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Emma Darkstorm - A New Hope
A newly made book. A brown leather cover, on the top side there is a heart, showered with droplets of water; tears. On the bottom a small picture of a man and a woman, it is not in as much detail, and you cannot tell what is happening in the picture. Along the spine the title ' A New hope' Shines in gold lettering.
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Age: 20 summers
Location: .......Where?
Zodiac Sign: Libra
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" Once Was An Angel To Be One No More, Rejected By The Devil, To Be An Angel Once More "
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Wednesday, 09 March 2011
I haven't seen many people around lately, for the few days I have been awake, it seems its got rather quiet, Although I did meet Wismor, she must have been asleep just like me. But she was awake yesterday, she asked me if I remembered her, ofcourse I did

A slow week it has been, blessed Andy, who was a pleasure to meet gave me some hope that people still use blessings. I think there needs to be some new comers to the land, that can help fight and protect as there was massive raids all over valorn the other day. Its a shame I couldnt help, I am not strong enough nor possess the correct gear but I did set my sights to prodding them to keep them in the same place, its a shame I cant kill some of these beasts. It's been a long slog I know that for sure.

I may not be able to kill without carnage to myself; But I sure as hell will try to destroy these fowl beasts!!!

You have not won yet Balthy, I am coming back for you, Beware! You will not succeed!
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Wednesday, 02 March 2011
I have woken up again, so proud of myself and my journal is still here, not gone wandering away from me, its more tattered than when i first had it, the bark has cracked and the knots are splitting.

What wonders hold me today? Who knows

Im just glad im back, I need to train but need to find the right equipment. I shall soon, believe you me Valorn, ill be back in fighting shape
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Tuesday, 01 March 2011
I find it hard to fight nowadays, finding the right equipment is becoming a drag, i cant wear my old armour as im no longer noble, i'll still fight on tho.
I miss you, Valorn.
but im back
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Monday, 28 February 2011
Well, I have woken a few days in a row now, greatly wondering Valorn in search of new places - even those once known but forgotten (atleast by me) I miss most my friends but have been able to speak to a few of them, including Brisingr who is one of my longest most best friend ever! He helped me out during the hard times, when i struggled to find motivation and to keep me company during times of training with light and other magical enchantments.

I remember trailing to ethucan and all the fine designs, I've always marvelled after them, their complex design show-boated in the simplest of forms. Gold and silver intertwined like a forbidden friendship, so callously defiant than ever before. Yet I stare in amazement at ones intellectual ability to persuade ones mind into doing anything at all without one knowing it. I swear them guards have a way with that.

On another note, I've seen many faces from when I woke for the first time, in so many moons again it was nice to see their passing faces on the way to train or commute with other people and the raids have been slow and steady so not much of a rush for some people. It was nice just sitting in milltown centre like old times and the twitch from my nerve cell is getting on my nerves, literally to speak as it keeps making me feel slightly odd. I have tried many ointments to sooth it but it isnt giving up, its like the rabbits on the mountain paths when they are hunting for food. I must say its a beautiful site hiding in the grasses and watching the lesser threats to me bounce about happily before getting slaughtered by some eager defender of valorn.

I always knew I made a good choice coming back, Hellow Valorn, Emma Darkstorm at your service.
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Thursday, 24 February 2011
It has been so long since I haven woken, yet again the slumber gets the better of me. I keep wondering if anyone I know is still out there, I remember a few of you,,
Brisingr Blaze, Lilly, Talin, Celestia, Lowrenzo

Whether your still around makes me wonder, as I am blind.

Valorn seems still the very same place I left many moons ago, I still wonder what changes have been made tho.

Please forgive me for sleeping so long and neglecting the land I once so walked with pride, now I hide my head as I fear from strangers and everyone around me, I almost miss them days where Everyone was just as friendly, but on my awakening, I saw nobody it was deserted even where I wondered, Is there anyone left?

Anyway, in my slumber I dreamt of the many times I sat a comfort with friends those who slept long before me, now I return clueless and with complete lack of knowledge of how to survive - I'm literally stumped.

Hello, Journal once again.
Maybe my ability to stay awake will be achievable this time?
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Tuesday, 25 August 2009
Slow day but still training.. its taking a while but im sure i will get there!!!
Emma Darkstorm posted @ 17:48 - Link - comments

Monday, 24 August 2009
today has been a slow day, i hadn't been awake for long

But I think there's a surprise in store..

