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Sunday, 10 June 2018
All things happen for a reason.. Change is sometimes good.. A time of reflection and thoughts of the future will be coming soon.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2016
Another circle another walk. Tho in truth I feel needed this time as a Warrior of Kane.

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Thursday, 01 October 2015
Thinks often full circle with me and this is the case having found myself back within the Lands again.

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015
*this page is rather damp the elegant writing is watermarked but legible reeking of the faint scent of bllod and healing potion residue*

This rain feels good.. Skin soaking cold as ice.. A washing cleansing rain.. Let it wash away the past, my old life let it begin anew. Iam no longer the man I was.. Only one knows and truely understands me now, but thats just fine. Im focused now on getting another elusive Violet.. Feeling the claws and talons of the hoards that ravage the lands pierce through my tunic even more ripping and gouging my flesh. I shouldnt complain though it now looks as if I ran through a gauntlet of sadistic men handling cruel edged riding crops. Hopefully my maiden of shadow can heal me up right next time I see her. Iam renewed.. Born again. Iam Death incarnate.. Pestilence.. And the winds of plague follow me in my wake ravaging in my path of destruction. Fear me Darkness. Fear me Daemons.. Iam coming...for you..

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Saturday, 21 March 2015
I had to break free.. I...couldnt take it anymore once I realised what was happening to me. The change I was going through.. It was not me.. I will admit reconnecting with myself on that intimate level felt good.. Really good.. The inner animal within my soul.. I felt like blinders were lifted from my eyes.. The animal within me gave a subconcious roar of dominance and roamed free. Until blue eyes froze me into place making me pause staring back feeling as if a fencing match was taking place from the tension and electricity rising until.. Acceptance, Warmth and yes Love replaced the tension between us. My Maiden of Shadow. Just friends and allies for so long but there was a shift and I saw Apolla in a new light. Unexpected but pleasant beyond measure. There are naught restrictions but acceptance of who Iam completely. I do not need to put up a facade or any defence mechanisms with her. Its pure completely so..

Its still new like a sapling but firm roots are there, a solid foundation for us to build and grow upon. I accept her completely as the warm caring woman she is, whos determination is unmeasured. I know she would have given up her powers for my arm to be healed, Gods be praised that was not the case. But seeing her satified warm smile that night, comforting her through the tears as we finally ripped through the veils keeping my arm blemished, make the unbearable and intense pain all worth it. I will protect her, my Maiden of Shadow be it from demonic hoards or unkind words. Apolla and me will take the world by storm and overcome whatever obstacle is set before us

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Thursday, 19 February 2015
If the lands start to become overrun by foolishness. I will leave.. One of the better turns for me in a while however.. It ended on a bitter note.. It was not necessarily about my hair, which is ruined beyond salvaging. It wasnt about the many cycles I spent carefully maintaining it to grow it.. My hair was symbolic.. It had a deep seated meaning to me ever since The Dark Lord burned it near off and nearly me to death in the Magma Fissures. It was defiance to Balthazar.. That whatever he did to me would not break it.. I grew it long wild and free as mental opposition against him. I still have the burn scars on my exposed skin though they have finally lost their raw twisted appearance. Still they can be seen.. Im sure Akassa is going to freak out completely when she sees the current state it is in..

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015
Very soon I will finally write about my story as part of a Slave caravan.. It slowly comes. back to me. I just dont want looks of pity or remorse when I do. It helped shaped me into the man Iam today.

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Thursday, 29 January 2015
Waiting... Its one of the hardest things I have done.. I wait for a reason.. I wait for a sign.. The Blessed Darkness is a comfort to me.. I wait for The Shadows that comfort me to give me a sign.....before I go crazy..

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014
Im sitting here at Fartown looking at the land around, the beauty untamed and natural, listening to the mellifluous deep peaceful sounds of your slumber. Nothing but joy unmingled upon my face and within me. A true peace ebbs over me like the comforting embrace of your arms or the soft silken words that you speak to me. These past few weeks feel like a dream to me and if it is a dream let me sleep until the 'Rifter comes down and takes us all. I have the marks to prove its not a dream. So long.. Since we first met cycles and cycles ago I made a vow in my heart then because I knew even when I couldnt even shape it what I wished for. I regret not being awake.. Its something that I will have to live with and hope in time that the rough edges are smoother. The delay on my part. Never again will I do that to you.
Ecstacy is a good word to describe this feeling. A arcane passion that enkindles and flames with but a thought of you. This transmutable fire you have given me threatens to consume me in a manner that I find pleasing. Too long I have veiled my heart, my emotions from you. You can consider this as sundering my self imposed veil wholly. And with thus, I pledge myself to you alone. Heartbeat to heartbeat, side to side and my heart leaps to obey. Words shall never express the feelings I harbor and I pray that my actions now and in the future convey the unspoken in a manner that delights you, Brings a smile to your face, a warm comforting sound of joy from your lips. Thank you for putting up with me because I will always be there for you in some manner or fashion in whatever way you need me. A comforting arm or simply a talk or even someone to vent at. I wish to be there for that. I will always be there for you. I love you.

