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The Jagged Tooth
The Jagged Tooth
Jagged-edged parchment lays compressed between two pieces of shark hide, bound together by a cord of the same grey hide.
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Age: 29
Location: The Fireside Kitchen
Profession: Rogue
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Cooking, Carving, Cleanliness.
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"yer not BAD Nih. ya just have ah different perspective on thengs, en not all folks respect er understand thet." - The Accomplished One.
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Thursday, 26 February 2015
*The writing is that of Nih's, as found in every other entry save the last.*

The recent exercise in laziness has ended. The courier was relieved for false allegations of mistreatment.

Who needs all of their fingers? Elenoire did just fine with nine..

Does. Not did. She is alive and I'm sure she will be found. When she is, I'll kill the man that took her.

Seven. He will be my seventh.

Jobe explained why he hated me, at least one in the lands with the courage to do so. Empty, Prideful, and Passionless. I found myself asking Achelle if she agreed with those things, of course she immediately knew that I must agree, or else I wouldn't ask about it. It is true, I do find myself feeling as if Jobe's words were true.

Then, a point was made.

I am passionate about my creations, and I take great pride in them. Am I empty? The real questions is: Who isn't?

Now, to my nap.
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Wednesday, 25 February 2015
I've grown lazy with writing, so I've hired a courier to do it for me. Now, down to the fish bits. I am a handsome, sharply dressed man.

Only thing sharper are my teeth.

*The courier writes of his own accord, "Please send help!"*

((This post is just a bit of fun between a friend and I. Quit your gawking!))
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Friday, 20 February 2015
She implored, and I declined. Again, and I said no; explaining the shift of paradigm in our relationship. No longer would I be her protector. No longer would I be there for her to beat. For her to yell and scream at.

Even as I said these things, I moved and sat on the edge of the bed; stroking at her mousy curls as she drifted to sleep.

She hates me, but even then I cannot willingly do something to cause her pain; I made her a promise that I would never hurt her.

I will keep that promise.

In other news, there is a rather timid initiate walking the lands. Beyond odd, I think she might have been so over-protected and sheltered by her mother that she will never fully recover. After many marcs of listening to the uneducated attempt to explain professions, I finally dismissed them. How can an Enchanter not know there are six spells to be gained by exchanging gold crystals for scrolls? How can a warrior hear things when they are not present; through heavy oak doors, nonetheless? The only one there that had any humility was Apolla. She at least recognized she didn't know everything of each profession, nor did she know everything of our own. Shame that she ended up leaving, when her level-headed words were helpful.

An interesting turn of late.

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015
"I hate you."

Her words destroyed me, but I couldn't let her see that. I finished what she had started, and now our cottage will house no one.

Nih Betodaru posted @ 10:50 - Link - comments

Tuesday, 17 February 2015
I am not sure what is going on, but something is afoot.

Several have sought me for help in various matters. Of course, I know there are a few that have adamantly warned against interaction with me, and I wonder if they do it out of genuine concern for those seeking my assistance, or out of spite and deep-seeded hatred.

Either way, I will not turn away these wandering adventurers. The Shadows welcome all to their darkened calm.

I gathered all my things from the cottage I shared with Elenoire. Kindly, she put them in a pile in the middle of the room. Of course, she was going to burn them, but that is neither here nor there. I left a few pails of water outside, in case she ended up setting fire to the cottage. While things have ended between us, I would still hate to hear of any harm coming to her.

Fragile thing, that she is.
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Monday, 16 February 2015
As I stare at the two bracelets before me, a few things come to mind.

1. Even with how much patience and understanding I poured into my relationship with Elen, it still failed.
2. As I did when Isolde left, I shall do so now. All items will be sold.
3. Unlike some, I have not the constant need to be driving for romance. I shall remain as I am now.
4. I will not treat her harshly, as I did towards Isolde.
5. I will not be bitter towards others.

I am a refining fire, and I shall not be quenched.
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Sunday, 15 February 2015
Attached to the Sky lantern, I wrote the following note:

Hope. Needed for patience, for guidance.
Hope. Needed for past, for future.
Hope. Needed for friends, for family.
Hope. Needed for foe, for stranger.

Hope for one. Hope for all.

It is my hope that the dreams of those I hold dear come true.
It is my hope that the evils plaguing this land are vanquished.
It is my hope that the actions of the individual, namely myself, are forgiven and in time forgotten.

Hope for one. Hope for all.
Nih Betodaru posted @ 16:29 - Link - comments

Friday, 13 February 2015
Caring and Kind, beyond measure;
this pint-sized treasure.
Though small,
there is no task too tall.
Will to succeed,
likely to exceed.
There is no other in the land,
that I'd have at my right hand,
than Achelle Olytro,
the bravest Cleric, I'll ever know.

