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Saturday, 25 April 2009
I celebrated a bit last night and a lot more this morning… it hasn't been an easy task, but I finally did breathe a sigh of relief.

The mines are not a bad place to train, I’ve certainly been in worse…but the creatures there are tough and drain my strength more rapidly than the beast I’ve battled before. Recovery is costly especially finding yourself having to replenish with every step. … but now with my visit to the trainer last night, I’m able to breathe a bit more easily as I continue my mine quest.

There’s also a rock spider I want to return some venom to! I mean…really. I know ugly things grow in dark and damp places…but this thing was relentless. Killed me twice and I still couldn’t finish him off…but now with my new ring and bit more strength. I think I can show that spider what a little venom taste like.

Over the last few days of my training I haven’t had much time to visit, but words exchanged here and there are always a comfort. Frohste always manages to brighten my day with her flyingbouncy hugs…truly a favorite of mine…Oh and today I did see my friend Gar go soaring thru the air…we had a good laugh, which is one thing I absolutely love sharing with dear friends.

I hurried to speak with Bris for he always makes time for my questions and I seldom can get anything past him, for he knows the ins and outs of all this enchanter stuff, but I manage to give him a surprise today…for I flashed him my new ring, just after he mentioned that I need to get myself one. He complimented me and we both snickered at the surprise of me knowing something. Before our conversation came to a close...He did remind me he still owes me one from way back, but of course I played innocent…but I must admit that is probably one of my best memories I have Still makes me laugh every time I think about the look on his face…truly priceless!

This morning I tested the mountain pass and found it not nearly as bad as before…so I told Pallas that just might be doable now. I can’t recall what’s in the mountains… I was there once a long time ago…so it would be interesting to venture out there once again.

I was hoping to catch up with Elly and Lu… but our timing is a bit off… Pallas said Elly needs her rest and I completely understand... but I miss them and will continue to keep a look out for them…for I so enjoy their company and their heartwarming words

Over the next few days…I’ll celebrate my advancement and wonder the lands testing my new skill ...observing how I can be of more aid in our battle against evil….should be exhilarating…or enlightening especially if the testing goes bad. ..But either way should be fun.

… Observation… it grows stronger with use or atrophies otherwise…

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Thursday, 23 April 2009
Days turn into weeks and weeks into months and before you know it…life gets aways from you.

Word reached me and I returned to offer aid if I could. Upon arriving I was greeted by some very familiar and happy faces. Hades and Pallas…two delightful people, who never fail to greet with a smile or friendly “Hello”. Tal and Frohste, Bris, Tusonee, Lei, Zak and Fesik, dear Elly and Lady Lu …all offer warm greetings mixed with good cheer.

Tal showed me his UW and demon blood and told me the tale of how it came to be. He spoke of the how to get different UW, WP, landmarkings, and I couldn't keep that straight... so I told him I'm going to have to get him to write that one down... He offered aid when it was my turn…and I accepted with a grateful heart.

The day quickly passed and I soon found myself in the Blacklands. I paused for a moment at the LM before entering…for there was a happy memory I wished to revisit. As I glanced out over the terrain… I recall a certain fella who I spied trekking over the hills to reach Bran. As he reached me…he smiled and said ever so kindly, “Hey Queeny, what you doing in this neck of the woods”. The joy of the memory made me content and then it was off to take my revenge on the Blackland beast.

One after another they fell, but soon I sense there was someone there, and noticed the human tracks. Our tracks continued to cross theirs and mine…mine and theirs…until finally we were face to face. I started laughing…for it was my good buddy Spyne. We exchanged friendly hellos with a bit of catching up…and quietly and discreetly he bestowed upon me offering to aid in my training. To kind, to thoughtful… extremely generous. There was bit of back and forth…but in the end he prevailed and I accepted his gifts. In the end I laughed and asked if this was his way of saving the beast from my wrath… or was it that my training techniques are just to painful to watch. As we both laughed…we said our goodbyes and my friend Spyne parted for some much needed rest.