I hope its a good one
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Sunday, 23 August 2009
I have woken in 5 days in a row now. I am proud of myself even though i haven't noted it down here.

It just feels so weird to be back, I miss everybody. I feel quite lonely now.
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Friday, 21 August 2009
Oh Yes, 3 days in a row I have woken.

It has been good to stretch my legs. I have been training alone in the Dead zone, just to occupy myself.

Im still getting used to the feel of the lands, so many battle wounds that had once healed, some bearing scars upon my body are now starting to break open again. Although it seems not as sore as my first wounds, maybe I grow used to them.

Im not as sharp as I used to be, i seem to fumble about when I use my UW, silly of me really I used to have a good stance.

Life is such, as we move on one by one, you leave loved ones behind to start anew.
I currently only have me to depend on.
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Thursday, 20 August 2009
Another day, I wake again. Consecutive, I must admit I am proud of myself.

I got saved yesterday by an old friend Brisingr Blaze. Funny how I forget how tough those little critters can be isn't it.

Morning and there.. and everywhere. I've been lucky today so far not to visit the LM. I am finally gathering y bearings and remembering this old place.

New faces, Old faces, I am still here and I have aged so much more.
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Wednesday, 19 August 2009
It has been an awful long time since I've opened the crisp pages of my journal. Even now I wonder why.


What drove me to wake in the lands once more after such a long rest. A peaceful one at that. What brought me back to the mild aroma of the sea as the waves crash upon the dock. With fish that I can not pass on a boat no more. How I decided to walk, around the Isle to Branishor from Dundee, without even the slightest complaint on the time scale which it took my ever so well rested feet to cross. Just to get my clothes dirty in the soil from climbing down under Milltown to get to Branishor. Despite them being crumpled from the shuffling I have not failed to do in my slumber.

Yet it all seems a blur? New objects, new places to explore, a new light brought onto the appearance of ever ageing objects. It amazes me.

Yet times have not failed to pass a young one by, It doesn't seem to be as lively as my distant eyes can recall. Only yesterday it seems that I was stood in Milltown centre, casually glancing at passers by, working out there story for being here. Although, I can admit that not all of my memory is as it was. I got lost today, not what usually happens to me, and i'm not proud to admit it either. It was exiting from under the wall, walking across the wastelands heading for the dead zone....

I ended up going in all directions, north, south east and west!! Then even a bit more south and west before I recognised where I was standing. No maps to help me this time. Just good ole' intuition!

Well, that concludes today's entry. Who know's maybe this ageing Cleric will come back?
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Sunday, 31 August 2008
I managed to train yesterday. IT was eventful. Took me ages to be honest, just glad its back now ....and i can relax. No wonder I don't like to train, its exaughsting and im just lazy. But I managed to level. 57 now. Thats good.
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Tuesday, 19 August 2008
I am Back from my little Vacation of sleep...Should be about more...Wonder what I have Missed?
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Tuesday, 29 July 2008
Small things churn endlessly in my mind. Many thoughts bowled into one. Compressed and crushed. Many are crushed. My hopes and dreams my soul it seems, too. It's been a while since I left the cottage, I enjoy rampaging through my mind, watching my chanter as he sits there.

I keep thinking, the cogs in my mind twisting and screeching as I think. Yes... Not a success.
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Thursday, 17 July 2008
Well, yesterday I hope it did get solved. I had to leave early.

But from what I gathered.

1. Balthy with all his evilness arrived.
2. Balthy left with a shardholder then shardholder was found in the desert.
3. Balthy took Scally he was found in Darkforest. Queen followed it was a trap portal all shardholders had to be present to put the pieces together and escape.
4. Raid interuptions then the ceremony got underway.
5. Queen made speech and the High cleric read a prayer.
6. Guild representitives layed there demon item down and put the crystal in a circle around the pile, and made a short statement.
7. The items began to glow and shot bright light through the sky.
8. The others standing in the dark areas were informed and they said there part, I managed to hear to the Nexus back to normal, Kilican and Branishor - don't know about the others.

All in all is was an interesting day.
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Wednesday, 16 July 2008
Happenings again. Balthy as usually...more things turned to darkness, meteors found and shards too with jumbles up words!!!

