! Mysister has returned! I once thought her dead as she was swept under the waves when oir ship was sunk in the storm.

Monday, 22 September 2014
At times it seems love is unobtainable. Everytime I fall for someone my heart is broken. Perhapse i should just give up. It doesnt seem worth the pain anymore.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014
It has been many moons since i last wrote. Im now a member of Shieldwall, and i have been learning to forge under Nih.

Thursday, 07 August 2014
It has been a long, bloody, brutal day of endless raids. Though we finally turned back the dark tides of demons, I am left exhausted, still we must keep our spirits high.

The demons where everywhere, i was chosen to scout out south of dundee and found the plains rife with demons, i fought hard and slew several. Soon reinforcements arrived and we drove them off. Reports say that the attacks have occured all over valorn. at this time the Iron Order castle is under seige by powerful demons. i cant get close.

Wednesday, 06 August 2014
Here is another song i have written:
Cry not for me,
Though i come not home this day,
For I have fought against the darkness,
With strength of arm and heart,
We have driven back,
Our deadly enemy.

Cry not for us,
Though we lay dying on the ground.
For we have driven back,
The accursed night,
With our sweat and our blood.

Cry not for us,
As we lay here in the ground.
For with our sacrifice,
We have sowed the seed,
An ember of hope.

Live on for us,
Fan the ember to flame,
And let the fires rage,
And tear apart the darkness,
Like a Dragon enraged!

Rise up for us!
Like a Phoenix from the ashes!
And usher in,
A new Golden Age!

Fight on for us!
In honor of,
Our glorious sacrifice!
We will rend asunder,
The vast Demon Hordes!
Give up not hope,
For we will win this war!

Here is the first song I wrote, with an edited ending:

Little soldier boy, marching off to war,
Little soldier boy, proudly with your sword,
Little soldier boy, into the fray,
Little soldier boy, march back home to me.

Little soldier boy, fighting for your life,
Little soldier boy, with all your might,
Little soldier boy, fight on for me,
Little soldier boy, to march home to me.

Little soldier boy, lying on the ground,
Little soldier boy, slowly bleeding out,
Little soldier boy, see the angels come,
Little soldier boy, to bare you home.
Little soldier boy, never to march home,
Little soldier boy, you have fought well.
Little soldier boy, you have made me proud.
Little soldier boy, now I lay you down.
Little soldier boy, you are home now.

Little soldier boy, hear the trumpets sound,
Little soldier boy, you’re a hero now.
Little soldier boy, you are a light,
Little soldier boy, shining in the dark.
Little soldier boy, your name will live on,
Little soldier boy, and as I write this song,
Little soldier boy, all I can do is pray,
Little soldier boy, that you’re in a better place,
Little soldier boy, free of fear and pain.

Monday, 04 August 2014
I am a writer, a bard, and a woodcarver. Ive created 3 songs wich I shall someday write here.

I have recently purchased this journal, I am Arlondale, last of house Sotari. I am 17, barely a man, but ive been forced to mature far to fast in this dark world. Ive faced horrors id never imagined before. But even in this darkness ive made many friends, even now im training to become a rogue.



Any historical tomes.

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Alan eloune, en-tara entar elena.
Ever onward, for death or glory.


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