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My Days..
My Days..
An old, hard cover book with pages recorded with thoughts and events. stains can be seen on a few pages
Saturday, 01 August 2009
Well things are still a little quiet for me....i wonder if i missed anything good Oh well
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Tuesday, 28 April 2009
Man! its been awhile since i wrote in here.... I miss writing in here every night, about my time in town and while exploring
i wonder how everyone is, the last person i spoke to was Zim, she was still crazy fun as usual
So far the only familiar face I've seen was Zak, i was surprised to see him around, boy do we go back i think he was the first person i spoke to hah
i havent been doin much lately, only helping the occasional noobs now and then, other then that, very much sleep
Tonight i drank my first ale since a month or so, and boy i thought ale never tasted this good before haha
well i guess this is about it, not much else to write....well i did want to say i wanted to see some more old faces and get reacquaint with them, but i guess i've been saying that alot ...oh well
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Friday, 30 January 2009
Hahhh! i feel so refreshed now! comin back after my long awaited vacation Been wanderin around again at night looking at all the new faces in town. I hope nothing too exciting happens while i was away. I've got lots of catching up to do. But I havent seen any of my friends as of late, I wonder what they've been up to.
Im feelin so great, Im gonna go train a bit, even though its not my thing to do so Well nothing much interesting to write about at the moment, maybe i'll wright again when something does happen
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Saturday, 10 January 2009
...I've slept for awhile, I feel good. I've forgotten to train so i did a bit of that for a marc but i got bored as usual. The other day i saw 2 of my oldest pals, i didn't expect to see felt good to sit and have a relaxing conversation with people after weeks of not talking. They were still the same as always, its a rare opportunity to see them after they left valorn on vacation. I dont think I'll be seeing them much. maybe once a month.
Well we did a bit catching up..talked about joining, but that'll have to wait a awhile. If she remembers..or if i remember it might happen. though i wonder whats it like over there cant wait
It seems SR is growing again, thanks to Anyka and the others I havent done anything much besides sleep. I wonder if im just a burden now. Maybe..SR is better without me? I dunno i cant even think straight anymore..gotta get a grip..
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Wednesday, 31 December 2008
My my its been awhile since i wrote in here, looks like i seldom to record my presence here..I mean whats so great coming from writing in a book *sigh* well nothing else better to do..
... it certainly is quiet... well to me it is. I suppose i do wake at times when the towns aren't overcrowded. and that i spend my time walking around at night often. Eh well i guess it can't be helped . Life has gotten calm for me again, i suppose i like it better then that accident a while back. Well big holiday went by already, and as usual, its the same everytime i guess my decision really did affect me a lot, what goes around comes around.
Nothing much happened, i returned the guild back to Anyka, we had a short talk during the process. it was the first time i was amused in a long time. And I've also started training a bit again. I got excited at first that i was able to defeat those pesky pirates that bothered me in the past while i was training before. but i only ran into them a few times...then i got bored with turtles and iguanas. Great just the time i can beat them they dont show up. Geez people these days..
I haven't seen much of my buds during these days, i think they went off to other lands to visit relatives and other sorts i suppose. but they'll return eventually. Nothing to do now but relax while i can...i have a feeling something big is gonna happen soon... just gotta be prepared..... this is troublesome...
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Sunday, 21 December 2008
Today i sat around town doing nothing but drinking ale and something else i forgot, but i'll just refer it to mystery drink
I noticed lots of people have been rushing by here and there. All of which most are people I've never met before. they seem pretty young, probably no more then there 30's. They seem pretty happy when i look at their faces. i thought they were all heading to the same places, and wondered if i should follow. But of course i didn't, even though i was curious, i remembered an old saying " curiosity killed the cat" Even though im not a cat, I'm not about to risk anything anytime soon heh After awhile i went back to my drawings, im not that skillful yet, but i will be soon, though not much inspires me and when something does i make sure i make the most of it