Oh my....

I hope things get solved
Emma Darkstorm posted @ 12:29 - Link - comments

Monday, 30 June 2008
Tons and tons of rats!!! Right there in Kilican... They were really tough!!! I wasn't strong enough to defeat them.. I saw 10 of them atleast.

Oh what a day that was!!! Still don't know if anything was taken from us. I know they found a note which was taped to reesa's pack which read " we will loose kilican a"
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Sunday, 29 June 2008
It's been a while since I wrote in here. My thoughts have seem since then washed away. I hear talk of Balthy ripping up the nexus ; not literally. Filling it with evil and darkness. My sister got trapped there for a while, she heard of it, stood there frozen as Demons stood in her way. I hear she managed to move on well though.

I also heard of a friend, distant one leaving the lands. Only begs me to differ and wander what happened.

Minus all that bad news, My enchanter and myself are rather happy. He's sweet as can be when he wants. He loves me and I love him.
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Monday, 23 June 2008
Two times, Balthy has been, he has destroyed buildings, the Inn in Kilican where Bobo and Gunwalls once stood. He sent waves upon waves of Demons to that Isle, one after the other, miraculously tearing down the peoples defences. People lunging their weapons left and right, many dying in vain as they try to help defend the Isle of Kilican and yet still, he stayed there. Taking as I mentioned, the Inn in Kilican.

Today he hit again, sending waves to all of the places in Valorn! At least I think..many gathered in Milltown center that I saw, I was one of the many there. Everybody panicing and portals being summoned left and right as more waves ept coming, arguements and suggestions flew from person to Iron Knight as they figure out what is going on. I was asleep in the cottage as this happened though. I don;t believe it! Balthy took another building, the tower in Branishor!!! What next?? Something in Fartown??

What's going to happen. It's Chaos.
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Wednesday, 18 June 2008
Me and Bris have been bonded for a while now and we are happy together, well atleast I hope we are. We have spent some time in Ethucan before we came back. Then straight after we went to our home. We did get out a little to farm a bit and maybe get a little training in. But I still miss him...

He's not around much but I miss him and I love him.


Sorry baby, for worrying so much.
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Sunday, 08 June 2008
As it did, me and my wonderful Enchanter got bonded. simple, short and sweet. I adore bris.As I mentioned in my vows I have known him for quite some time, and it feels good to be with him.

Thank you for loving me my dear. xx
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Saturday, 07 June 2008
We ran through the bonding, on how it would be preformed. I liked it, Bris did too. Its simple and its sweet, Thanks Izzy. Can't wait for tonight!! xxx

I know he sleeps alot and it can't be helped. But, Most days I get to hold him in my arms as he rests, which completes me. Other days, when he sleeps elsewhere I get anxious, waiting for him too wake. Guess Im asking to much. Cant have everything you want all the time...But I love him, millions.
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Wednesday, 04 June 2008
Its been a long and a short day really...

I spent a while with Bris then he fell asleep..kept coming back...for a very short while..then he left again...3 marcs turned out to be...ages....I don't think I'll see him again today Sadly.

I love you Bris.

Miss you terribly xx
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Monday, 02 June 2008
It has been another wondeful day, I have been with my love Brisingr and he makes me feel so wanted...

We have been planning to get bonded...i know some people will think its too soon.. But you dont really know the backbone of it all.

I love you Brisingr Blaze, Always, My dear. Eternity

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Sunday, 01 June 2008
I woke rather late this morning, or afternoon can't remember. Just a little too late to spend some time with Bris. So I gave a little something to an Enchanter whom saw him sleeping in the nexus. I hope he likes my little gift. I've also been making something out of the sea shells I collected when Bris and myself went to train in the sea caves, It consists of two chains of sea shells twisted and bound together by several pieces of string and small pieces of beautiful gem stones. Hanging softly and securely from one of them carved on a piece of bark from one of the many trees in the Dark Forest is Emma and half a heart, on the other from another piece of bark, which together both pieces of bark fit perfectly it reads Bris and half a heart, when the two pieces of bark fit together, their ends seem to form one, the two half hearts become one too.

As I write this, Bris awoke he found the little rose I gave him. I hope he liked it, I see him in my dreams too. I love him. He's been so good to me. I'll give him that bracelet as another token of my love for him.

