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A small battered brown book, covered in boshide, with a thong tied around it.
.: { Valera} :.
Age: old enough to know better
Location: Milltown area
{Profession}: Warrior
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Good friends, good fights, exploring, hugs, jokes, and ale
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Lying, dishonesty, needless drama. Also waiting and demon attacks.
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Be unpredictable-commit a random act of kindness!
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proud member of the Remnants Of Kimald

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my UW and my left hand boarding axe

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Monday, 18 July 2016
I returned after such a long time away to find my room at the Guilhhall still there, and this old book sitting right next to my bed where I left it. Not even very dusty! I see the fine hand of V in that, she always did look out for of me, for us all.
The last few turns of cycles has been hard, I will admit. We we received word that our ma had had some sort of apoplexy, and my sisters and I all quickly left for home. When we arrived, she lay as if on death's very door, and it was days before she started to respond to us. She was ill for a long time, and the girls and did our best, for her and her husband, but eventually she passed, and it was a blessing.

I sat and read a bit of my journal, skipping here and there, smiling at the memories, and the happiness I found in it. The first time I saw the Queen, the first time I saw Balthy, friends both now gone, and still about.It's warmed my heart, helped to settle the unbalanced feeling I've had since I returned.

Much has changed while we sat on that dismal little farm, and I feared it might be too much, but as I read, I was reminded of the places and people I care about, and what is good and bright in Valorn, and worth the fighting for.And fighting there will be... an attack in the Dead Zone itself is being planned, to rescue stolen loved ones like Tyrell and Scooter, and even not so loved ones, like that blasted monkey that always bit me. A rotten little thing, but still, in need of saving.

Well, time to put down my quill. I'm no hand at this, anyway, and there is training to do. I'm a warrior of Valorn once more, and I will be ready for what's to come.
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Tuesday, 29 May 2012
It's good to be home, though I was greeted with some sad and disturbing news. The loss of Elijah will be felt, I fear, as that good man stood strong in the face of the evil that seeks to take our our land. Luckily, we have many resolute citizens to continue the battle.

There was good news, though- friends given titles, levels reached. I got to spend time with C too, and he always makes me smile. We had a nice chat, ran to some raids, and shared an ale, which leads me to believe, if I so enjoyed such simple pleasures, that all is not lost in our world, though the company was part of it.

Well, back to my duties... I've shirked long enough, and there are raids to answer and places to explore. I may even train a bit!
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Monday, 29 August 2011
Have I mentioned that I love my guild family? I'll never tell them that, of course, wouldn't be warriory, but I do. Funny, silly, sweet bunch, every one. I can chatter and chat and tease, and they give as good as they get. Just wanted to get that down, as it's occurred to me a lot over the past bit.

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Monday, 27 June 2011
I'm demon watching, waiting for someone who can fight, and found this old journal while cleaning out my pack. Since I was able to salvage some ink, I thought I might put pen to paper once more. I'm enjoying being back in Valorn, though there have been changes that I'm still getting used to. It seems His Evilness has been making noise and causing trouble, and there are new places that have been found, though many I can't fight in yet. I was pleased that I still remember my way around, or at least I'm not getting lost anymore than usual for me.

I've really had fun catching up with old friends, and making new ones. The guild has grown, and is as fun and friendly as ever. I fight quite a bit, to stay sharp, and have fashioned my UW into the form of a spatha, but take time here and there for an ale with a friend, and to laugh and joke. Despite the trouble with Balthy, life is good... Good friends, good fights, and lots of laughter. There was a bonding in the guild a couple of days ago, and though I couldn't attend, from what I hear it went beautifully. I'm so happy for them both, and I think they'll be happy. Well, the gorge is cleared, and the sun is shining, and my sword is calling me. I need to remember to do this more often!
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Friday, 30 July 2010
I watched as a raid was fought, admiring the bravery shown in the face of desperate and vicious foes, and found myself grinning as I saw even in those few skirmishes moves improved, grips perfected... there's a beauty in battle, a flow that goes with the deadly dance, just as there's a spirit here in the lands that I can feel in myself. This is my home, it is not for the taking, and I will fight til the last breath to defend our right to live, and love, and learn. We don't fight for ourselves, but for our friends and loved ones, the ones in our hearts. We fight because it's the only choice we have, to keep those we care for safe. As I write these words my mind goes to honest blue eyes that show every mood, my sister's soft laugh when I come back from a trip, and the easy smiles and comradery of so many. To my family, and my guild, and my friends.
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