Soon i got bored so i decided to help some noobs. I ended up ordering them around or doing things for them They wanted to explore things on there on after awhile, so i thought I'd let them be and relax in the nexus. As i laid there i wandered back into my noob days, oh what fun those days where. I remember that time i accidently knocked out a bud for sneaking up on me, and that first time i confessed to this girl liked, oh and that one time I got lost in the magma fissure and got killed by a demon while waiting for a friend of mine to rescue me. Heh i was pretty reckless back then, but it was fun. I wish they could last forever, but I know they can't and that Memories fade over time... But what's really on my mind is.. if i take a vacation for a bit and come back...will anyone remember me?
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Tuesday, 09 December 2008
These past few days I've been thinking..not too much because I've been sleeping a lot, and have lots of weird yet humorous dreams about the future..or was it the past? But the point is i get to relaxe more often and i like it that way. seems i fall asleep soon after i wake heh i never used to do things like that when i came to Valorn, guess i seen all i could around here . . .

My curiousity has grown over the days..wondering whats outside the valorn i know so well. I get excited when exploring places I've never seen before..hmm seems my memories of my past are foggy again i wish i could remember all the fun times as a child and my first years here

I miss my friends, they all go one by one...maybe its my turn. . . ? Who knows, mybe I'll run into one of em if i decide to go

But that will have to wait...I have a few things I've started. . . and now i gotta finish em, for good
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Saturday, 06 December 2008
In a few can be over..maybe...
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Wednesday, 26 November 2008
I thought i knew what pain felt like after my first hardship...but it was nothing.. I've just scratched the surface..Real Pain is very much different..its like a slowing agonizing death, in which there is a long way before recovering...

Today i mourn over a great first i couldnt say anything..then deep inside me was a sharp pain that made me feel something I've never felt before...It was as if i couldnt pull back the tears of just keeps on coming out..flowing like a river through my soul..
It was so sudden..i just couldnt believe it...I look in the empty seat next to me only to realise that.....
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Wednesday, 12 November 2008
Today was fascinating. found out something about my 2 favorite gals. for some reason i had a hard time understanding Alyssa when we were talking. she had to sum it all up in simple words for me to uinderstand. She told me she likes like me the past few days with her was very tempting.

Then I spoke with Zim at night. at first it was the usauly. then i told her about my gf then one thing led to another and....i think she proposed to me then she tells me she loves me and all..imeddiately i was suspicious. it took a bit but she finally gave in. It was the attempt to get back at me! too bad for her it didnt work on me. we had a few laughs after then she told me loves me again, she tried to trick me but I dont fall for the same thing twice
But overall I think theres something she's not telling me...
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Sunday, 09 November 2008
Today was fun. I spent the whole night with Alyssa. She's a nice gal to hang out with. We decided to meet up at Caern to explore the Pirate HQ. I was kinda worried that she wasn't going to be able to handle the beasts in there, but i was wrong, she's a pretty good fighter. Along the way i asked her if she wanted to split path. she held my arm and said no because it was her first time.

After a bit we continued on. fought lots of familiar pirates and zombies. I took a path that i usually didn't. we ended up getting lost but we laughed instead of being scared. I closed my eyes for one second and shes gone! I followed her trail and it took a long time to catch up, She's a fast one
she sat down and I scouted around for a way out. when i did, i sighed as i looked down to find yet, another way down. before i knew it, she raced passed me. I almost fell down. I felt a bit tired so i rested a bit knowing i would have to do a lot of running before seeing her again.
I walked out of the cave to find her laying on the sand relieved to be on the sand again. The cave was probably creepy for her. I laid down next to her and looked at the stars with her. Man it was a magical sight. We talked for a bit while we relaxed on the sand out in the cool night sky.