Made up on the spot, and not very good, but sometimes perfection isn't what is necessary. Sometimes, it is simply to express pride in another person.
Nih Betodaru posted @ 12:40 - Link - comments

There was a time when Loki thought he knew how I'd react. So, I took a tic longer and buried my initial reactions to his extraordinarily odd behavior. After several instances of this practice, all in the name of keeping him guessing, I found that I came to truly enjoy him and looked forward to his mannerisms. I found when we didn't speak, I missed him. An unusual thing because I never experienced that with any, except Isolde.

This past turn almost brought about the end of everything. Apparently Achelle and I spoke after the fall, but when I woke the past turn I didn't remember anything. The whole turn was spent figuring out what happened the one before.

I'm unsure where the darkened paths will lead us, but they know better than I.

Shadows guide us.
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Thursday, 12 February 2015

The events that transpired are but a blur to me. I know I injured my head. I know that my cane is broken.

Were they separate events? Did I misjudge a step and snap the fine wood in two, sending myself to a painful end? How long was I there before someone found me?

I ask these questions, but another comes to mind.

When I asked Valya, I was informed that this was Achelle's doing. That small woman? Unlikely to be heavier than seven stones, but capable of cracking my skull? I don't believe it to be the truth, but perhaps there is validity in it.

I was told I goaded her, that definitely seems like me. Then why is my cane broken? Did she use it as a means of furthering the assault? Certainly not! Certainly that is beyond such caring hands.

Now, with head bandaged and not just one Cleric fusing over me, I set out to find answers.
Nih Betodaru posted @ 10:48 - Link - comments

Tuesday, 10 February 2015
After acting foolishly and crushing the wooden blossom I made for Achelle, I spent the next many marcs making a string of blossoms.

Four of them. Made of glass, wood, stone, and woven grass.

The woven grass is at the base as a reminder of the earth and sustenance it gives us. Above that, the stone blossom, signifies the strength of will and of body needed to persevere in our profession. Wood next, to symbolize the need for a light hand when dealing with others, and finally, at the top, glass. It shows the finesse we need when addressing those with grievances, whether imagined or otherwise. The Crimson petals contained within is a reminder of that which needs the most care and finesse. Friendship. We cannot take it for granted, nor should it be something we end rashly.

She seemed pleased with the gift itself. It is my hope that it will sprout a friendship that will last. One with equality, fairness, openness, and respect.

On the other hand, my conversations with Valya have escalated.

"Embrace the darkness? You don't know what you're saying, Nih. YOU are my darkness. Is that truly what you want? You perfect darkness. No apologies for who you are or how you act. No guilt, but some remorse, I think, at times. Which only means you've learned something from what happened before. That communion, that acceptance of the darkness..... is almost holy."

How insightful. How peculiar. How... delectable.
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Monday, 09 February 2015
I've written of this subject before, but I cannot help to come back to it.

Light and Darkness.

I spoke with Loki yesterturn of the necessity to teach all aspects of combat with his new protégé. I've met many warriors, many combatants, that rush headlong into the fray with no idea of tactic or plan. He wanted to know what this important lesson was. This concept that stirred within me. Instead of simply telling him, teaching him nothing, I instructed him to stand near a building as the 'rifter rose higher in the sky. His order was to watch the shadows, what did they do as the light lifted high above the lands?

"'s moving away from me."

The shadows looked to be retreating from him, and therein lies the lesson of the turn. Tactical Retreat.

It is important to know when to take a step back. When to feint retreat. To draw the enemy deeper into the ranks of those armed to defeat him.

The more I speak with Loki, the more I recall the words of the High Queen. How can I prove to be reliable, if I do not rely upon anyone else. Truly, Loki is one I rely on. He is a superb vessel, strong in mind and in character. Respectful, even when giving incidental insult. There is much to learn from him.

Seems Cody isn't the only in the lands that is honorable and worthy of my highest respect.

In closing, Loki made an excellent comment after my lesson:

"In order to be a leader you must first be a follower. Such as the circle of life."

May the Shadows protect him from the evils of the lands, both without and within.
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Tuesday, 03 February 2015
Much to recount, much more to keep private; yes, even from whispering pages.

Sorynn and Loki both presented me with gifts. While I did not expect the first, it was a kindness that I've come to cherish.

If she has forgiven, and seen my growth as a person, then certainly the others will, too. Loki, my dearest of friends, doesn't know of my darkened past, the atrocities I've committed. Not beyond what is recorded in this journal.

In all, there is only one event that is still in mind. Vivid and bright.

Achelle. We spoke in person, for the first time in what seems like cycles, beside the fireplace in the Milltown Inn's upper room.

I shared with her a wager I had made, one with a person that did not have any idea it was placed. We spoke for a few marcs, peacefully. Perhaps the possibility to restore old friendships is there?

Shadows guide me.
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