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37 The Storm and the Maiden

A worn black book aged with time and adorned with emerald leaves on each of the corners. On the cover is a Unicorn sitting under a tree beneath a twilight sky. A small dark-green feather peeks out from between the pages.
123757 4.54
26 The Book of Change

A small book bound in red leather On the front cover is a drawing of a belt-buckle set with a brilliant green gemstone.
93095 4.5
17 Venus writes her thoughts

A loosely bound collection of scraps of paper of various qualities, written in whatever Venus has to hand at the time, mostly charcoal, sometimes ink, once or twice in less savoury substances...
10361 4.65
4 16 Vardian's Journal

The book looks brand new and well cared for. The owner obviously takes a great deal of care over it and if you glimpse the writing it is neat and tidy. There is a large bundle of paper attached to it that seem to be covered in writing, some looks quite old.
75403 4.63
5 14 Destiny waits for no man.

This journal is a pristine white hardback book. Its pages are gilded in silver and an elaborately decorative R resides on the front cover.
25508 5
6 12 a dai in lyf of jimmy k.

jimmy k gets bizy
2453 3.91
7 10 My Lint

From the Depths Of My Pocket
2092 5
8 10 Facets

A book of medium size, bound in plain light leather. Inside it are the words, written in a clear hand, "This book belongs to Topaz."
11246 4.8
9 10 Dirk's Ramblings

the unification of the guilds... the fight against evil... the many layers of the one they call Dirk...
20998 4.6
10 10 Wanderings of a Protector

A small, brown leather bound book. The handwriting inside is neat, and tiny, written in a precise hand. Some stains appear on the pages, blood, sweat or tears, all exist there. The pages that are already used are aged golden, and the new ones are pristine white. A simple spell prevents this from aging, but the moment they have pen stricken upon them, the spell fades.
2988 4

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