So after, we took the cannons and tried to touch the stars, but ended up getting blasted along the way. Then we went the restaurant. we talked a bit more then we decided to call it a night. It was a day compared to some others...
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Sunday, 02 November 2008
These past few days have been very normal for my liking. I stopped training for a bit and started looking for reds again. so far its not going so well. I keep getting repeats. the only place i can remember getting reds was the tower. I cant get into the tower les a rogue opens it for me, too bad i dont know that many.
So here i am again with nothing to do, I got lots of free time but with nothing to do. though I mostly sleep during the days and come out during the nights.Raids keep waking me up every now and then.
I havent seen many of my guildmates cept zim. I saw seth the other day but only for a brief marc. I need to do some catching up with a lot of people.
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Sunday, 19 October 2008
Today was a great day! I finally got to 100% it took forever in the beaches so i went to the ant tunnels insted. the ones i face in the beginning were weak so i went further and faced stronger ones. it felt good to fight beast i can handle. those pirates are tough enemies. they kept surrounding me!

While i was training i spoke to zim for awhile. we were talking about pirates and if we should make our own priate guild we were discussing names for it then zim said the most unexpected thing. at that moment i realized she presented me with an oppurtunity to have a little fun I stopped it before it gone too far.After i told her it was a joke she yelled at me then she said she was gonna get me back. ohhh! i cant wait!
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Friday, 17 October 2008
today was the usual. Spent the night talking with zim again. She uses sarcasmalmost constantly. I asked her if i was suppose to call her sarcasm queen. she told me i could if i wanted to. I didnt know if Grace would approve of me calling zim queen.
Well one thing lead to another and getting bonded came up again She yelled at me telling to propose already. Im not even ready for something like that, its hard. then she gets an idea of planning the bonding for 2000 plats! thats not even worth a bonding fee.
I said she should do it for free cause she is the entertainment officer. but she said bonding arent entertaining. then i told her it would take too much work with the invitations and vows and plannings.
I dunno if i'll ever be ready...only time will tell
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Wednesday, 15 October 2008
Hah! today was a very interesting day! I finally found out who Zims Admirer is! we were talking in the inn at night and it was a usual conversation..this and that. then one thing lead to another..he kissed her then he ran off. she asked him if hes gonna kiss me too and he said he had a one kiss per day policy then for some reason she kissed me. It was kinda awkward.
Geez just when i thought i know all about her she comes and pulls this out. pretty unexpected if ya ask me.

((( if your reading this zim, I didnt put too much details )))
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Tuesday, 14 October 2008
Today was a bit tad boring. i awnted to see grace so i woke up at the usual time but she was there. i didnt have anything to do so went back to sleep. when i woke again i found that grace woke up during my rest. i pm'ed her back and fell asleep. i woke again to find that she again woke but i missed her. geez i havent seen any of my close friends at all lately.

Oh and i finally joined Wk. it was unexpected cause it was suppose to happen so long ago i thought they forgot. now im meeting other people also part of wk.
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Today was a bit tad boring. i awnted to see grace so i woke up at the usual time but she was there. i didnt have anything to do so went back to sleep. when i woke again i found that grace woke up during my rest. i pm'ed her back and fell asleep. i woke again to find that she again woke but i missed her. geez i havent seen any of my close friends at all lately.

Oh and i finally joined Wk. it was unexpected cause it was suppose to happen so long ago i thought they forgot. now im meeting other people also part of wk.
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Tuesday, 30 September 2008
I spent the days helping people, enchanting them, escorting them. it was a great time killer.
at night i talked to zim as usual..she was asking if I proposed yet i think she's gone mad! i finally found something else to do. seems she has a secret admirer...hmm im gonna investigate it..she keeps saying some wierd words Oi Vay...dunno what that means..well untill then...
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Saturday, 27 September 2008
today was out of the ordinary. i actually had more fun then i thought i would. As usual, my wake up call from Grace then lorella I've gotten used to it.

we talked for a bit then met up at milltown again. lorella was gonna train but grace and i convinced her to stay and have a drink with us. and again we went to the milltown inn. i told them i couldn't drink a lot of ale cause i was an officer and so i couldn't act stupid. and my calculations are: 10 ales = stupidity they told me to pretend i wasn't and so i did and got half drunk. I cant remember a thing i did that time. i pass out for 2 or 3 marcs. woke up with a head ache. so i went back to the inn so they could fill me in. but instead dobroc came and we decided to play truth or dare.