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Monday, 02 June 2014
It has.. Been far too long since I have written in my journal. So much has happened however. Only one thought is upon my mind tonight sitting in the flower field where it all began. And that is my bondmate. I will take you back to where it all began Jehanna. *his writing now takes on a more elegant flowing form* I remember it like it was yesterday. It twas a long grueling night for me hunting I was thinking to myself 'I need to sleep, I lost too much blood as it is.' I had started to make the long trek home when a messenger bird I did not recognize or seen before dropped a scroll in my hands. I looked at it rather dumbfounded because, everyone I knew was asleep, it was you asking me about what I did to keep from being bored. I smiled a bit because it seemed a bit random so I invited you to wine in a area I love to go. Where Im at now in fact. So I got the wine and went to the spot waiting for what seemed like a turn of seasons then I saw you..
I thought I was going delirious from the blood lost because I thought the Gods had sent a Angel of Sunrifter to bring me to my final rest nevermore to walk the lands. The gossamer strands of your hair, looking like the night, kissed by Sunrifters warm glow. Your eyes a hint of the mischievious intent I llove so much, looked like a storm threatening to sweep me up in the tempest of you. Yes, I can honestly say that I fell for you that night. A heart that was frozen in ice never to be thawed felt a glimmering pulse of life beating like a spark of pure joy was ignited. We sat under the stars drinking wine talking of inconsequential things, the ballad of the night was playing to its captive audiance, you and me, and the orchestra was the night itself and all that stirs within. I loved your company that night Jehanna dear. I wished it wouldnt end, however all good things must end eventually. However our first night let to more, then our union before The Gods and all. Iam glad to have found you my dear woman. I will love you eternally, beyond our mortal years into the fabric of time itself.

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Friday, 01 November 2013
Im sitting here with time on my hands so I shall write once again. Im at peace now, even tho Iam at a crossroads that I know I will eventually need to take a path and carry on, but sitting here watching Jehanna sleep peacefully, it is of small matter to me. I know in my heart and soul that I have made the right choice asking for her hand in bonding. I love and care for her deeply and gods forbid if something should ever happen, for then this peaceful centered man shall be on the bloodfeud warpath. *glances over at Dawnfire giving a slight nod* Yes indeed I will. I know she is able to handle herself but still.. Im teaching her the skills necessary to become a warrior and when the time comes, I shall take her to the Temple and pass on Dawnfire, like Alexander Justice did for me, and his Sponser him. Its Fall Festival now and I now have a very special unique item. My hat, that has been divine blessed to be worn while in the field and protect me as a proper helm would. I won it in a hat making contest and Im throughly pleased with it indeed. I know that whatever happens in the future, should happen in its proper time. I believe that everyone makes their own fate and future for they are not predetermined, our actions affect what may or may not happen to us. This wandering warrior truely believes that. For now my life is blissful, Il let what happens happen. Everything happens for a reason.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012
What does it mean to fully devote yourself to a set of principles or your own beliefs? I find myself questioning this now upon a daily basis. Is it faith, devotion to duty, or courage that drives us. I now know what drives me. It is honor, showing honor, believing honor. A moral set of principles and ethics that shows me a map of how to live.

It is upon this that my rock is set for I find the unhonorable lost and they dont realize it. Honor, courage and yes even faith all meld together. You can show Honor and be faithful and have courage at the same time. But what is courage and faith without Honor?

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012
Its about time I found this and started to write again. It is so quiet in the lands now to me. If it was not for Azure I would start to babble to empty air and become utterly crazy. Thank The Gods for small favors. I'm starting to feel a restless unease come through me. I feel it bone deep like the quiet is just the Calm before The Storm. I take this quiet to simply reflect while I carve through Greater Frost Demons and the occasional Red Crystal Guardian.

Ironic but I had some free time today after my leveling hunt. So I went to the Branishor Blacksmith about modifying my Sunrifter Blade. I must admit to my chagrin that I think I confused the fellow. I wanted one edge grinded away blunt and the other grinded to a slight curve. It suits my needs though and Im satified until my Rapier is completed to my satisfaction. Well no rest for the weary. Time to crystal hunt.

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Sunday, 08 April 2012
Its cold here... I know not where Iam... My cries of help have fallen upon the mocking symphony of Silence.. The only thing I have in my possesion's now are my journal, and a deep seated desire to return among the ones whom I know, my Friends and my Guild Family. Iam and have been tempered by the trials of fire, silence and solitude.. However Iam resilient and unbreakable and tempered like a sword blade.. My friends and guild family if you read this know that my return among you shall happen soon. This enchanter and his spirit are one and the same determined to get back at all costs.. May the Light of Our Gods shine upon you each and every one of you Bless and Strengthen your Resolve, my path shall soon return me to where Iam needed and missed. - Kenj Murmota **This ragged Parchment is attached to a stout hawk along with cut pieces of his trademark dashing and rather flamboyant White feathered Red Hat**

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011
I must say for one who is usually so..outspoken and used to the chaos I find the quiet oddly peaceful even though at times I do miss the chaos. Currently Iam just sitting in the Nexus watching fellow Brothers and Sisters of The Arcane go about their business in the hustle and bustle, in truth sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses, take a break and enjoy the small things that we all have been blessed with. *Two drawings of mystical blades are seen dominating the middle of this page one of the Blades has two identical runes of Golden Age Light Modifications while the second blade has a single Light Rune and a Featherweight Rune albeit much stronger and complex* I did try and make the second one with Crepusculum which was already weightless... The result was fruitless. Thank the Gods Iam patient though and will eventually get one or the other..

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