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The Jagged Tooth
The Jagged Tooth
Jagged-edged parchment lays compressed between two pieces of shark hide, bound together by a cord of the same grey hide.
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Age: 29
Location: The Fireside Kitchen
Profession: Rogue
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Cooking, Carving, Cleanliness.
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"yer not BAD Nih. ya just have ah different perspective on thengs, en not all folks respect er understand thet." - The Accomplished One.
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Tuesday, 30 December 2014
Four Gold.

Four gold for a scroll to initiate the process of removing the title of Lord associated to my name.

Humility should cost more.
Nih Betodaru posted @ 17:59 - Link - comments

Thursday, 18 December 2014
The Indigo Retreat is finally finished. It took longer than expected, but the trellis is extremely large.

I'm glad Cody trusts my judgement enough to allow me to design the expansion of the guild hall.

There is development with an initiate, Loki. Interesting man, wants to be a warrior. Terrible choice, but I do not convince others to follow the Shadows any longer. He asked if he could call me a friend, I told him it wasn't a great idea, but that it is ultimately his decision. He very quickly informed me that he doesn't care what others think. I like this man, he should prove to be a valuable asset and friend.

I still wait for the High Queen, both for our private meal and for the decision on the door. I have not found myself anxious, though; instead, I find myself patient.

How odd.
Nih Betodaru posted @ 22:55 - Link - comments

Monday, 15 December 2014
I continue to wait.

Too many projects in the air. Too many decisions waiting to be made.

Cody requested more designs for the Order, preemptively. I gave him a few and now I continue to wait. Meanwhile, the westward door has been assaulted and two beams are charred.

Elenoire's golden finger seems to be working fine; in other words, she hasn't complained about it.
Nih Betodaru posted @ 18:33 - Link - comments

Wednesday, 10 December 2014
I took a walk down the lane of house in Caernivale, the lower platform where I grew up.


The amount of children squatting in rundown homes was revolting.

I am to have a meal with the High Queen, a meal that is not yet scheduled which is fine with how busy she is, and during that meal I shall propose an Orphan's Home.

Hopefully she will agree, especially since I'll gladly fund it all.
Nih Betodaru posted @ 17:55 - Link - comments

Tuesday, 09 December 2014
Gold and leather, sweat and blood.

I've crafted a finger of gold, slender like her other digits, to reside in place of her missing member. The idea surely was hers, one that surprised me to hear, but I found joy in making something for her body. Several marcs were taken in finding inspiration for the design; as I glanced at the starfish embroidered upon her pocket, I knew. I set out for the beach and found the most unique specimen I could find. Committing the pattern to memory, and tossing the starfish into the waters, I set to work on melting the gold, forging the finger, and carving the pattern.

Creating the binding wasn't as easy as I had hoped. I needed it thin, but sturdy. Weightless, while still keeping the finger in place upon her nub.

In the end, it all worked well together and in my opinion, she looks marvelous with a golden finger.
Nih Betodaru posted @ 16:13 - Link - comments

Monday, 08 December 2014
I'm at a loss for her behavior of late. Certainly she is insane, we both know this, but these last actions are fell beyond insanity.

Gone. Her little finger of her left hand, gone. Fed it to the fishes, she stated as if it was not a big deal!

Even then, even with these shenanigans, I am hers and she is Mine.

I wonder how many will see her hand and think I took it from her as a means of sick and twisted justice. Even if they all think it, how many would be strong enough to say anything to me? Few, if any.

She is unique, certainly.
Nih Betodaru posted @ 11:19 - Link - comments

Thursday, 04 December 2014

Of all the words in our language, there is one I detest: Lie.

There is no place in this world for Lies.

Sure, some will say that I've lied to them, and of course I disagree. Speaking a lie and omitting the truth are not the same. Silence does not constitute lying.

We shall see how long this situation lasts. Certainly she will not stay bundled in our blankets, in our home, without some sort of sign of life for long.
Nih Betodaru posted @ 10:41 - Link - comments

Tuesday, 02 December 2014
Light and Dark.

You cannot have one without the other. Without Light, one would not know what darkness truly was. It would simply be the norm. Without Darkness, the same applies to light.

They balance each other. Ignoring the fact that Light hurts my eyes and has caused me to don various items to prevent the brightness from reaching my eyes, it is necessary. As with any other tool, Light and Dark must be harnessed in a manner that helps us achieve our goals. As with any other tool, if used poorly it will cause pain, suffering, or other forms of unwanted results.

So then the question comes, how are they to be used?

Beyond the simple answers of knowing day from night, a lit room versus unlit; light and dark play a pivotal role in how we view our surroundings.

Is that man a vagrant, or is he simply caught in the wrong light? Is this man lurking, or is he simply standing, nonchalantly, against a wall in a darkened alley?

Understanding, exercising our knowledge, and expanding our willingness to view each situation from every possible angle is the only way to truly utilize light and dark in its grandest way.

The Archmage alluded to light not being simply one or the other, but rather shades of grey as well. I definitely agree with his conclusion.

More discussions should be convened on this matter.
Nih Betodaru posted @ 14:15 - Link - comments

Monday, 01 December 2014
In the time I've waited, the designs could have been brought to life; barring any attacks by the Darkness, and going without any snags in the forging process.

I have spoken to Ixon concerning his troupe. Unfortunately, neither of us have had the time for my story to be told. Perhaps that will occur soon.

Time has grown stale, of late. I desire the taste... Hm. Perhaps I'll stalk the plains this eve.
Nih Betodaru posted @ 12:37 - Link - comments