I know its a child's game, but it could still amuse most people. i started out. i was asked who was my fav person in valorn was. I told them grace was my fav person in valorn cause she is...then lorella went. she said she wanted red hair for some reason. kinda confused me. then dobroc went. I told him to go up to a stranger and tell em " whats up cutie pie? " I dunno if he did it, i had to do an errand for a bit. grace pouted cause it was her turn and i wasn't gonna be there to dare her. when i came back everyone was relaxed as before i left. grace already went so i t was my turn again lorella was to dare me into something. it took her awhile to answer. I think grace and her were talking, i dunno i was too careless to listen. then she told me me to kiss Grace. somehow i expected that. so I got up and sat closed to her and held her hands, then gently kissed her. we blushed a lot . She took my breath away.
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Thursday, 25 September 2008
the last three days..when i wake up, its a matter of seconds before someone screams my name.either Lorella or Grace. i hope i dont pop my ears one day. They always seem to akways be together all the time. For some reason i alway think their up to something. sometimes im afraid they might take things too far with their drawing and other stuff i never even would consider they would do.
I know i used to be crazy back then...but i dont think i was that crazy not even after a few ales...thats a whole other thing..
Im starting to train a bit...but really slow, same thing with getting spells. i need a door open to get to the beach to train, and i need the door to the tower open to hunt for reds. jeez its a pain
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Tuesday, 23 September 2008
there are very amusing people around at night. not like in the mornings. not saying that people awake in the morning are boring..but...nevermind.. as i stood in milltown center wishing i had an ale right now(dunno why i didn't just go to the inn and get ale) i had a koronga instead. i had loads of em since someone filled my pack with em last night. lots of people passes by, talking about something..i cant remember. though i did get a good laugh a few times. when everyone left, i went to the inn dying of thirst, so i finally got one. i was kinda drowsy at the moment, when these ladies came in and kept giggling. didn't bother to learn their names, or easedrop on their conversation. i managed to get 2 marcs of sleep. the ladies were gone but i felt something in my pocket. it was suprised me...phew, i gotta get out more..or sleep..whichever makes more sense..
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Sunday, 21 September 2008
Its been an amusing day for once. i had a conversation with Grace for 24 marcs. i couldnt really tell what we were really talking about, it was a little bit of everything. i told her im half rogue and she wanted me to become one so we could be bro and sis.

I asked Zim and Derema the same question and they both, somehow assumed the same thing. today was suppose to be the guild picnic but no one was awake so we had to cancelle it. I told Derema that she was old and she yelled at me and called me a poofer, even though she was one too. though i wonder why it takes so long for her to respond....

after a cannon ride, i ended up at the lm. i saw sabby there and decdied to talk to her. when she spoke, it kinda suprise me cause i havent heard her speak to me in so long. it was a short one though

I also actaully train for a bit, got %2!!! thats the most prgress i made in the whole week
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Thursday, 18 September 2008
ugh, been reall busy these past few days. theres a lot on my mind right ow and it really hurts. havent been able to talk much to my friends much lately. i cant even remember what i did yesterday it;ll be a few days before i can relax again...cant wait. Oh, and its suprising what words can do for you..
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Wednesday, 17 September 2008
Suprisingly I met up with Andy again my old buddy's returrned. he doesnt exactly have everything he used to...for since he was a good friend of mine, i helped him get off his feet. gave him a couple of thousands potions and plats. I think hes the still old Andy from back then he got no spells or whatnots, so he's gonna have to work even harde then me, and i dont even have all the gold and orange spells
I dont know whats gonna happen. but i know something will...
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Monday, 15 September 2008
I feel a little bit better now. got started on a bit training too. but its going really slow. i met a couple of people as well. this one girl, her name was pixie jane sugercan... i think, i decided to call her PJ for short. Shes a bit different from the rest of the girls I kept her company as she waited to get back to training. as people went in and out, she kept curtsying. She sure likes to greet people. in the middle of a conversation, i went to do a bit of something while everyone else was having fun. then when i came back, everyone was gone? that seems to happen a lot. the crowd has fun and stuff, and i leave for a bit, then everybody leaves but one anyways we continued talking for a bit. she told me her mother was strict about manners, and i told her its OK to be laid back most of the time. then after a bit, she could finally get back to training..and even then, we still kept talking. all of a sudden she started turning really really red. I almost laughed but i stopped myself. after awhile i needed to rest so we both said good night and all that. then she blew me a kiss...didnt see that coming...or know where that came from...Eh, I'll talk to her some other time

