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Life of a warrior
Life of a warrior
A simple gold cloth covered book,with bamboo joints,bound with purple string to help keep the reed pages together
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Age: unimportant
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that would be telling:)
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umm do not think i should say:)
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'life is what you make it' forget who said it tho:(
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Friday, 07 May 2010
Well here we are again Just thought you would like to know im still alive & kicking Not got a lot to say really- been very busy as a envoy & what have you- all very political & stuffy so wont bore you with details - yet
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Monday, 22 March 2010
well it has been quite awhile since i last wrote here. I have been on a sabbatical of great import for me- it is on going so my time here will be patchy at best; irregular at least However i did want you all to know iam very much alive & kicking( screaming too because i really would like to write here more but circumstances will not permit that )so there you have it- iam here- I don not die but merely haunt The Journals every so often!
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Friday, 18 September 2009
well now; what should i write about today? I am not sure if a poem is in order or just a general chitty chat I t has been awhile since i wrote anything ; to be Honest i have not been inspired much of late & i have a bit of a headache atm I could talk about a Kitties i suppose- did you hear about the one who is said to be 32 years old-? That is 200 years or more in human terms But iam not certain if that is the kind of thing one wants to hear about here. Iam sure a swash battling adventure would be more in order- except of course i dont have any these days I am more or less retired now- been painting my cabin; just some wood dye of some kind- not really sure what it is made out of actually- Smells a bit off if you ask i tho Think i must have got it from a local- No idea what they put in it - but o my gods it do ponk a likkle bit
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Wednesday, 12 August 2009
ah nice to be able to write here again I was wondering whether or not, to just put poems down here ; after all i donot train anymore; & the newcomers seem to be oddly familair for most part; so maybe i should just be a poet warrior here I do not know.. i get so busy sometimes; i hardly have the time to muse let alone stop by & jot a few lines down here.. i will think about this for awhile... I like writing poems; so maybe some of you who poke about in the journals out there, may like to read some sometimes we shall see...
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Saturday, 08 August 2009
Been awhile since i last wrote here i hope to have more news when i write again, but at the present i have to say i have noneI have been busy In my homeland; so i have not had much time to write-it Is just family stuff mostly; nothing anyone need know about- & i know you really want to know O i have also notice i have not written here since june
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Tuesday, 30 June 2009
Seems to be a habit of mine to be here at odd times You know how it is tho; your having a nice soak in a tub & then you think'did i do my journal today?' & then you think' i cannot be asked to do it now'& so it goes on. Next time you think about it you sit in front of your page & find you have nothing to write about; so you go off to do the garden ; Only to forget for another few weeks before realising you have a journal still. This true & we all know it; but then if you take journal writing that seriously; your never write a decent piece in the pages- no matter how hard you try.O right you would; but where would all the fun be in it? No i prefer my sometimes entries i think; they are the small pieces that tell you how fun life can be- & it doesn't have to be about killing monsters - or getting a broken heart .But That is not criticism my friend. no just an opinion i hold- some pages i have seen are quite moving- & very descriptive- something that maybe -yes- i do not do in my pages; but then i like to think iam leaving it to your imagination to fill that part in Besides you can hear that Kind of story in most corners of the inn any way; no i like fun in my pages- & if you dont then go away & dont read this- but i know your all too nosey not to do that O but i do <3 so much doing this when iam here- & as you can tell once i get going- i donot stop- well ok i do; but only because i would have to use up several more sheets in order to tell you more about nothing & bore you all to tears & yawning
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Wednesday, 17 June 2009
Mm i did it again Left it for ages until i write here I was reflecting a few days ago; about the various peeps that i have known & i have wondered much what now has become of them. It is a very odd feeling to think, i have known so many that are for all sorts of reasons, are no longer here. I miss them all; I wish they would return I feel very.. old .. atm- like the lone survivor of a long lost race- which i am any way- but it is even worse to think that all my past friends are no longer here- or at least have not been so for many a long day I wish they would return...
Sol Dreamweaver posted @ 04:26 - Link - comments

Tuesday, 26 May 2009
Funny you know; i was looking at some of the Journals we have around here, & you know there is some really interesting ones. O i know mine are not among them; i suppose i lack insight to describe much of what is going on - or mayhap i do not observe things as others may do. But the one thing i do hope comes across in my pages is that i am human & i cannot be anything more -Well alright maybe i could But i am happy to just be a small time warrior; that likes to entertain if possible; & if i do not then i should most likely not bother to write in this book. However i am if nothing else, iam always the optimistic one- or at least i am sometimes If i have made any of you smile- even for a moment with what i write; i have done my work. After all,life is for fun & games- well it is for i - & i have not changed my mind just because i do not come here much or maybe help out as i could. & i doubt i ever will But also remember anyone of you who reads this(i should be so fortunate :wub I am just a person & i like being a warrior more than i do writing in here. Ok maybe not as much; since i can write poems here- my great weakness & strength .Anyway; i just thought; should you be reading this you may like to know that- & now you are asleep i will poke you with my sword & tell you to get up & get going you slacker you! -& yes that does include you Asrai!
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Thursday, 14 May 2009
O i have done it again have i not? Not been working here so often i mean.What did you think i meant? Anyway; i think a small verse is in order today; so pin back your earholes & read- if you dare

Crystal Of Dreams
Charmed by the elegance of style
I walk down a lane for about a mile.
No one to bother my meandering mind
Nothing in to hard for my heart to find.
one could call i an empty shadowy face
Or mayhap yet a turn in the road of grace
But on my weird & life long travels abound
solitude has never been beaten i have found
Towards a light i believe i go
How i can arrive there i will not know
To stay in a place where i can grow
Seems a worthy familiar goal
what little things that i do know of to speak
I will in time allow some one to peak.
Until that moment does come by
I shall just look at this Butterfly.
There! never say i do not do something for you
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Friday, 17 April 2009
Not sure what to write in here any more. Maybe i should just turn my journal into a poetry book Yes i could write poems all the time here- That would freak you all out i will wager shall i start this day? I just might- That will learn you all to peak into my book then; will it not ? or maybe when i come here again
Sol Dreamweaver posted @ 05:16 - Link - comments