I had only managed to dispatch a nasty warped bear, when once again I sense a presence. I shouted out…”Halt, who goes there?” just then stepping from the shadows with a smile was dear Pallas who said, “Nice job” We chit chatted for a bit and then I said.. “You know what we need…an adventure. What say you?” He asked about the mountains and I said certainly if he wants to see me tossed like a rag doll. After a heartily laugh, we agreed that next time allows…we will set out in search of adventure… maybe we can even get others to join in.

On a sad note…I did see Shir and after it hit me something was quite right... I inquired, she was brief in her answer, so I didn’t want to pry. For these things do happen, and I understand how and why they do…and that’s all I need to know. I hope she will know that its her that matters and that I wish her well in all she does.

...a smile is always welcome... but a friend who smiles, welcomes always...

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Thursday, 19 February 2009
Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gurgle... as for me I'm a gurgler.

Just when I think I'm doing well, someone shows me something and I'm amazed at how they know these things. Flukie was kind enough to share some of this knowledge with me today. And I chuckle when he calls me "boss" for he is the one actually teaching me...but I'm completely thankful for his generosity, and helping ways...not to mention his endless knowledge base...I'd say he swims in the fountains of knowledge.

Pallas gave me a good chuckle today and I'm always grateful when my friends make me laugh. He is a good man with a kind heart and always willing to aid in anyway he can and here again...another person who drinks from the fountain of knowledge.

I was happy to tell Ayla about a green that Az sent word about... but was sad to learn that she was not successful collecting the orb. We had a few laughs in the nexum about the encounter, where she also passed me a few of my favorite treats. After all this time... she remember my favorites, now that shows a heart that cares for others as well as a good memory... so there is no doubt she also drinks from the fountain of knowledge.

I'm thankful they crossed my path today and the special joy each brought to my heart.

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Sunday, 08 February 2009
After that last round in the mines a rest was needed, so I decided to spend some time researching ancient tomes looking for an explanation regarding some unexpected happenings and even though I knew it would take a bit of time... certainly the answers could be found in the libraries.... for the libraries have never let me down before...

Traveling to Ryandall... I first narrowed my search, but as nothing turned up I broadened the range until every tome was inspected. I sat there among the tomes puzzled and wondering, “how could this be”… So after finding no substantial information... I traveled on towards Milltown, Killican, Cearn and Ethucan to visit the Scholars of Secrets. ... well at least that's what I call them.

I once again found myself unable to locate a satisfactory explanation for the phenomenon... However, I did managed to purchase an freshly made sweet roll with nuts...which did answer the cry of hunger... but from there I abandoned my search and returned to training ... with the thought that possibly I cannot locate anything... is because possibly its never been written about… for maybe no one knows the answer(s).

...where there is hope... there is life and where is life... there is hope

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Sunday, 11 January 2009
Not a bad day... wait scratch that, no trip to the LM is considered a good day…though there were about a dozen times I was inches away from it…which by the way…note to self: Vert is off limits for another level or two.

More times in the mines, which is helping to hone my skills and even though it is not great strides…I’ll take it nonetheless.

Spoke briefly with Pallas and Spyne today, and both gents seem to be doing well. Spyne let me know Flukie is set to be bonded with Grace, but a date has not been selected just yet. I pictured Flukie's face and how he beams when he speaks of her... and I look forward to congratulating them and wish them much happiness.

As I battled away with thoughts of bonding on my mind… it drifted into my thoughts I never have been… guess I’m just not bonding material. I believe there was one who thought me worthy, but I'm sure he is thanking his lucky stars it didn't happen.. which made me laugh hard and take a beating from a granite minion…

...but what can be said about love. … I guess it depends on which edge you stand on … for if you are in love … your heart will surely fly and the edge does not matter...and actually doesn't even notice there is an edge... but if you are broken by love… then your heart feels as if it has dropped from that edge…leaving you feeling less than whole...wondering if you will ever see your heart again...

As it is for me, I am neither… so I’ll say.. I’m edgeless … which gives me a bit of a chuckle…for I’m sure no one will have a clue what that means if they ask how I’m doing and I say “edgeless”.

Oh the fickle feelings of the heart… we love it and hate it…but as humans wouldn't dream of being without it.

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