Right now, I need to get back to training. already half way there, just another half to go. that door that leads to the beach is pretty pesky. and those pirates too. though anyka keeps be nosy and asking me all sorts a things, and she does thoes..umm i dont know what its called...but im trying hard to resist her she knows too much already!
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Tuesday, 09 September 2008
I dont feel so good today...dont feel like talking much either..all i can do is write in here..
I managed to get to a raid in fartown, got 2 Wp..i dont know if i should seel them or use them, I know i wont be going that far as to getting a UW. uh..I feel tired, I dont know whats come over me, I think i've gone ill..just need a break from everything...
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Sunday, 07 September 2008
Darn.. I blabbed my mouth out and now that person knows my personal secret. I hope she doesnt tell this one specific person or else .... hope she keeps her words....literally. If word spred, it would be pretty awkward...
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Its been a interesting day firstly, I met this pretty girl called Derema...or was it Derk?? Anways, she came in when me and seth were just talking and then other people sarting comin, makes me wonder whats about her that attracts a crowd. she told me she used to be a cleric and lay hands on people, i didnt know that she liked puttin her hands on people, and then she said unprofessionally, and to stranger....strange gal she is. after that she said something about putting her foot in her mouth...? and after that, she keeps asking about a certain thing, mainly women that topic always comes up even when i least expect it. after a while we both landed in the same lm. she then just noticed i was right next to her, and i said " took ya long enough " and she said " Ok, are you saying you want me to notice you?" after that, I haven't a clue what i was if all words escaped my tongue and i had nothing left. supposingly a man stood up and thanked us for the interesting conversation. then derema dissapeared, and the man too. I think she ran off in embarrasment..or something. my mind finally got quiet after a few moments, then i fell asleep.
the other thing was, while i was helping a freind into the wall machine, i ran into a green. i told Gar about it, and he came over and hit it a few times, then asked me if i wanted to finish em off. i thought i was too weak so he gave me a sandclaw burster. good thing to. I could only take a single hit. amazingly it collapsed. and fell down a dull glowie! I got my first green 15 levels early! I hope this excitement doesnt stop, cause i wanna enjoy it everylast second i can...
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Friday, 05 September 2008
I been feeling wierd lately...noticing things that i dont usually do...Taken things for granted..but i guess change isnt always bad..or good.
Im tired of this..feeling...Its wrong, but i cant really stop it at the moment. i freeze in my tracks when i see em, hardly any words come out of my mouth when i have to speak, I cant help but stare on without thinking its so....
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Saturday, 30 August 2008
It didnt go back to what it was all the way back then..I dont want to rush into things too quickly. Though we're starting to talk more. I hope it'll be like the good time except with different people...

Today I trained for a bit at the beach, but the turtles appear not too often, just iguanas..I have better time training in the ant hill. It was a bit slow..I didnt feel like training nor did i have a motivation..but it trained anyways. After I trained there for a bit, i went into town. lots of people passing by, mostly people I dont know. I looked in markets and trades. Nothing worth buying yet...
I got bored again so i decided to look for more reds. I got lots of blessings and head for the wall. I didnt even see one red, just leaches. maybe some other times..
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