I Love You.
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Saturday, 31 May 2008
I woke up and fell back asleep still in amazement from last night, it was wonderful!

When I fully awoke the Enchanter was by my side, so sweet. I met him in Ryndall and I gave him a ring of promise, of that to be there for him, to stay true, and to be his bondmate, always and forever love him.

I went to farm, just a while with him in dundee made a couple of plat, then we retreated to the inn, Oh dear! The Inn, being with Bris..its just magical...he makes me tingle! He's sweet...Love you baby xXXx

Other than that, my day has been great!!
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Friday, 30 May 2008
Its been a while, Quite a long while, less than a month maybe but its good to be back.

I for the first time in practically AGES started to train again - yes a shocker! I met Bris and he helped me and I helped him, it has been a while since I have done so... It felt great, to level again!!

Bris is great! He is wonderful and sweet. He's given me that happiness back again...I've missed that, and all those times I've spent with him, helping him train...and when it stopped well its back again..I love it, Love him. Thanks hun.

You put a smile on my face.
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Tuesday, 06 May 2008
Not one for I,
The sweet silence becons,
Yet another victim.

The sound of dripping blood,
Falling onto the wooden floor,
Dripping, Dipping, Splashing,

Silence falls over us,
A large creek in the floorboards,
It disturbs us.

Bright blinding flashes,
Inn lights, Flicker.
Mutilated pirates faces, gloomy.
Is it the end?

We fear that one day it will take us, a quick strike that not many will notice, whether you are missed or not is another story. We will always look on the wrong side of things and that what we think is usually the opposite to what reality is. I've seen friends be taken from me, I've seen loved ones disappear whether it has happened or not I do not know. I just want my friends to know, whomever reads this is that we all have to keep on fighting whatever blood trails through, what ever bones we have to crush and grind to make our bread, its all used in what we are today, cruelness to be kind, spite and evil creatures lerk outside today. Don't let my rambling fool you on this matter, just remember that I am not giving up no matter what happens, I am going to sleep for a long while, It has been nice knowing Valorn, but it is my time to take that month leave and rest. Fear not my friends, I shall be back a more calm relaxed Emma, Just off to Kilican beaches to meditate like a good Cleric.
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Monday, 05 May 2008
Not a while, but yet a month, I have been waiting much longer than I can remember, yet it seems I have no purpose. No meaning here, I guess for Valorns sake, I'll wake again soon. Show my face, force a smile, show my friends I am happy. But put on no show and let it be passed for what is 'fakeness' got to do with reality. Its a cruel place, so many cruel people who appear nice. Many are victims, alot happens, people don't change unless the rest of the world does. Do I bicker? Yes. Its plain, I do waffle on.

But believe you me, I've had my fair share of disappointments, it's going to take alot to catch this girl off guard.

I rest again now for a while, comes....
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Saturday, 26 April 2008
It feels different to sit at milltown center again it's been so long since I have been awake. I can't remember the times i've had with my friends. Whether they will still remember me is another story. I wonder if they are still there?

I know alot has happened and I don't feel the need to wake no more.

Talendar, My Warrior I miss you.

I remember when I first met you, I kept blessing you as I do to anyone. We became good friends and in that you took me to your special place, a place in where your guild hall is. It was beautiful I could sit there with you for hours, I even watched you as you fell asleep. I watched your chest rise and fall, your movements as you turned around in your dreams. Only wondering what you were dreaming about. After a while, I accepted that you was their for me, no matter what level you was. You'd raise your sword to come and protect me. I took you to my home, you watched me, couldn't take your eyes from me. You wanted to kiss me but you know you couldn't I was still taken, but didn't expect for us to end up together. I left the Rogue, we didn't seem to have much anymore and I leant in and kissed you on the lips, soundly. You held me in your arms, lifted me up above you and spun me around, laughed with me and smiled. You knew you had found someone. I only wish that you was still here to day, young Warrior.

I miss you and your touch, your kind words and your sweet kisses. When will you return to me Warrior? Will you come back to me or will I have lost another love , again? Will I have to just become single and not love again? They all seem to leave me not come around no more. Do I make mistakes or the wrong choices..or do I just bring bad luck upon the adventurer's. What have I done to deserve this fate. Am I really meant to be alone? I guess so.

Dear Warrior,
If you are still out there I would like you to know that I love you. I have been awaiting you return.
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